Astonishing Frozen Inspired Wedding Ideas

Astonishing Frozen Inspired Wedding Ideas

If you are planning to get married during the colder months of winter, then you will be inspired by these Disney Frozen themes below that will make your day extra special.

From cool blue tones and pure white, to glitter filled cake pops and long hair, we have a few Frozen inspired ideas to get you started on your wedding journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!

Frozen Inspired Outdoor Wedding Dinner

While sitting in the cold might seem like a crazy idea at first, hear us out.

If you are in a beautiful setting that is sure to be surrounded by snow, then why not make the most of it?

You and your guests can be prepared by wearing wellington boots, as well as coats and blankets.

The table and chairs and the overall color scheme can then be inspired from its surroundings.

Colors will pop instantly against the white of the show, so think about deep blues and purple-ish grays.

Even silver would look wonderful in this sort of setting. Once the dinner is over, you can go indoors for the rest of the wedding.

Frozen Elsa Inspired Glitter And Blue Nails

To feel like a princess, no doubt you will want to get your nails done.

To make it look icey without having a Christmas feel to your nails, think about having a white coat of polish that ombres into a light, barely there blue.

Then over the top use a glitter polish that looks like snowflakes. Often it is clear in color to give the illusion that it is ice.

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It will give a subtle nod to Frozen without being over the top.

Frozen Themed Cake

Whether you want an all out Frozen inspired cake with sugar-based characters from the film, or a three tier cake that has hues of blues with added snowflakes, a cake that suits the snowy landscape will look amazing.

If you do decide to choose the former, then you will want to make the Frozen theme very obvious throughout the wedding, otherwise it will stand out like a sore thumb.

Beautiful White Bouquet Inspired By Frozen

The bouquet, and the flowers in general, are an important component to any wedding theme.

The colors and flower types that you choose will play a huge role in bringing the theme together.

While you might think a white bouquet may become lost in a crisp, snowy setting, it won’t.

In fact, they will look wonderfully soft against the snow.

However, the white bouquet will look stunning alongside other subtle colors too, perhaps greens and light pinks. You can then use blue ribbon to tie it all together.

Frozen Elsa Inspired Hair

If you are looking to embrace the Frozen theme completely, then you might want to consider getting your hair done like Elsa.

Not only will it complete the theme, but it looks spectacular too.

You may need to hire a professional to do your hair – which may also involve you needing extensions if your hair is too short – but it will be worth it.

Those wedding photos are going to look pretty impressive!

Frozen Inspired Table Settings

People will be sitting at the table for longer than you might think at a wedding, so you will want to make sure that the table settings are on point.

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Fortunately, there is so much inspiration out there when it comes to a Frozen fairytale wedding.

While you could stick with the blue, white and silver colors for an elegant and magical Frozen theme, you could also venture out to other colors such as rose gold and pinks.

These colors will compliment the crisp white snow, as well as the time of the year too.

No doubt the holiday season will either be on its way, or have passed. Make the colors cozy yet joyful.

After all, it is a day to celebrate love, family, and happiness.

Add in candles that are being held in glass vases, and think about making sure there are sparkly items scattered throughout the tables to bring that fairytale look together.

However, while it will be tempting to overdo it, know when to stop, otherwise it will start to look like a unicorn has vomited over the table.

Elsa Frozen Inspired Wedding Dress

Okay, we may have said that flowers are very important when it comes to the big day, but do you know what is even more important?

You guessed it, the wedding dress.

While you could get married without there being a bouquet, would you really want to get married without the perfect dress?

We thought so! There are some beautiful dresses inspired by snow filled winter weddings.

While you could opt for a wedding dress with a princess vibe, sometimes the less is more attitude suits the theme better.

For example, this dress is both elegant yet glitters, as if it is made from snow.

If the wedding is during the winter time, then look for a suitable overcoat too.

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Frozen Inspired Blue Cocktails

Of course you will want some blue cocktails.

Have fun looking for some cold cocktail ideas that you can ice up to serve during the cocktail hour.

Not only will they look good, but they will taste good too.

Frozen Inspired Treat Table

A treat table has become commonplace during a wedding.

This is the area you can have the most fun with, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Some cute blue ice pops with silver glitter and edible snowflakes will make a delicious treat for those who want a break from the dance floor.

You can also create other tasty treats that suit the Frozen wedding theme.

Final Thoughts

If you love Disney’s Frozen, then it is no surprise that you are planning a wedding inspired by the heartwarming film.

Hopefully this article has helped you to find some wonderful ideas when it comes to building your wedding theme around Frozen.

Jodie Messines