15 Magical Fairytale Wedding Decor Ideas You’ll Love

So, you are getting ready to host a fairytale wedding and you are looking for decoration inspiration? Well, you have come to the right place. 

[Magical Wedding Days] 15 Magical Fairytale Wedding Decor Ideas You'll Love

#1 – Framed Botanical Drawings 

One of the key elements of fairytales is their connection to nature. To make your wedding feel more like a fairytale you could have it outdoors.

But if that does not appeal to you then you should try to bring the outdoors inside. 

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use framed, vintage botanical drawings to add a sense of intrigue and magic. 

There is an amazing range of free vintage botanical art online, or you could take a trip to a few second hand bookstores to find something unique to you. 

Remember to pick out frames that are going to match the color scheme of your wedding. 

#2 – Vintage Seating 

When you design a fairytale wedding, you want to create a sense of wonder and excitement for your guests. One of the easiest ways to do this is to break with the wedding traditions. 

Why not collect a bunch of vintage, mismatched seating and have your guests sit on that during the ceremony and the reception. 

The more eccentric and mismatched the furniture the more dramatic effect it is going to have on your guests. 

If you have people who might need special types of seating, make sure they are also accommodated for. 

#3 – Giant Decorations 

When we think of fairytales, we think of the strange and the bizarre. We think of Alice walking into Wonderland and everything being much bigger than her.

We think of childlike wonder and feeling confused. 

An easy way to recreate all of these feelings is to use oversized or even giant decorations. 

For example, you could have giant flowers or giant foliage dotted around the room. You could have large statues of birds – or even get some large pieces of topiary dotted around the venue. 

If you are theming your wedding around a certain character, then you could have items that are important to them made extra large and placed by the tables. 

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#4 – Interactive Decorations 

Fairytales are full of wonder and bizarreness, but at their very core, they are playful tales (unless you’re reading the Brothers Grimm, but we’re not sure anyone would want to theme a wedding around them…). 

You can create this sense of playfulness by having decorations that your guests can interact with. You could get a giant chess set, or have a pall-mall game in the middle of the ballroom. 

The more surreal you can make the games the better – this is also a great way to keep children entertained at your wedding. 

#5 – Floral Arches 

Most weddings have some sort of a floral archway, but if you are having a fairytale-themed wedding then you want to make sure that you have an extravagant floral arch. 

This comes back to bringing nature into the wedding in a controlled manner.

Decide on the type of flowers you want to have in your floral arch – it might be the roses (a classic), wisteria (classy), honeysuckle (perfect in summer), or something different like cherry blossoms (perfect in spring). 

The most important thing is to avoid these floral arches from being understated and easy to miss. You want the flowers to look like they are overflowing and spilling off the archway. 

#6 – String Light Arches 

If floral arches don’t interest you (or maybe your future brother-in-law was awful hayfever), you could go for the evening appropriate string light archways. 

If part of your wedding or reception is happening after dark then string lights are a creative way to add a little bit of magic and cast a warm glow over the events of the evening. 

They also make a great alternative to floral arches, candles, and overhead lights. You could even work them into your floral arrangements on the tables. 

#7 – Seashell Candles 

You can turn anything into a candle if you’re brave enough, so why not have some fun at your fairytale wedding. 

If you are having a mermaid-themed wedding you could collect beautiful seashells and turn them into candles. If you are looking for a more vintage style you could turn old teacups into candles. 

You could use wine bottles as candle holders if you wanted to add a more cottage core inspired vibe to your wedding. You could also use mason jars to store your candles in. 

No matter your theme, you will be able to make some exciting and interesting candles to match. 

#8 – Potion Bottle Drinks 

All the good fairytales are full of potions, poisons, and spells that come in bottles. Why not bring a little bit of this magic to your wedding. 

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Instead of having your guests drink out of glasses, flutes, or cups – why not serve your guests their drinks in something a little more fantastical. 

You could serve them up in goblets or in an Alice in Wonderland style “drink me” potion bottle. 

To add some extra magic, why not design some cocktails that come in exciting colors and add a pinch of edible glitter to each one of them. 

#9 – Flowerless Floral Arrangements 

If you want to make your wedding a little more unusual and a little bit more like a fairytale, why not get rid of the floral arrangements in the middle of the guests’ tables. 

Instead, you could replace the arrangements with foliage instead. 

You will still have something in the center of your tables but it won’t be what your guests will be expecting. Doing this will also make your floral arch more impactful if you decide to get one. 

You could also make a laurel wreath to sit in the center of the tables, surrounding one of your handmade candles. 

#10 – Table Terrariums 

If you want to take the centerpiece idea a little further, why not create some dynamic terrariums full of mushrooms, ferns, and beautiful rocks. 

You want to create a little glass box of nature’s oddities for your guests to peer into and explore.

Let them go on their own little adventures when they examine the terrariums that you have set out for them. 

Start with the basics – this lady can teach you how

#11 – Hidden Surprises 

We have talked about how fairytales are full of joy, bizarreness, and surprises.

You can bring an element of this to your own wedding, not only by subverting expectations but by hiding surprises throughout the venue. 

You can hide little things like a small fairy hiding under a table, or some surprise candies in the bathroom.

You could have hidden selfie spots in the building that your guests have to solve riddles to find. 

You could even create a treasure hunt throughout the building that shows your guests all the best views and the surprises that you have hidden for them. 

#12 – Toadstools 

If you are a lover of fairytales then you will understand how important mushrooms can be. 

A circle of mushrooms can transport you to another dimension. Fairies like to make their homes in mushrooms. They are the perfect place to shelter from the rain if you have been shrunk. 

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Why not get a few fake mushrooms and include them in your decor plan. Or include them in your floral centerpieces or terrariums. 

#13 – Well-Stocked Bookshelves 

A lot of people associate fairytales with books – so it seems like a crime to not have any book-themed decorations at your wedding. 

Collect some vintage books that fit your color pallet for the wedding and pile those books up on a table – or fill up a few bookshelves with them. 

#14 – Miniature Carriages 

This is perfect for anyone who is doing a Cinderella or other princess themed wedding – make these miniature carriages out of gold wire. 

They’re easy to make and can function as decorative pieces or even hold floral arrangements for your tables. 

They’re so cute, we are thinking about making one for our home. 

#15 – Sparklers 

Finally, sparklers at weddings went out of fashion for a while but they are becoming more and more popular again. 

Walking through an arch made of sparklers will create a beautiful picture for you to look back on in years to come. And your guests will have fun helping you create that photo. 

Sparklers are a low cost interactive decoration that will put joy on the faces of your guests and are perfect for adding a little bit of magic to your wedding. 


If you are holding a fairytale-inspired wedding then you will want to focus on getting the details right when it comes to decoration. 

The good news is that the theme of fairytales means you can get as creative as you want with the decorating process and you can have a lot of fun with it. 

We can’t wait to see what you create. 

Jodie Messines