18 September Wedding Colors to Inspire Your Autumn Celebration

September is a gorgeous seasonal month for weddings as temperatures decline and nature begins its transformation as fall arrives.

The changing leaves provide a lovely backdrop for your special day, with some of nature’s most vivid shades around you.

Seasonal changes also give way to opportunities that other months don’t provide—creating dynamic color palettes in the process.

For couples that plan on hosting their nuptials during this month, the choices for beautiful wedding colors are vast and diverse.

Whether you tend more towards unique color combinations such as soft tones of lavender and gray or bright oranges and reds, there is something perfect for everyone in September’s palette of vibrant autumn hues.

In this article, we will discuss some ideas of popular fall wedding colors that are perfect for tying the knot this season!

1. Fiery Reds

September is the color of autumnal glory, and fiery reds are the perfect way to capture this.

Consider shades of burgundy, maroon, and cranberry for a bold and vibrant look, and add bright flowers to the bouquet to really catch the eye and create a warm, dramatic feel.

2. Earthy Browns

For those looking for something a bit more subtle, consider shades of brown.

Shades like tan, taupe, and chocolate will create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness that is perfect for a fall wedding.

3. Muted Blues

For a unique and unexpected look, consider shades of muted blue.

Shades like navy, powder blue, and baby blue will create an atmosphere of serenity and peace that is perfect for a romantic ceremony, and there are a plethora of gorgeous flowers that can really bring this look to life.

4. Sage Greens

Greens are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

Consider shades of sage green, olive green, and mint green for a rustic yet elegant look, and pair with touches of white or cream for a timeless feel.

This is a look that can really be brought to life by introducing plants and foliage into your decor; use trailing greenery and lush garlands to bring the outside in, and celebrate the ever-changing wonders of the natural world; a great symbol of your marriage and lives to come.

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5. Warm Oranges

For a vibrant and cheerful look, consider shades of orange.

Shades like peach, tangerine, and coral will create an atmosphere of energy and joy that is perfect for a lively ceremony, while bright, burnt oranges offer that autumnal feel that is a key part of any September wedding.

6. Deep Plums And Purples

For a romantic and sophisticated look, consider shades of deep plum.

Shades like eggplant, lavender, and mauve will create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication that is perfect for a formal ceremony and will offer a nod to the darker days and the move toward winter.

These shades also offer the perfect contrast to lighter colors such as white and cream.

7. Gray

This may seem an unusual color for a wedding, but delicate shades of gray can really help the rest of your color scheme to pop, and offer a subtle backdrop for your special day.

Consider shades of dove gray, light gray, and charcoal for a timeless look, and bring out the nuances and details of the other colors in your scheme.

This is perfect for a peaceful, restful vibe, and will allow the bride and groom to really shine on their big day.

8. Gold

Touches of gold are a perfect addition to any color scheme, and can be particularly stunning when used to highlight the wonders and beauty of a wedding.

Use different shades of gold to add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your special day, and really bring out the other colors in your palette; opt for gold jewelry for the bridal party, gold garlands and flowers in the bouquet and decoration, or sparkly candles and centerpieces to add a touch of something extra special.

9. Burgundy And Gold

This classic combination is not only stunning, but provides the perfect pick for a beautiful September wedding.

The deep burgundy color is reminiscent of the changing leaves that capture this season, while the gold adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the look, creating a warm, welcoming overall vibe which sets the scene for your wedding day.

10. Navy Blue And Blush

Navy blue is a timeless color that pairs beautifully with blush pink for a romantic, yet modern look.

This combination will give your wedding a classic, yet modern feel, and the darker shades are the perfect nods to the nature and vibe of a crisp autumn day – ideal for bringing the mood of September right into your decor.

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11. Sage Green And Ivory

This color combination is perfect for a rustic or outdoor wedding, and can be a perfect chance to say goodbye to the green of the summer while welcoming in the shorter days of fall and winter with a vibrant ivory.

The sage green will bring the outdoors in, while the ivory will provide a soft and romantic touch to your special day, creating a breathtaking combination.

12. Lavender And Gray

 For couples looking for something unique, this combination is perfect, and can be used and adapted in the way that best suits your tastes and preferences!

The lavender provides a soft and romantic touch, while the gray adds a modern and sophisticated feel.

This color combination is perfect for a more intimate wedding and will create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty.

13. Orange And Red

For couples looking to make a bold statement, this color combination is sure to do the trick!

The bright oranges and reds are perfect for capturing the vibrancy of the season, while still providing a classic and timeless look.

This combination is perfect for a more traditional wedding and will create an atmosphere of warmth and love while bringing energy and vibrancy to your event.

14. Dusty Blue And Peach

This is a great way to give a nod to the fading year, with subtle yet stunning shades which complement one another perfectly.

The peach offers a romantic, feminine feel which is the perfect companion to the dusty blue, and this can create a rustic charm while still feeling ideal for a wedding.

Create eye-catching table decorations with pale blue flowers interspersed with pale peaches, and use both shades to bring the wedding party to life in a combination of blue suits and peach gowns.

15. Teal And Tan

Create a more dramatic look with these two contrasting colors, and build a strong wedding palette that will ensure your venue looks and feels its best.

The inclusion of tan offers a chance to include some autumnal vibes, and the strong teal is a perfect complement that can be used to highlight details; try using it in the bouquet, on corsages and buttonholes, and as a feature in the decorations through flowers, candles, and garlands

16. Champagne And Deep Purple

For a truly luxurious feel, this is a color combination that needs to take pride of place.

The two tones work together to create an elegant, sophisticated vibe that elevates the whole look and feel of your wedding and offers a dramatic backdrop for your big day.

Drape your bridal party in rich, deep purples, and add a pop of light and movement with a champagne throw or flower, and use mauve hangings and decorations to add a truly grand sense of magnificence to proceedings – perfect for a society-style wedding that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.

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17. Olive And Rust

Embrace the vibrant hues of autumn with a rustic olive and rust color scheme – perfect for a calm, relaxed vibe that celebrates the stunning shades of the fall season.

This is also a great way to add a touch of nature to your nuptials; celebrate with natural foliage and plant life as part of your decoration, and use oranges and rusts to symbolize the turning of the leaves and the movement of the wheel of the year – a great way to represent the new journey that lies before you as a marrieds couple.

18. Dusky Rose And Burgundy

Create a truly romantic vibe on your big day with a background of dusky pink and deep burgundy – perfect for setting up a gorgeous scene.

Create a visual contrast in your photographs with deep burgundy suits for your groomsmen, and light pink gowns for the bridesmaids, and use a combination of flowers in bouquets and decorations to bring the whole look together – this is a great way to embrace the theme of love, and fits perfectly into the autumnal weather.

Final Thoughts

September is a beautiful month to get married, and with these tips, you can make sure that your wedding day is truly spectacular.

Choose colors that fit the season, incorporate natural elements into your decorations, choose seasonal flowers and foods, create a cozy atmosphere, and add some sparkle to make your special day shine.

Lisa Plaitt