4 Magical Romantic Fairytale Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

14 Magical Romantic Fairytale Wedding Reception Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

When going through some reception ideas, you want something that is in line with your wedding ceremony to some degree, so if you’re going for a fairytale theme, where do you start?

4 Magical Romantic Fairytale Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

There are many different aspects of your reception like centerpieces, floral arrangements, colors, materials, and decorations used that you can tie all together to create a stunning reception.

You want something that is personal to you and is both mystical and reflects your personality in subtle ways.

In this guide, we’ll show you 14 designs that are surely going to get a lot of praise and range from simple to extravagant, so one of these can appeal to you in whatever budget you have.

Read on to explore our picks for designs you’ll simply love.

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Greenery Forest Wedding Decor

The ceiling of this decor adds a mysticism that has a cozy and romantic touch to it that uses light colors that takes you by surprise the more you inspect it.

You could use a mixture of falling foliage with hanging fairy lights that match the look of your centerpieces to really tie the whole room together.

You can simplify this look by limiting the greenery and lights if you don’t want anything too overwhelming, as sometimes straightforward is good.

Fairytale Indoor Decor

This look we think works well at a spring or summer wedding as the transparent window ceiling offers more emphasis on the floral installations as they burst open with color, which will definitely set a mood.

You also have nice woodland furniture to set the stage for a modern-looking floor that can transport anyone in their mind to a palace or fairytale-type setting.

Classical Fairytale Decor

We like the high ceilings that support a grand chandelier that is bound to have a level of regality about it and is made more eloquent by the floral arrangements.

If you thought a fairytale-themed reception had to break tradition, this decor proves otherwise as you can combine other elements that will simply wow your guests.

If this looks too fancy, why not use the furniture but place it in a different type of venue like an outdoor tent type of look or a dancehall, which we think would work just as well.

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Vibrant Foliage Decor

We love the homely feel of this one as it breaks an open-plan room and goes for something that can still look comfortable to your guests, which can show how much you value their presence at your reception.

The additional hanging tealights are great for when the natural light fades, and you can have a look that uses lit candles to make it more romantic.

The addition of the empty fireplace makes for many options of flowers or decorations you could use that will have eyes drawn in many directions.

Natural Outdoor Setting

Who said that your reception had to be indoors to be effective? With this one, you have a river right alongside you, which puts some in the place of a mystical realm, and the hanging fairy lights give you a natural-looking venue.

You can also use different table arrangements to encourage those to wonder about the surrounding area, with views that won’t disappoint.

Straight Out Of A Fairytale Decor

If you’re worried that your decor will resemble that of a children’s party, we’re here to tell you that you can have some fun with your decor plans.

Go for the playful pinks and distinct pastels to make a room that is going to spark a lot of joy and works well as long as you have a balance of colors.

You can add some stick-on flowers to go for something a bit more eccentric, which will make it stand out in your photos as we appreciate the simplicity and versatility of the design.

Natural Golden Outdoor Decor

This is great for those who want a nod to the mystical checkered floors of antiquity with a degree of glamor with the shimmering golden lights.

With this, all the areas that otherwise would be darkened get a fresh uplift while still holding a degree of mystery.

Moving around to speak with guests is going to be a joyous time with the illuminated tables.

Fairytale Medieval Inspired Decor

This decor looks as if it’s been pulled straight from a mythical story or somewhere perhaps Hansel and Gretel journeyed through.

This allows your guests to stop and admire the intricate details that they’re sure to savor, and you can look at different designs if you’re not a fan of the Celtic pattern.

Getting this design exactly might not be possible for many, but perhaps you could use it by implementing some of its features into the corridor you need to walk through to get to the room, giving off a wonderland type of aesthetic.

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Romantic Floral Fairytale Decor

This decor is fabulous, and it shouts this with the bright and colorful floral installation that will have your guests think they’ve entered a new world completely.

You can have each set of tables spaced out so you can use the deep purple allure of your flowers to make everything pop.

You can go for perhaps smaller floral arrangements and have the same effect, and in some cases, this may work to your benefit if the reception area has limitations.

Classical Fairytale Decor

This design brings beauty and the beast sort of allure as you have the classical elements of the high ceilings with the whimsical flower arrangements that punctuate the close-quartered tables.

The lighting makes it a very romantic setting, and the curtains add a layer of mysticism and closeness, which adds to the splendor of the design.

You could adorn some of your own features like fairy lights or some rustic chairs to give a balanced and yet celebratory feel to the venue.

Bright Elegant Night Sky Decor

This design would work best if you’re having a winter wedding as it incorporates something that is not only elegant but has an exclusive hidden away sort of feeling to it.

Your guests will appreciate the light ambiance that comes from the ceiling and tables that shine in different directions.

These act as a friendly guide for your guests to follow as they’re going to want to take in every square inch of detail. 

Spring Fairytale Outdoor Decor

We have here a nice spring decor idea that uses the outdoor space well that has lovely little chandelier holders that give a formal yet pretty allure that you may have to go into the magical woodland of stories to find.

We like the flower arrangement, which you can pattern your table with as you choose, so you can pick your favorites or flowers that are popular for the season.

You could go as magical or as subtle as you like, as this gives you an excellent opportunity to have coordinating colors that tie your tones together very well.

Cherry Blossom Enchanted Decor

Who said that cherry blossoms don’t have a mystical charm about them?

With these installations, you can use these with most reception layouts, and you could customize them with little trinkets hanging from the branches to make them even more alluring.

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They also bring a light that might be dulled as the evening draws on, and there are many photo opportunities as these would make an excellent backdrop. 

Fall Season Wedding Decor

We like how the foliage or installation of any theme works in just about any formal setting, as it can be seen to mix up the classy staple of the traditional wedding decor.

This is a great fall design that uses the changing of the season to highlight some of the tree’s last vibrant colors before they shed for the winter.

You could also use lighter flowers like lilies to balance out the vibrant red, or if this color is a staple of your theme, you could lean into it even further. 


Looking at these designs, you might think these looks are way out of your price range to have anything that resembles any of these, but you might find that it still is possible.

Maybe not in all areas, but there are cheaper options like flowers that look fuller that will give some the sense of a reception that is open plan and much more splendid than regular floral arrangements.

There are ways that you could discuss with a planner over what colors and arrangements will look best, but it can be wise to consider that your reception space might be limited in what can be done with it.

You can still have the wedding of your dreams, and perhaps you use some pieces from this list as a source of inspiration so you plan something extraordinary. Thank you for reading.

Jodie Messines