14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Venue You’ll Fall In Love With

14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Venue You’ll Fall In Love With

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make for your big day.

There are lots of different decisions that you have to make when it comes to your wedding, and it is very important that you make the right choice because the venue is integral to your special day.

14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Venue You’ll Fall In Love With

Some people choose to get married in one place and have their venue in a separate location. Others choose to do it all in one place.

Either way, if you are looking for an enchanting fairytale wedding venue, (see also: Using A Restaurant As An Affordable Wedding Venue And Reception) you are in the right place. 

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at 14 different enchanting fairytale wedding venues that you’ll fall in love with.

In this guide, you’ll get all the inspiration you need for choosing your venue. So keep on reading to find out more. 

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The Gardens Of Castle Rock

First up, let’s talk about the Gardens of Castle Rock. If you want a spring, summer, or fall wedding, then you have probably dreamed of having your wedding outdoors.

The weather can really transform your big day into something special, and that is emphasized in the photograph taken at this beautiful wedding venue. 

This photo is clearly taken in the fall, and the fallen leaves really add character to the outdoor wedding.

But, you can clearly see just how beautiful this wedding would also be if the sun was shining and the leaves were green. It is a versatile and beautiful outdoor wedding venue.

Beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Alternatively, if you have dreamed of a classical indoor wedding venue, then Brooklyn Botanic Gardens might be perfect for you.

This photo shows the tradition that this building holds, and with the right decor, you could easily feel like you are getting married in a castle when you tie the knot here.

A big part of an enchanting wedding venue is elegance, and this venue has it in abundance. It might not look like a castle from the outside, but when you step inside, you will be walking straight into a fairytale. 

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Stunning South Africa Greenhouse Wedding

If you have searched for wedding venues on Pinterest, then you have probably stumbled across this stunning South Africa greenhouse wedding.

This venue is straight out of a fairytale, and it allows you to get married inside while still being immersed in nature. 

For many people, this wedding venue really will be the dream, and it is easy to see why. This wedding venue is straight out of a fairytale menu, and you will absolutely fall in love with it. 

Fabulous French Château Wedding

Many people choose their wedding venue based on the backdrop for their photographs. Wedding photos are an everlasting keepsake of your special day, so it is important to pick the perfect spot.

What better backdrop than a beautiful French château?

These photos can really give you inspiration for how your wedding venue can influence your photographs, and how a statement venue can transform your big day.

Inspirational Indian Fairytale Wedding

Alternatively, this beautiful Indian fairytale wedding can provide lots of inspiration for your big day. This venue screams elegance and class, and those are things that most people want their wedding to be associated with. 

This wedding inspiration is an excellent example of how you can include your heritage and beliefs in your special day.

While also having the wedding of your dreams. Like something straight out of a fairytale, we’re sure that you’ll love this wedding venue. 

Fairytale Sparkle Wedding

If you want to get married in the evening, then you likely have plans for your ceremony and reception to go on into the night.

When the sun sets, you are going to need something to light up the space, and this photograph is an excellent example of how to do this. 

This wedding venue looks truly enchanting and straight out of a Disney movie. Just think about how the lights will twinkle as the sky goes down, and imagine the magical moments spent there with the person that you love.

You can see why we love this venue idea, right?

Maui Floral Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage, and if you have the money to spend on one, it is easy to see why. Just take this Maui floral destination wedding venue for instance.

This venue allows you to get married in nature, but the stone steps ensure that you will always be the star of the show. 

This wedding venue is an excellent example of just how beautiful a destination wedding can be, and it is all the proof you need that a destination wedding could be perfect for you

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Italian Rooftop Wedding

All sorts of movies and TV shows have featured rooftop weddings, and that is why so many people dream of getting married on the top of a building.

This Italian rooftop wedding venue really illustrates just how beautiful this can be. 

We love this wedding venue because it really shows off the beautiful architecture that makes Italy famous.

One of the other great things about a rooftop wedding is that you get a level of privacy that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

So, if you want a private and beautiful wedding ceremony, use this Italian rooftop wedding as inspiration. 

Terrific Thai Greenhouse Wedding

We spoke about the South Africa greenhouse wedding venue earlier, so we won’t go into too much detail about this Thai greenhouse wedding venue because they are quite similar.

However, this really does demonstrate how easy it is to find wedding venues inspired by those abroad in your own country. 

This Thai greenhouse wedding venue showcases nature in a truly beautiful fashion. It also demonstrates why orchids make such a gorgeous wedding flower.

We’re sure that you’ll love this wedding venue as much as we do.

Spectacular Spanish Sunset Wedding

Some people dream of getting married in a big open field with freshly cut grass. Freshly trimmed grass looks incredibly crisp and clean, and it really demonstrates how beautiful nature is.

We love this spectacular Spanish sunset wedding because of how simple it is. 

This beautiful wedding venue is amazing because it focuses on the people who are around you when you tie the knot.

Every fairytale tells you that friends and family are more important than the material things, and this venue really emphasizes that. 

Redlands Fairytale Castle Wedding

There aren’t that many castles to get married in in the USA, but if this is what you have dreamed of then check out Redlands Fairytale Castle in California. 

This enchanting wedding venue is guaranteed to have you feeling like a princess in your very own fairytale, and the castle itself provides an excellent backdrop for your wedding photos.

With lots of excellent photo opportunities around the grounds, it is easy to see why this venue inspires so many people to choose a castle for their fairytale wedding day.

Vermont Wedding Barn

But if you want to create the wedding venue of your dreams, then this Vermont wedding barn is perfect for your big day.

The great thing about barns is that they are filled with character, but they also give you a lot of creative freedom. So, you can transform the space into your fairytale wedding venue. 

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This wedding venue has a simple, sophisticated elegance to it and because it is a classic design, it does feel like something out of a fairytale.

Simply add your flowers of choice and some fairy lights, and it will be really special.

Camp Lucy Dripping Springs Wedding

Many fairy tales feature an enchanted wood, and if that is what you have dreamed of for your wedding day, then this venue is perfect.

Camp Lucy Dripping Springs is a gorgeous wedding venue in Texas that looks straight out of a Disney movie. 

If you have always dreamed of getting married beneath the trees and immersed in mother nature, then this wedding venue is perfect.

It is peaceful and serene, and we absolutely love it. We’re sure you will too! 

Magical Kingdom Lawn

Finally, let’s wrap this up with the Magical Kingdom Lawn at Disney.

Everybody has probably dreamed of getting married in Disney at some point, and this is just one of the beautiful wedding venues that Disney has on offer. 

All the venues on this list will have you feeling like a Disney princess (or prince) on your special day, but this venue will have you really feeling the part. This venue is a dream come true.


In this guide, we have taken a look at 14 different enchanting fairytale wedding venues.

As you can see, these venues are all completely out of this world, and it is incredibly easy to fall in love with them (we’re sure you already have).

So, if you are looking for inspiration for your special day, check out the guide above.

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