About Us

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life… but how can it be when so much stress is put on the planning process. Don’t even get me started on the actual pressure put on you for everything to go right! 

Hello, I’m Lisa Plaitt and I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost five years. We met almost a decade ago now and I love him more everyday. But on my wedding day – the day that was supposed to be about celebrating us – I was far too stressed to enjoy it. 

My husband proposed to me in spring and it was a very lowkey setting, in our backyard without anyone else around to see it. It was a perfect proposal. But then everything got real, and I was suddenly thrust into planning mode. 

I was suddenly spending all of my time thinking about cakes, dresses, invites, table centerpieces, first songs – the list goes on! Everyone says how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, but I don’t think that anyone actually understands until they live through it! 

Anyway, once the wedding day comes, everyone tells you that’s when you can relax and enjoy it. But the reality is quite different – now you’re worrying about everyone arriving on time, sticking to the schedule, people having to leave early… and more! 

I’m not trying to scare you out of planning your wedding day, but I want to help. I’ve created Magical Day Weddings to help alleviate some of the stress of planning, from the flowers to the bridesmaid boxes. 

I wish I had a website like this when I was planning my special day! Please, allow me to take away some of your planning duties to make way for the excitement that you should be feeling. Congratulations, and enjoy your magical day!