November Wedding Colors

15 November Wedding Colors That Will Leave You In Awe

Are you getting married in November and looking for the perfect color palette to bring your big day to life?

Well, fear not – we’ve got 15 stunning wedding colors that will transport you (and your guests) out of this world! From sophisticated fall shades to bold combinations, these wedding colors will leave you overwhelmed with awe at how beautiful they look against each other.

Think no more and read on as we explain why these are some of the best picks for a truly special November event!

Rustic Orange, Burgundy, And Deep Green

As luck would have it, I recently came across the most gorgeous November wedding colours. Rustic orange, burgundy, and deep green – these earthy shades are perfect for a cold-weather event!

Whether you’re celebrating in an old barn or having a more formal affair indoors, the blend of warm and cool tones is sure to make your special day utterly memorable.

To get the look just right, mix up textures like velvet and tweed. Or opt for subtle metallic accents that will add sparkle without overwhelming other elements.

Not only will this colour palette provide stunning visuals but also help create an atmosphere of rustic sophistication that guests can enjoy all evening long.

Muted Green, Dusty Rose, And Taupe

November weddings are all about warmth and beauty, so your color palette should reflect that. Muted green, dusty rose, and taupe are a beautiful combination for any fall celebration:

  • Soft muted greens like sage or olive bring in the natural elements of the season without being overly bright
  • Dusty roses add subtle pops of pink to balance out the neutral tones
  • Taupe is an understated gray-brown shade that can be used as an accent or background hue
  • Finally, these colors together create a soft autumnal feel perfect for a November wedding.

Navy Blue, Gold, And Ivory

As they say, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Navy blue is the perfect hue for a November wedding. Not only does it have an air of sophistication to it but also conveys a sense of timelessness that no other color can match.

The combination of navy blue with gold or ivory creates a beautiful balance between classic elegance and modern flair. Both colors work together to create the perfect autumn palette – one that will keep your guests in awe throughout your special day. The calming navy provides contrast against the warm tones of gold and ivory.

Whether you choose bold statement pieces like chandeliers dripping with shimmering crystals or delicate centerpieces filled with pale blooms, there’s sure to be something for everyone at your celebration!

Deep Purple, Olive Green, And Burnt Orange

When I think of a November wedding, deep purple, olive green, and burnt orange immediately come to mind.

Together these colors create an atmosphere that is both romantic and inviting – perfect for a timeless celebration. The rich hues combined with warm tones make this classic palette one that you can’t help but be in awe of!

The lush purples evoke the feeling of royalty while the earthy greens bring a sense of nature’s beauty. Burnt orange adds just the right amount of spice to complete this picture-perfect combo. Whether it’s used as your main color or simply as an accent hue, this gorgeous trio will leave you wanting more!

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These bold yet subtle shades are sure to give your big day some serious wow factor!

Burgundy, Blush, And Navy Blue

Moving on from the deep purple, olive green, and burnt orange was almost a daunting task. But we’re here to show how beautifully burgundy, blush, and navy blue can create an equally awe-inspiring November wedding color palette.

Burgundy is the perfect choice for your big day as it’s not only romantic but also timelessly classic. It pairs well with both light or dark colors creating that perfect balance of sophistication and elegance.

Add in some subtle accents of blush tones to really bring out the richness of the burgundy while still keeping things simple. Then top off this look with touches of navy blue to add depth and drama all at once! This combination is sure to leave you feeling like royalty on your special day.

With such bold hues, this color scheme creates a beautiful contrast when paired with natural elements like woodgrain and greenery. Whether you choose rustic centerpieces or modern decor, these colors are sure to take your breath away – no matter what style you go for!

Emerald Green, Burnt Orange, And Ivory

November weddings offer an unparalleled opportunity to be creative with your color palette. The warmth of autumn provides the perfect backdrop for a unique and unforgettable event, especially when you add beautiful colors like emerald green, burnt orange, and ivory into your decorations.

These three hues are classic yet unexpected—perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere on your big day! A bridal party dressed in emerald green is sure to turn heads while adding subtle hints of burnt orange through boutonnieres or other accents will bring out all the best aspects of fall foliage.

And what better way to complete the look than with ivory tablecloths? Not only does this neutral shade help tie everything together, but it also helps create an elegant atmosphere at any reception venue.

The combination of these lovely shades can make for some truly stunning wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever. Plus, by mixing up traditional elements (like white flowers) with more unique touches (like warm-toned accent pieces), you’ll have plenty of chances to express yourself on your special day!

Dark Teal, Copper, And Cream

If you thought emerald green, burnt orange and ivory were a beautiful combination of colors for your November wedding, the mix of dark teal, copper, and cream will have you absolutely mesmerized. It’s like entering into an autumn fantasyland with this color combo – one that is mysterious yet inviting all at once.

The deep blues and greens of dark teal provide a dramatic backdrop to any space while the warm tones of copper add just enough sparkle and shine. Creamy neutrals are always elegant but when combined with these bolder hues create something truly magical.

Add in some velvet linens or antique lace accents for extra visual interest and texture—you won’t regret it!

Deep Red, Forest Green, And Taupe

Deep red, forest green and taupe are the perfect color palette for a November wedding. Red is such an emotionally charged hue – it’s passionate, vibrant and can add drama to any event. Forest green gives off a calming effect that complements the intensity of red perfectly.

Taupe brings balance to both colors as well as adding depth and sophistication to your overall design scheme. These three colors together create a beautiful atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe.

To further enhance this look, consider incorporating accents of mustard yellow, burgundy and dark brown. Mustard yellow brings warmth and cheerfulness while burgundy is bold yet elegant. Dark brown grounds these two brighter hues with its rich earthy tones – creating an inviting ambience to your celebration.

Mustard Yellow, Burgundy, And Dark Brown

Nothing says November like mustard yellow, burgundy, and dark brown. These colors evoke a feeling of cozy warmth that will leave you in awe! Here are some ways to create your own palette:

  • Add an accent wall with a deep shade of mustard yellow for a statement-making backdrop
  • Warm up the room with rustic wooden furniture painted in shades of dark brown
  • Bring out the richness in any space with pops of burgundy throughout
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These colors also offer endless design possibilities—from pairing them together on walls or textiles to incorporating all three into bold floral arrangements.

Whether you’re going for a classic look or something more modern and minimalistic, these colors can help bring it all together. And they’ll last well beyond the fall season – so you don’t have to worry about updating your décor too soon.

Cranberry, Dusty Blue, And Gold

November weddings are the perfect time to use colors that will leave you in awe. Cranberry, dusty blue, and gold bring together a subtle yet striking combination of hues for your big day.

Cranberry is a deep, rich red hue with hints of purple and pink undertones. Its vibrant pop of color adds sophistication and an extra touch of elegance to any wedding celebration.

Dusty blue has a calming effect reminiscent of the winter sky – it’s soft but stunning at the same time. And no November wedding would be complete without adding some twinkle with gold accents! The warmth from this metallic can help make your special day truly unforgettable.

When paired together, cranberry, dusty blue, and gold create an inviting atmosphere full of depth and texture that guests won’t soon forget. Whether you’re thinking about draping fabric over tables or going all out with themed décor, these gorgeous colors offer plenty of options to ensure your nuptials are exactly what you’ve dreamed them to be!

Chocolate Brown, Burnt Orange, And Cream

Coincidentally, chocolate brown, burnt orange, and cream just so happen to be the perfect colors for a November wedding. These three shades create a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel right at home – an ideal vibe for your special day!

To really bring these tones together in style:

  • Hang string lights in warm hues of amber and gold across reception space
  • Create bouquets with autumn leaves, vibrant roses, and sunflowers
  • Use rustic wood tables topped with creamsicle linens
  • Accessorize with copper platters and decorative pumpkins.

The combination of these earthy elements is sure to give your guests something beautiful to remember for years to come.

Plum, Olive Green, And Ivory

If you’re looking for a wedding color palette that’s as timeless and romantic as chocolate brown, burnt orange, and cream but with an added hint of drama, then look no further than plum, olive green, and ivory.

This captivating combination is perfect for those seeking to make a statement while still maintaining a sense of elegance. The deep purple hue of the plum will add just enough drama to your nuptials, while the soft and subtle tones of the ivory and olive green provide balance and bring out the beauty in each other.

Whether you decide to use them all together or choose one as an accent shade among others, these colors are sure to leave your guests mesmerized.

From accessories like table linens and floral arrangements to decorations such as lanterns or candles—plum, olive green, and ivory can be used in any number of ways to create a stunningly beautiful atmosphere at your November wedding.

Navy Blue, Maroon, And Champagne

These colors are the perfect blend of elegance and modernity. Navy blue is a classic hue that adds an air of sophistication to any winter wedding, while maroon gives it a hint of romance and warmth.

Champagne brings in a bit of sparkle and glamour, creating the ideal balance between vintage-inspired charm and contemporary style.

The combination of navy blue, maroon, and champagne creates a beautiful palette for your November nuptials. From bridesmaids dresses to floral centerpieces, these three hues will give you an unforgettable event with timeless appeal.

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And if you’re looking for subtle color contrast, adding hints of silver or gold can really make this scheme pop!

Sage Green, Peach, And Ivory

A November wedding calls for a palette of autumnal hues, and these three colors are perfect!

Sage green can be used to create a cozy atmosphere that speaks to the season. Use it for your bridesmaids’ dresses or add some subtle pops here and there with table décor – either way, you won’t regret giving this hue its due attention.

To pair perfectly with sage green, peach is an ideal choice; think blushing bouquets and warm candlelight in the evening.

Lastly, ivory adds a classic touch while still letting the other two shades shine through. This timeless tone can be found in everything from cake decorations to centerpieces to chair sashes. All together, sage green, peach, and ivory will make any event unforgettable!

Dusty Rose, Slate Grey, And Ivory

If you’re looking for a romantic and timeless color scheme for your November wedding, look no further than the combination of dusty rose, slate grey, and ivory.

According to research from The Knot, 22% of weddings recently featured shades of pink in their decorations – making this soft palette one of the most popular options out there!

This trio offers a modern twist on classic neutrals. Think muted mauve-y pinks with warm gray accents that will give your special day an air of sophistication without being too stuffy or traditional.

Dusty rose is great for bridesmaids’ dresses while slate grey works perfectly as groom’s attire or reception decor. Ivory can be used throughout – whether it’s in tiered cakes, centerpieces, flower arrangements or table settings. Together they create a subtle yet elegant atmosphere perfect for your fall nuptials.

So if you want something unique but still timelessly beautiful for your big day, consider incorporating these three colors into your wedding plans! From the bouquets to the getaway car, let them add charm and romance to every aspect – sure to make both you and your guests swoon with delight.


To sum up, it’s easy to see how wedding colors can significantly affect the vibe of your big day. Whether you opt for bold and vibrant hues to make a statement or go for timeless ivory and blush for a classic look, there are plenty of November wedding color combinations to choose from that’ll provide an absolutely stunning end result – one both you and your guests won’t soon forget!

And don’t be afraid to get creative too, because this is the time to express your unique style, after all! Whichever wedding colors you select, with a little bit of planning and creative thinking, they can help lead you down the aisle in awe-inspiring fashion. Here’s hoping your choices will bring joy every time you look back on them in the years to come.

Lisa Plaitt