14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Invitations For Your Happily Ever After

14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Invitations For Your Happily Ever After

Every girl dreams of her fairy tale wedding. It is something that many girls fantasize about from a very young age, picturing their dream wedding dress, perfect wedding venue and the song that they want to walk down the aisle to.

14 Enchanting Fairytale Wedding Invitations For Your Happily Ever After

But some people actually fantasize about their fairytale wedding. By this, we mean a wedding with a fairy tale theme.

Themed weddings are incredibly popular, and what better way to celebrate the happiest day of your life than spending it as if you’re the star of your own Disney fairy tale.

Your fairy tale wedding begins with the wedding invitations, so why not start your theme here?

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 14 enchanting fairytale wedding invitations that are perfect for your happily ever after. So keep on reading if you are looking for inspiration.

Beauty And The Beast Invitation

First up, we have this classic Beauty and the Beast invitation. This invitation will really invite your loved ones to “be our guest” on your special day.

With a dark blue theme, there really is no denying what theme this invite is. With a stylish satin ribbon, and a small rose pendant, this invite is truly beautiful. 

This wedding invite would be appropriate no matter what time of year your wedding is, but we love the idea of using this wedding invite for a winter wedding.

But no matter when your wedding is, this invite will be a hit with your guests. 

Disney Enchanted Castle Invitation

Nothing screams fairy tale just like the Disney enchanted castle that appears at the start of every Disney princess movie.

We love this fairy tale invitation because it gives a glimmer of a fairy tale without crossing over into being “childish”. If you want an understated fairytale invite, this is the perfect option for you. 

Quite a few of the fairy tale invites in this guide are quite busy, and we love that. But we also love the simplicity of this Enchanted Castle invite.

It isn’t too flashy, and for us, that really adds to the magic of this invite. 

Mickey And Minnie Ever After Invitation

Now, Mickey and Minnie aren’t a traditional fairy tale, but there is no denying how much these characters love each other, and in their own way, this love is almost like a fairy tale.

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Just like the last invite idea that we looked at, this invite is nice and simple, so if you are looking for an invitation that executes the perfect balance between simple and stylish, this is it. 

This design can be used for both save the dates and wedding invitations too. So, if you want to keep your wedding information nice and uniform, you should consider these Mickey and Minnie invitations.

“Once Upon A Time…” Invitation

Every fairy tale starts with “Once Upon a Time…” and with this invitation, your happily ever after can start with these words too.

If you want your guests to know the theme of your wedding simply by looking at the invitation, we would suggest choosing this option. 

This wedding is fairly simple in its design, so it won’t break the bank to purchase these invites for your guests.

However, it is incredibly stylish with text fonts that couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a fairy tale. This invite is straight out of a fairy tale book, and your wedding will be too.

Enchanted Fairy Door Invitation

The word “fairy tale” literally has the word “fairy” in it. So why not invite your friends and family to your wedding using this beautiful enchanted fairy door invitation?

Fairy doors are super cute, and very much in fashion, so we’re sure that your guests will love this invite. 

If you want to take your “fairytale” wedding literally, then this invitation is truly perfect. With a simple yet understated design, there is no denying that this invitation is anything other than a fairy door, and that is why we love it. 

Tangled Floating Lights Invitation

One of the best reincarnations of a classic fairy tale story is easily Disney’s “Tangled”. From start to finish, Tangled is perfect in every single way – from the voice work, to the songs, to the animation, we simply love it.

These Tangled Floating Lights invitations are perfect for you if your favorite Disney film is Enchanted. 

In Tangled, Rapunzel is constantly wondering when her life will begin, and they always say your life really begins on your wedding day.

So why not use these Tangled invitations to invite your friends and family to your big day?  

Cinderella Invitation

But one of the most classic fairy tale stories out there is Cinderella. Cinderella is a beautiful story from rags to riches, and it shows that when love is concerned, money really doesn’t matter.

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Of all the different fairy tales, Cinderella has one of the most beautiful meanings, and that is why we love it so much. We also love the powder blue color associated with this fairy tale. 

If you are looking for “something blue” for your special day, then a Cinderella theme is perfect, and what better way to start than with these beautiful invites? 

Aladdin Inspired Invitation

Another great fairy tale that really preaches that money doesn’t matter when love is concerned is Aladdin.

With the tables flipped, Aladdin tells the story of a street rat who falls in love with a beautiful princess. Just like all the other fairy tales we have looked at, this one is truly magical. 

Aladdin is easily one of the most popular fairy tales out there, but it is one that very few people use for their wedding day.

So why not choose something a little different and use these Aladdin inspired invitations for your big day? 

Snow White’s Apple Invitation

However, when it comes to love stories, we always seem to come back to Snow White. Snow White was one of Disney’s first ever animated movies, and it is still a classic to this day.

We love Snow White so much that we have actually included two different Snow White invites in this guide. 

The first is this classic Snow White’s Apple invite. This invite makes the Snow White inspiration clear, but also keeps the invite stylish and sophisticated. Your guests will love it just as much as we do.

Snow White’s Mirror Invitation

The second Snow White invitation that we have to tell you about is this Snow White’s Mirror invitation. This is one of the more adventurous invitations in this guide, but we actually really love it.

If you want to be bold, then this is the Snow White invite for you. 

Mirrors are heavily featured in a number of different fairy tales, so why not make your wedding theme apparent with this beautiful magic mirror invite?

Fairytale Scroll Invitation

Another classic fairytale feature is a scroll. There is nothing that screams medieval fairytale quite like a scroll, and it can make a very stylish wedding invitation too.

With the right font, this style of invitation can make your invitation look like it is straight out of a fairytale book. 

Yes, this invitation is a little extra, but if you can’t be extra on your wedding day, when can you? For a traditional fairytale wedding, this invite is perfect. 

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Shrek’s Swamp Invitation

Okay, so hear us out. Shrek may not be the most traditional fairytale out there, but across the globe this franchise has become a classic.

There really isn’t anything more romantic than a woman choosing to remain an ogre because she loves her husband so much, so what better theme to have for your wedding day?

This invite has a very subtle Shrek theme with a beautiful woodland design and green detailing. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do. 

The Princess And The Frog Invitation

There is an age-old fairy tale of the woman who kissed a million frogs until she found her Prince, and this is partly the inspiration behind Disney’s wonderful animation, The Princess and the Frog.

The story of Tiana is definitely one of the most underrated Disney fairy tales, and that is a big part of the reason why we love it. 

So, if you want to tell the world that you have finally found your Prince, this is the perfect wedding invitation for you!  

Sleeping Beauty Invitation

Finally, we couldn’t have a fairytale wedding invitation guide without mentioning Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty really is one of the most beautiful fairy tales out there, so it is perfect for your wedding invitations. 

Put all the important information for your wedding day in this pretty pink invite for an enchanting experience. 


In this guide, we have taken a look at 14 of the most enchanting fairytale wedding invitations for your big day. So, if you want a fairytale theme for your wedding day, check out this guide for inspiration.

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