Wedding Ideas To Match The Season

Wedding Ideas To Match The Season

The most popular seasons to get married are Summer and Fall. In the Summer you can experience beautiful skies, bright sunshine, and joyful moods.

In the Fall, nature brings out a wide range of colors, a temperature that all can enjoy, and the feeling of cozy comfort.

However, sometimes you can’t choose the perfect day to get married.

Instead, you are left with very few options, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a joyful and beautiful wedding.

Today, we will help you create a magical experience for your wedding day, by harnessing the beauty of the season and highlighting the enchanting themes you can utilize.

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Planning A Summer Wedding


Summer weddings are automatically beautiful, as the bright sun, blooming flowers, and crisp wind create a world of ambiance before you even start decorating.

However, to truly harness the natural beauty around you, you need to pick out the elements of summer which you enjoy and display them for all to see.

Overall Plans

A big problem with summer weddings is the likelihood of feeling “samey”.

If you’re of an age where all of your friends are getting married, it can easily feel as though each wedding is the same.

This is especially true during the summertime when most venues rely on the landscape and sunshine to do all of the work.

To avoid a wedding that can easily be forgotten, you need to find a quirk that matches the summer aesthetic.

A great and simple example of this is using concepts from Alice In Wonderland.

You can put drinks in little containers which say “drink me”, or have cookies in little jars which say “eat me”.

Place these on the table as a favor for your guests, along with strawberries fresh from the vine decorating your table.

Alice In Wonderland Drinks

If this is too “on the nose” for your aesthetic, you can take the Alice In Wonderland idea and break it down to its bare parts.

You could put keys in these tiny glass containers, or pocket watches laid delicately on the tables.

All of the clocks could be counting down to the time of marriage, and perhaps you can create a game using the keys to open boxes like a scavenger hunt.

The theme you settle on should be colorful, playful and spark conversation between your guests.

Embracing Summer With Food

From the guest’s point of view, the most exciting part of your wedding is the food.

Of course, they care about the official joining of a loved one and the beautiful display you have created, but the food is one of the only interactive elements they can expect.

This means you need the food to be exquisite. To really make the dinner portion pop, it needs to match your theme.

If your theme is “Summer”, then you can easily jump on board with the common ideas of the summer season and make it special.

Cooking a hog roast out in the open is both delicious and a show. The guests can smell the juicy delight and see the display in action.

If you want the dinner to feel a little less formal, then try using a BBQ wedding instead.

You can still have menus, formal decorations, and a catering team, but the flavors and visuals will create an image of childhood parties to invoke nostalgia and elegance at the same time.

rehearsal dinner BBQ

If BBQs aren’t your style, then let’s head back to the Alice In Wonderland idea.

Again, you don’t need to make outlandish references to the movie and books, instead, you can use their ideas and concepts to create a flowing theme.

Perhaps, the crockery includes tea cups and saucers with unique designs.

You could add single rose heads in shallow containers to create a meadow experience, or offer cake pops with bright designs to create whimsy.

The link above contains multiple ideas that use the essence of Alice and Wonderland without directly referencing the Disney classic.

Scroll through and note the concepts that feel more natural for your wedding.

Summertime Activities

Your wedding activities can be more varied in the summer.

You can have indoor games, conversation pieces, and quizzes, as well as outdoor sports and lawn games.

The only drawback you might experience is an overly hot day where running around too much could cause harm.

The best activities in summer are normally lawn games. These could be mini golf, bowls, and cornhole.

Lawn games like these can be picked up by guests without supervision, so they can enjoy themselves between events in the day.

For more organized fun, you might create teams of people to compete in egg and spoon races, potato sack races, and tug of war.

If the sun becomes too hot, people can move into shaded areas where they could create their own cocktails and play with photobooth activities.

Summer Themed Wedding Outfits


Normally, at a wedding, a bride will wear a white dress and the groom would don a fitted suit.

Continuing in this fashion fits perfectly with a summer wedding, but you can add an extra flare by searching for a bustle dress.

A bustle dress is when the undergarments have additional padding to create a full-body effect.

Normally modern seamstresses create the bustle effect by converting the train of your dress into the added padding.

This allows you to have a long and elegant entrance, which you can switch to a maneuverable and functional alternative once the ceremony is over.

This is particularly important in the summertime, as you can easily become too hot in your dress if you allow the train to stay on the floor.

Lifting the edges allows you to let in air circulation for a more comfortable experience.

If the location of your wedding is at a beach, then the need for a bustle dress becomes even more apparent.

Walking on the beach can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially when you are in heels carrying a long train behind you.

Picking up the bottom of the dress, and allowing yourself more maneuverability can help you stay on your feet as you walk along the sand.

Of course, you don’t need to wear white either.

Although this color is the traditional choice for most Anglo-Saxon western cultures, you can embrace color to better match your aesthetic.

Take the traditional Mexican wedding dress as an example.

These dresses harness the colors of summer and showcase the season of flowers, bright embroidery, and knotted details.

When it comes to your ring, you need to consider if the wedding band should replace your engagement ring or join it.

The most beautiful engagement rings shouldn’t be removed from your finger to make room for the wedding ring.

Instead, it should match it. Take a Cartier engagement ring for example.

The crystals and diamonds that surround this ring show the full beauty of summer. Using light and refraction to stay pure and magical.

A ring like that shouldn’t be removed, instead, you should pick a wedding band that can match or enhance this intensity.

Summer Themed Wedding Gifts

Summer Themed Wedding Gifts

A lot of summer-themed weddings are set in beautiful destinations far away from the local area the couple comes from.

If you are asking your guests to travel miles and miles to see you tie the knot, then you should be offering them gifts as a thank you for making the journey.

In the heat, your guests will need items such as bug repellent, lip balm, and sunscreen.

You should offer these in your welcome pack along with hints or treats that are connected to your day.

Going back to the key idea we had earlier, you could decorate the bag with jars of items that they can interact with throughout the day.

Perhaps, if your guests are savvy enough, they might bring the keys with them to the main event, and gain access to a box of goodies such as cocktail tokens.

If you are giving a gift to your friend or family member at their summer-themed wedding, you should consider the aesthetic they are going for.

If the wedding is on a palm tree-enclosed beach, then hire a painter to merge an exciting picture of the couple with a palm tree background.

Perhaps the wedding is themed around summertime foods, in which case create a personalized cookbook with each recipe nodding to a moment in the couple’s life.

Follow the couple’s theme to make the present more personal and connected to their special day.

Planning A Fall Wedding

Fall weddings tend to create cozy vibes, with magic in the air.


Because the evening comes earlier, you can bask in the warm glow of a fire or fairy lights, allowing you to dance into the night while you’re still energetic.

Fall weddings create more inspiration than any other season, as cottagecore aesthetics become ever more popular.

This is why a quick wedding is easier to plan when the date is around November.

Overall Plans

Just like the other seasons, for a fall wedding, you need to create a theme.

A simple and magical theme can be designed by mixing bark with green foliage and a pop of pastel colors.

You could have logs as a centerpiece, with glass jars holding herbs, thistles, and white flowers.

The herbs will contain the natural green of nature, but they will also produce mesmerizing smells of sage and thyme added to the cottagecore aesthetic.

As your guests enter the venue, you could have a wooden sign decorated with vines, welcoming them to your wedding.

This rustic touch creates an almost Disney magic feeling.

Embracing Fall With Food

During fall, you have more choices when it comes to food than in any other season.

It’s warm enough to enjoy a cooling plate and chilly enough to relish a hearty meal.

You can always talk to a caterer about what the best options are for fresh produce, but if you decide to self-cater your wedding food, aim for large meals which can be easily portioned out, such as pasta, roasted potatoes, chicken breasts, and salads.

When it comes to your wedding cake the flavors need to match the aesthetic you are going for.

If you are decorating in a woodland theme, then a lemon cake wouldn’t marry up the visual and taste. Instead consider caramel, chocolate, vanilla, or carrot cake.

10 Enchanting Fairytale Enchanted Forest Wedding Cakes You Will Adore

To make sure the taste matches your concepts, apply for a wedding cake taster day.

These samples can help you figure out which flavors enhance your magical day.

When it comes to drinks, fall is bright enough to indulge in colorful cocktails and chilly enough to truly appreciate a warming wine.

Consider hiring a cocktail truck that can drive to your venue and create signature drinks for your big day.

Tell the cater of your themes and give them time to create something that perfectly matches your aesthetic.

If you don’t hire a cocktail truck, consider an open bar instead.

Allowing your guests to drink whatever they please can help create the carefree atmosphere you need on such an important evening.

Click on the link above to see the pros and cons of an open bar.

Fall Time Activities

The best activities for fall time weddings are ones that can be achieved indoors and outdoors.

This is because fall tends to bring bad weather, so whatever you have planned should be ready for unexpected rain.

In a bridal shower, you could expect games like two truths and a lie, or find the guest.

But at the wedding itself, you may prefer a “Who Knows Them Better” bingo game or “Musical Memories” where guests try to connect music with moments in the couple’s lives.

Of course, you can never go wrong with giant Jenga, horseshoe games, and giant ladder toss.

Fall Themed Wedding Outfits

15 Magical Fairytale Wedding Dresses You'll Love

In the fall you can easily become more experimental with your wedding attire.

As the natural colors turn from bright greens and whites, to burn oranges and reds, you can copy these natural colors to harness the imagery of nature.

A great example of this is the use of ivory. Ivory wedding dresses hold more earthy tones, which are perfect for the fall season.

White can look rather sterile in a room filled with floral designs, whereas Ivory seems natural and warm.

If you are interested in an Ivory dress try on an example to see if the color suits your complexion.

If you want to move away from white altogether, you should experiment with a navy blue dress instead.

This particular shade of blue looks royal among pastel green foliage, and yet it still feels connected to a natural hue.

To really make the blue dress feel like a wedding outfit, you can pair it with white shoes and white accessories to really make the traditional change pop.

Remember that there are many different colors you can wear to a wedding, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

If you are struggling to think of appropriate colors, read through this article to see the 7 dos and don’ts of color choices at a wedding.

Sticking with white can still make a massive impact on your wedding, especially if you opt for lacy mermaid-style designs.

The lace pattern is what makes a dress seem magical, like a fairytale.

If you are worried that your colored attire doesn’t feel like a wedding dress, consider adding lace.

When it comes to the ring, you can harness the autumnal atmosphere and opt for a band that matches the floral nature of your wedding.

This could mean including wisps of Edwardian-style carvings, using wood as the enchanting fairytale exterior, or incorporating a crystal that matches your color theme.

Fall Themed Wedding Gifts

Fall Themed Wedding Gifts

Although giving cash as a wedding gift isn’t a bad idea, the present won’t be personal.

The best wedding gifts are ones that help the couple remember their special day, and also feel welcomed into their new life ahead of them.

During the fall season, you can help the couple create this moment by giving them items that link back to their theme.

This could be a wooden statue to match the woodland location, a wicker basket filled with treats and delights to bring in that cottagecore aesthetic, or perhaps a cozy mug with their new names engraved on the sides.

Lean into the browns, burnt oranges, and deep red of the autumnal season to help create a connection between the present and their wedding day.

Planning A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can easily feel magical when a layer of snow decorates your landscape as your guests arrive.


Unfortunately, you cannot plan for snow no matter how much time you organize for a Frozen-themed wedding.

Overall Plans

Just as the other seasons have iconic items which can make your wedding feel magical, winter has elements that you can utilize too.

The best accessory to turn your winter wedding into a magical moment is the humble candle.

You can decorate your wedding tables with evergreen plants and a tall candle stick.

The candle’s waxy coloring should match your aesthetic too.

Normally a classic cream would be grand enough, but you can buy personalized collections which have patterns around the sides or even have your new family name engraved into them.

If the location allows it, you could opt for a bonfire in the landscape, with blankets for everyone to cozy up next to each other, or perhaps a fireplace indoors for the same warming effect.

Open flames are the natural decoration piece in a winter wedding, so consider how you can include this feature in your wedding.

Embracing Winter With Food

For a winter wedding, you want your food to be hearty and warm. You could start with an entree of small pastries.

These could be stuffed with feta and spinach, cheese and black pepper, or beef and a light mushroom sauce.

When it comes to the main, a good hearty meal often involves a thick sauce or red meat.


Beef wellington is a fantastic choice as you can mix the meal with a variety of vegetables, including a rich sauce, and allow your mouth to water over the meat itself.

However, if you require a cheaper or vegetarian option, you can create a baked mac and cheese alternative.

Mac and cheese is easy to elevate by changing the classic cheddar option to camembert.

It will be silkier, packed with flavor, and easily paired with rich chutneys of any flavor.

Winter Time Activities

The best wintertime activities are ones that allow us to connect to the festivities.

This could mean riding on reindeer, taking horses on sledges, walking through a snow-covered hedge maze, and drinking next to open fire.

Not all of these activities will be available at your wedding, so look at your venue and consider where the magic can be brought in.

You could include a hot chocolate stand where people can invent their own flavor combinations, decorative mistletoe to add to the romantic mood, and baskets filled with blankets for walks around the winter area.

Winter Themed Wedding Outfits


Although white is the preferred wedding dress color, it can easily become washed out when you’re surrounded by a blanket of snow.

To keep the magic of a chilly winter, you may prefer to pick a light blue wedding dress instead.

The light color against a wintery background creates an almost Elsa aesthetic of ethereal ice and magical wonder.

To make the gown still feel like a wedding dress, you can include white lace, a mermaid design, or even a Pettibone bodice.

Click on the links above to see the wide variety of light blue dresses that would work perfectly for a bride.

When it comes to winter-themed wedding rings, the clear answer is to choose silver.

To really make a snowy connection, you could include blue-laced gems that match the delicate color of your dress.

This subtle connection will help you recreate your wedding dress in your mind, and keep this day with you forever.

Winter Themed Wedding Gifts

Winter Themed Wedding Gifts

For an unforgettable wedding gift that matches the couple’s winter aesthetic, you could offer a fairytale accessory.

Ensure that the colors are white, light blue, and silver to keep the theme going and help the couple remember the magical moment they had created.

We have talked about Frozen a couple of times, but some of the best Disney movies include a winter scene.

Take Beauty and the Beast as an example. A whole side movie was created to explore their winter experience in the rose garden.

Offering the loving couple a glass dome rose with fake snow encrusting the sides, and a silver or golden stem can help create the same magical concepts created in Beauty and the Beast.

It’s a symbol of love and timelessness, as this rose will never wilt.

The ornament can become a lasting memory of the couple’s wintertime romance.

Planning A Spring Wedding

A spring wedding can have multiple meanings for you to explore.

A sign of new beginnings, a celebration of growth and diversity, and a collection of gentle colors all of which can become the center of your main theme.


As always, we start this part of the process by figuring out what your main theme will be.

Overall Plans

The best way to describe a spring wedding is to keep the Disney movie Up in your mind.

In this movie, an older gentleman uses multi-colored balloons to pick up his house and start a new life of adventure in South America.

The bright colors, desire for adventure, and connection to his past are all key elements that you can use for your wedding.

You could hang a picture of you and your partner which shows the gradual record of your relationship.

All of the key moments you have shared in your life, and now have the opportunity to express to your loved ones.

You can use the same bright colors of the balloons and either commit to the multi-colored theme or pick your favorites and allow them to shine.

Then throughout the decorations, each element could relate to the adventure you are about to embark on.

This could be on the plaque which invites your guests, announcing “The Adventure Begins”, the music which plays in the background, and even in the food choices all themed around locations.

Each idea circled around the theme of movement.

Embracing Spring With Food

Speaking of food, spring is the perfect time of year to create a cheap platter.

Cold meats, pre-cut salads, pasta buffets, and “make your own taco” tables all feel natural in a springtime wedding, as you evoke the imagery of picnics.

Of course, a picnic can still feel elegant, especially if you follow a tea party design.

Ideas For A Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Including unique ornaments of teapots, with primroses, snowdrops, and daffodils poking out of the top can create an element of whimsy as well as beauty.

Harness the beautiful flowers that you rarely see in the other seasons, and use them as your main decoration piece.

Spring Time Activities

With spring you can bring out the lawn games again. The best weddings are ones that allow the guests to mingle around low-intensity games.

Throwing a bean back into a hoop can help the party feel energized without getting stuck understanding the rules.

Use croquet, cornhole, bucketball, and other simple games to keep the energy high during the light breeze of a spring day.

Spring Themed Wedding Outfits

Spring is the only season where you will see a lavender plant in bloom.

To truly embrace your spring wedding, picking a lavender wedding dress can help you embody the ideas of change and new beginnings.

13 Beautiful Lavender Wedding Dress Ideas (2)

These dresses can be light, like a cloud with beautiful ruffles to make you seem like a springtime painting, or darker like a spring night in a lavender field.

Try on different hues of lavender to see which one matches your skin tone the best.

Of course, our ideas of season-based colors can be used on suits too.

The inlay can be decorative while the exterior remains traditional, or you could ditch the black suit entirely and allow the colors to shine through the jacket itself.

The groom should have a tailored suit regardless, so you might as well allow your imagination to run wild and embrace the seasons just like the bride is.

When it comes to the ring, you should consider using a Beauty and the Beast aesthetic.

In the link provided, you can see how flowers have been used by the ring designer to hold the gem among the petals.

This allows you to keep the floral nature of a spring wedding on your finger at all times, while still embracing the traditional ideas of a wedding ring.

Of course, you can change the red gems to a color more commonly used by your wedding design.

Soft yellows, warming pinks, or light blue can be a romantic replacement.

Extravagant or subtle, these designs can bring your mind back to your beautiful wedding day.

Spring Themed Wedding Gifts

Of course, flowers and petals are the typical gift ideas for spring weddings.

You could buy engraved vases with the couple’s new name etched along the sides.

However, another idea that can easily be connected to spring is a book. Off-white pages, used as origami, create a flower they can keep forever.

This could be a lovely idea as a wedding favor or a gift to the newlyweds.

If you use this idea for favors, pick books that contain a story similar to your own, such as romantic novels or even just romantic pages from a non-romantic novel.

These beautiful ornaments can be kept forever as a symbol of your love.


Using the seasons to your advantage can help you create a magical wedding that connects to nature around you.

You don’t need grand themes or special interests to dominate your wedding. Instead, allow nature to do the talking.

Matching your wedding colors with the foliage around you creates a grounded feeling of “this was meant to be”.

It will add a magical touch to your special day, as mother nature herself blesses your wedding.