Fall Bridesmaid Dress Colors

21 Best Bridesmaid Dress Colors for a Romantic Fall Wedding

Fall is a wonderful time to get married particularly if you are having your ceremony outside.

The colors of nature are a huge inspiration for wedding palettes at this time of year and there are a lot to choose from. 

We have found 21 perfect fall bridesmaid dress colors for your autumnal nuptials. 

Emerald Green

Jewel tones are perfect for fall wedding bridesmaids dresses and emerald green is one of the most popular of these hues.

It is a luxurious color and complements various other shades of green in a wedding palette. 

Alternatively it can be paired with a warm color such as terracotta or a dusty pink or a neutral beige.

Emerald green suits most skin tones and adding texture such as velvet increases the elegance and sophistication of this color. 

This color is perfect for both formal and minimalist weddings. 


An earthy shade that beautifully reflects the colors of fall, terracotta is a natural choice for bridesmaids dresses at this time of year.

Pair it with tan or marigold to create an autumnal palette. Or add champagne to the color mix and have half your bridesmaids in each shade. 

This is a popular color for boho brides but works equally well for a more formal wedding.

Yellow and orange flowers with pale green foliage such as green gray eucalyptus will look stunning next to this warm fall color. 


The warm tone of gold is ideal as a fall wedding color and your bridesmaids will look stunning. You can go full glamorous and have metallic gold in shimmering satin. 

Alternatively, choose semi-shine gold charmeuse satin as a more muted choice. Or mix and match your bridesmaids dresses with pale champagne. 

As gold is a neutral color the shades of flowers in the bridesmaids’ bouquets can be quite strong.

Deep pink or bright red blooms with dark green foliage will add vibrant color against the gold of the dresses. 


Cabernet is another jewel tone and is a luscious fall color for a bridesmaid’s dress. Its deep red hue echoes the seasonal palette, and it creates a warm look for your wedding day. 

Complementary colors include cranberry and peach or add some light gray to soften the wintery look.

Bouquets of cream and orange blooms with fresh green foliage completes this luxurious shade. Mix styles of neckline or silhouettes if you don’t want too formal a look. 

This rich color looks incredible in velvet, satin, chiffon or crepe. 


Fall is the perfect time of year for a warm, brown-centric wedding palette. Cinnamon is the quintessential autumnal color and works brilliantly for bridesmaids dresses with its orange undertones.

You can draw on other nature inspired hues such as green to complement this warm, earthy shade. 

This color will look good in all fabrics, velvet, chiffon, satin or charmeuse and works well against a neutral beige or warm yellow.

Flowers in the bridesmaids bouquets can be mostly white with some orange blooms and fresh greenery as a contrast. 


Marigold is a yellow-orange color which will add warmth to your wedding palette. It is not the bright yellow of summer or the pale yellow of spring but rather the mature yellow of fall.

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This is the shade that you will see on maple or birch trees.

For this reason this color for your bridesmaids dresses will look great paired with neutral colors or a splash of green.

Have a mixture of different styles with halter necks, strapless or off the shoulder designs to make every one of your bridesmaids feel special. 


Navy is a classic bridesmaid color and is always a chic choice for a fall wedding.

It is a versatile color which can stand alone or be matched with a lot of other hues as well as some great contrasting shades. 

Depending on the look you want to achieve you can dress all your bridesmaids the same or mix up the styles of navy dress.

Pull the look together with bouquets of pale pink, cream and fresh green foliage. 

This elegant color works for countryside or city weddings. 


A trending color for weddings, rust is a gorgeous shade for a fall wedding.

Bridesmaids in satin rust will shimmer like an autumnal sunset while chiffon rust gowns will flow gracefully. 

Rust gowns can be mixed and matched with cinnamon if you would rather not have all your bridesmaids in the same color.

The color also looks wonderful in a range of different materials from luxurious velvet to sensual satin. 

To lift the color add peach and yellow bouquets. Green and dark red also look great with rust color. 

Dark Mauve 

This is a very romantic color for a fall wedding. Dark mauve has purple undertones and goes well with a variety of other shades including lilacs and pinks.

It is a hue that can be incorporated into other aspects of the wedding quite easily. 

This color complements taupe or gray but can also be contrasted with the freshness of peach.

Groomsmen in dark blue suits next to your dark mauve clad bridesmaids will create some stunning wedding party photographs. 

White, pale peach and deep purple flowers in the bouquets will look perfect. 


Fall is harvest time and synonymous with produce and fruit including cranberries. Bridesmaids dressed in this rich red color can be paired with gray and white for a chic wedding palette. 

Alternatively, mix in some gold and orange to brighten things up and add some warmth. 

Cranberry also pairs well with burgundy if you want a mix of red palette colors for your bridesmaids gowns. Groomsmen in black will contrast elegantly with this vibrant color. 

Orange, yellow and deep red blooms in the bridesmaids bouquets will look amazing with this color dress. 

Slate Blue

Slate blue is a great choice for a fall wedding bridesmaid dress color as it is often the color of the sky at this time of year.

It looks particularly feminine in a long, flowing chiffon gown but looks equally good in sultry satin. 

You can split the bridesmaids dress colors between slate blue and navy. Both of these colors will look stunning mixed with soft fall neutrals such as beige or gray.

Bouquets of fresh white and lush greenery will look perfect with this color. 

Hunter Green 

This dark, natural green is a wonderful choice for a fall bridesmaids dress and works beautifully with other fall shades.

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Pumpkin orange is the perfect foil for this luscious hue of green, and it also works well with the jewel tone of deep burgundy or other berry shades. 

Paired with bright neutral colors will lift this color if you feel it is leaning more towards a winter shade.

Bouquets of orange, pink or deep red flowers with lots of greenery will complement this bridesmaid dress color beautifully. 

Dusty Rose 

While dusty rose may be thought of as a spring color it can work really well in early fall with complementary autumnal shades. 

While a lot of fall colors are darker you may want to keep things light with a romantic dusty rose which will look wonderful next to groomsmen in gray suits. 

This shade would work really well with deep burgundy if you want to mix and match the bridesmaids dresses.

Bouquets of rich red florals, soft creams and light colored greenery will blend well with this delicate hue.


This may seem like a bold move, but black can work for a fall wedding if it is paired with the right complementary and contrasting tones.

It works for a more formal wedding especially if the groom and groomsmen are going to wear classic tuxedos. 

To offset the dark color, pair it with jewel tones in the bridesmaids bouquets with deep reds, golden yellows and verdant greens.

Next to the bridal gown these colors will look elegant and stylish, offering you the most amazing wedding party photos. 


Taupe is a gray-brown color and so is a natural choice as a fall wedding color. Its earthy tones are best worn in a heavier fabric like velvet or satin.

To lift the color pair it with deep purple or alternatively lighter shades of gray. 

You can also mix and match taupe with a lighter shade such as champagne. Add rusty, golden hues to the bouquets to complement this shade or dramatic deep yellow blooms. 

Rose Gold

For a lighter fall color, rose gold is a luxurious and romantic option. It looks particularly elegant in soft satin or charmeuse.

You could also go for a rose gold sequin dress that will add some sparkle and drama to your fall bridal party. 

Champagne is a good complementary color to pair with rose gold for a mix and match bridesmaid look. Navy suits for the groom and groomsmen will contrast beautifully with this shimmering shade. 

Add blush, burgundy and purple flowers to the bouquet with lots of greenery. 


Peach is often chosen as a spring or summer color, but it can work very well with fall colors for your bridesmaids dresses.

It complements the caramel color of fall leaves and is a more romantic and soft tone than some of the darker autumnal shades. 

For the bridesmaids bouquets add some cream colored and deep burgundy flowers with greenery to beautifully complement the color of the dress. 

Alongside the groom and groomsmen in navy blue suits, this combination will look great. 


The earth tone of copper is a fantastic choice for fall wedding bridesmaids dresses. It is a warm color and goes very naturally with lots of other autumnal shades such as yellow, gold and brown.

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A mixture of gold and copper bridesmaids dresses looks great for a fall wedding. 

You can also pair copper with scarlet, and saffron hues if you want a more colorful, but warm wedding palette.

For bridesmaids bouquets use a mixture of deep, moody blues and sumptuous purple with deep, natural greenery. 


When the air is chilly, neutral colors can add warmth to your wedding palette.

Shades such as champagne, gold, soft taupe and cream are all perfect for bridesmaids dresses and can be incorporated into a fall wedding with ease. 

These colors provide an understated elegance and can be complemented with pale pink and peach florals and greenery.

Or go for stronger jewel tones for your bridesmaids bouquets such as deep reds, greens and blues to lift the neutral color of the dress. 

The groomsmen can either follow the neutral theme with gray suits or contrast with navy blue. 

Burnt Orange

To perfectly echo the beautiful colors of fall choose burnt orange for your bridesmaids dresses. The warmth of this color works really well in satin and charmeuse or a heavy jacquard.

Mix the styles and necklines of the dresses to keep things interesting. 

You can also have some of your bridesmaids in warm neutral colors and some in burnt orange gowns. 

Bring this vibrant fall color to the bridesmaids bouquets with wonderful oranges, browns and deep yellows or contrast the color with soft white blooms and greenery. 

Olive Green

A stunning fall color for your bridesmaids dresses, olive green goes wonderfully with warm neutrals such as beige or tan. It is a color that suits most skin tones so will be flattering on all of your bridesmaids. 

As green is a cool color, for the bridesmaids bouquets add some warm, deep reds blooms.

Or if you want to keep the green palette, have simple white florals with lighter green foliage such as gray green eucalyptus. 

Dark blue for the groom and groomsmen will make for some stunning wedding party photos. 

Final Thoughts

While there are trends for fall wedding colors there are no rules.

For every bride, her wedding day is unique to her and what she envisages as her ideal wedding colors supersedes any preconceived notions of what is right for this time of year. 

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to fall bridesmaid dress color and that it has inspired you.

Lisa Plaitt