Fall Wedding Colors

19 Romantic Fall Wedding Color Ideas You Haven’t Seen Yet

The fall season brings with it many wonderful things: pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, cozy sweaters, and crisp air. It’s also a great time to plan your wedding!

The colors are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and there are so many beautiful places to get married.

As the wheel of the year spins, the leaves start to turn, shades of red, gold, and orange appear on every tree, and flowers start to go back into hibernation, making the way for the colder months to arrive.

Fall is a perfect time to enjoy a romantic wedding,  allowing you to enjoy the final rays of warmth, while being surrounded by breathtaking color and scenery.

The colors of fall are bright and vibrant, bringing out the best in the bride’s makeup; the warm tones of autumn make it easy to create a natural look, which will complement the soft hues of the season perfectly.

Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect colors for a fall wedding, and ensure that this is a day to remember for all the right reasons.

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The Best Colors For A Fall Wedding

So, with these tips in mind, just which colors are the top picks for a fall wedding? We put together some of our favorite options to help inspire your mind and spark your creativity.

Rich Burgundies

Burgundies are one of the most popular colors for fall weddings, and for good reason.

They are bold, yet sophisticated, go perfectly with many different styles, and will act as the perfect complement to the bright colors of the season.

The rich reds, purples, and browns are perfect for fall weddings, and can easily complement almost any style.

This is a shade that can be used for everything from your bridesmaids’ dresses to the decorations. Pair it with gold or ivory accents for a classic, elegant look, or add in some brighter colors to make it more fun and festive.

Options to complement and enhance burgundy include:

  • Cranberry
  • Rose-red

Deep Dusty Pinks

Pinks are another great choice for fall weddings. They are feminine, romantic, and fun, making them a great fit for any type of wedding.

From light pastels to dark jewel tones, pinks are versatile enough to work with nearly every style.

Make the most of deep pinks by pairing them with warm tones like gold and bronze, for a truly luxurious look. You can also add in some deeper colors, such as burgundy or navy, for a more dramatic effect.

These can be a romantic, feminine option for bridesmaids’ dresses, work as part of the bouquet or floral decorations, or look incredible when added to centerpieces with other complementary colors – this is a versatile color that will look amazing in a variety of ways.

Some options for shades of deep pink include:

  • Rich magenta
  • Baby pink
  • Blush
  • Mauve

Shades Of Gold

Gold is a wonderful color for a fall wedding, as it will add an elegant and timeless look. It can be used as an accent color to bring out the warm tones of autumn, while still providing a subtle and sophisticated touch.

Depending on how you choose to use gold in your wedding, you can opt for subtle, golden tones, or go for a more bold and flashy look.

Gold can also be used to make your centerpiece decorations pop, as you add in some fresh flowers and foliage to bring the whole scheme together.

Some great shades of gold for fall weddings include:

  • Bronze
  • Mustard yellow
  • Champagne
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Rust Reds

Reds are also a great choice for fall weddings, especially if you are looking for a more rustic vibe.

Rustic weddings often feature warm hues, so why not take advantage of the gorgeous shades available during the fall months?

Reds are very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to create an elegant or casual atmosphere.

By choosing a rustic red, you can easily add a pop of color to your wedding decorations, and also use it for your bridesmaids’ dresses or the groom’s tie.

Reds are also perfect for adding some extra warmth to the ceremony venue and reception hall.

Some of our favorite rustic reds include:

  • Mulberry
  • Crimson
  • Rusty red
  • Brick Red

Cool Blues

Blues are a great choice for a fall wedding, as they will provide some contrast to the warmer tones provided by autumn. They are also calming, relaxing, and soothing, making them ideal for a laid-back affair.

From shades of teal and aqua to navy and indigo, blues can be used in a variety of ways to create an atmosphere that is both modern and classic.

You can use blues as the main color, or just add it in as an accent to complement the other colors in your palette.

For a more traditional look, you can pair it with some gold accents, while for a modern vibe, you can mix blues with shades of gray or white.

Some great shades of blue for fall weddings include:

  • Teal
  • Cobalt blue
  • Navy blue
  • Sky blue

Natural Greens

Greens are perfect for a fall wedding, as they will provide an organic and fresh feel to the day. From shades of sage and olive to bright emeralds and muted mints, there is a shade of green to suit every style.

Greens can be used as the main color or just added in as an accent to give your wedding decorations some extra depth and dimension.

They look stunning when paired with other earthy tones like browns and beiges, or with bolder colors such as reds and purples, and are a great way to bring the outside in; use plenty of natural foliage and plant life to embrace all the different shades of green, and take one more chance to celebrate the vibrancy of nature before the winter months take hold.

Some of our favorite shades of green for fall weddings include:

  • Sage green
  • Mint green
  • Olive green
  • Hunter green

Dark Brown

Dark brown is a great way to bring out the warmth of fall and can be mixed with just about any other color in your palette.

It’s a versatile shade that will look great when used as an accent or as the main color and can be used to give your wedding decorations some added depth and dimension.

Dark brown also looks amazing when paired with golds and bronzes, and can be used to bring out the natural elements of fall, such as wood, bark, and leaves – use these to create centerpieces and as decorations; why not use tree trunks as placemats, or paint some natural to use as signs around the venue?

You can then intersperse these with gold and lighter browns for a truly seasonal vibe.

Some great shades of dark brown include:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Coffee brown
  • Caramel brown
  • Mahogany

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a great color for fall because it has a warm, inviting feel that will make your guests feel right at home.

It looks great when paired with other autumnal hues like dark browns and greens, and can be used to give your wedding decorations some extra depth and warmth.

You can use burnt orange as the main color or just add it in as an accent; it looks stunning when paired with creamy whites and golden yellow, or with bold colors like reds and purples.

You can also use it to give your wedding a rustic feel by adding some natural elements such as wood and leaves, or by using an abundance of candles to bring out the warmth of the color.

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Enjoy the range of shades burnt orange has to offer; these include:

  • Terracotta
  • Rust
  • Copper
  • Brick red

Pure White

White is a timeless classic that never goes out of style, and it’s perfect for a fall wedding.

This shade will provide a light and airy contrast to the more saturated colors of autumn, while still tying into the natural elements of the season.

White can be used as an accent or as the main color – it looks stunning when paired with any other color in your palette, and is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere.

You can use white to create a modern and minimal look, or embrace the natural elements of fall by adding some foliage and wood into your decorations – why not add some white pumpkins as centerpieces?

Enjoy the range of shades that pure white has to offer; these include:

  • Ivory
  • Cream
  • Pearl
  • Eggshell

Deep Purple

Deep purple is another fabulous choice for fall weddings, creating a striking contrast to the colors of the season.

This rich, royal hue is ideal for a formal affair and works particularly well with dark hues like navy blue and black.

Make the most of deep, rich purples by pairing them with lighter shades, such as lavender and lilac, or combine them with other autumnal hues like oranges and yellows.

You can also use this color to bring out the natural elements of fall, such as wood, bark, and leaves – for a truly unique look!

Some shades of purple to try may include:

  • Eggplant
  • Grape
  • Plum
  • Amethyst

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic choice for fall wedding color schemes and looks especially stunning when paired with warm hues like oranges and yellows.

This deep hue gives off a regal vibe that’s perfect for formal occasions, while still being able to provide an interesting contrast to the more natural elements of autumn.

Pair it with a light floral arrangement, and you’ll have an unforgettable look for your ceremony and reception.

You can use navy blue to create a bold look or keep things more subtle by introducing lighter shades of blue into your palette. Enjoy the range of shades in navy blue; these include:

  • Midnight blue
  • Royal blue
  • Sapphire
  • Slate

Dove Gray

It might seem dull, but gray is actually the perfect color to give your fall wedding a modern and sophisticated look.

This neutral hue pairs beautifully with all of the colors of autumn, while still being able to provide an interesting contrast.

Whether you choose to use it as an accent or as the main color, gray will add a unique touch to your special day.

Use gray to create a minimalist look, or add a bit of sparkle with silver and gold accents- this can be in the form of fairy lights or candles, or by adding touches of sparkling silver and diamonds to your bridal party – a great way to enjoy elegance and glamor, while still fitting in with the mood of the season.

Grays can come in a variety of shades, and these can include options such as: 

  • Stormy gray
  • Smokey gray
  • Charcoal
  • Steel

Burnt Orange + Sunflower Yellow

This combination is warm and inviting and creates a cozy atmosphere for your guests, as well as allowing you to really celebrate the stunning shades of the season.

Use dark, warm yellows combined with rustic burnt orange shades for a truly unique look – why not use gorgeous orange and yellow flowers to add color to tables, or use a combination of orange and yellow ribbons for the chairs in your venue?

These colors look great paired with other rustic, fall-themed decorations such as pumpkins, cornstalks, and leaves.

Marshmallow Pink + Creamy White

Pink + white is a classic combination that looks beautiful no matter what time of year it is. This color combination is elegant, and timeless, and makes a statement without being too overpowering.

Try using light, dusty pinks, and bright whites for your centerpieces, tablecloths, and linens, or pair them with pale greens for a lovely, autumnal effect.

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Wine Red + Soft Gold

Red + gold is a fun, festive combination that’s sure to make your wedding stand out.

The deep reds and golds create a romantic, sensual atmosphere that’s perfect for a wedding, and which will perfectly reflect the red and gold colors of the leaves outside.

Use these colors for your centerpieces, cake, and favors, and let the rest of your decor be inspired by the beauty of the season!

Chocolate Brown Champagne

Brown and beige is a classic combination that’s easy to incorporate into any style of wedding, and which looks stylish and classy in any venue.

Choose a brown shade for your centerpieces, and then go with a champagne beige for your tablecloths and chair covers.

Add touches of burgundy or maroon to bring depth to your decor, and don’t forget about the accessories: try adding a touch of burgundy ribbon to your bouquets, or choose a rich color scheme for the bridal party which incorporates these two colors.

 Burnt Sienna  + Forest Green

Bring the outdoors inside with this stunning color combination that will help you create a relaxed, comfortable feel for your wedding.

Use shades of burnt sienna and forest greens for your centerpieces, along with deep emerald accents for your linens and flower arrangements.

If you’re having a garden wedding, consider using mossy greens and browns for your centerpieces, while keeping the rest of your decor simple and natural, and really embracing the deep colors and gentle relaxation of this season.

Jet Black + Diamond Silver

Black + silver is a sophisticated combination that can work beautifully in any setting. It’s a bold yet understated color scheme that’s ideal for weddings where you want to keep things simple but still have an impactful presence.

You could opt for black centerpieces, tablecloths, and linens, and then add silver accents for your cake, favors, and other decorative elements.

Or, if you’d prefer something less dramatic, simply use silver for your centerpieces and tablecloths, and then accessorize with pops of black for your cake, favors, and other details.

This is a perfect nod to the arrival of the darker months and will give your wedding a chic, modern vibe.

Jet Black + Pumpkin Orange

Fall signals the arrival of a spooky season, so what could be a better color combination than the classic black and orange?

These colors are always popular at Halloween-inspired gatherings, and they look great together, acting as the perfect contrast while bringing warmth to a space.

For your centerpieces, use oranges and blacks as the main source of attention, and then add touches of yellow and purple for more warmth, and to maintain that autumnal theme.

Keep your tablecloths and linens neutral, and accessorize with pops in black and orange for your cake, favors, or decorations.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the beauty of fall into your big day, the ideas and tips we have included above should be a perfect inspiration.

This is a truly stunning time of year, and the potential for beautiful color schemes and combinations is endless.

So get creative, and discover the best ways to add your own personality to your wedding using the perfect color combinations, and enjoy this special time of year, as well as your important day.

Jodie Messines