14 Harry Potter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

Deciding how to decorate your reception tables as part of a wedding can be one of the most time consuming parts of the planning, especially when thinking what specific centerpiece decorations can be used to fit with the rest of the wedding’s aesthetic and theme. 

Luckily, if you’re one of the many people around the world who is a big fan of the ever intriguing and magical Harry Potter series, you will know that there are a wide range of weird, whimsical and quirky objects that make the series as fantastical as it is.

A lot of these can make for a great centerpiece for your reception tables that you can guarantee will catch the eye of each and every guest while making the tables that bit more magical and vibrant.

Here are 14 of the most creative Harry Potter themed centerpieces that will add a whole new atmosphere to your tables to make that special day even more magical.

Extra Tall Candles

For anyone who’s seen or read Harry Potter, they will know that a good portion of the journey takes place within the Hogwarts school of wizardry, and one area which every fan will know well is the Great Hall where the students and professors sit down to dine.

The most striking characteristic of the hall is just how many tall candles are littered across each and every table to give it a really warm and inviting atmosphere.

You can easily replicate this feeling by using some extra tall flickering candles that can instantly add a bit of a familiar magical aesthetic to each and every table. 


You might remember the pesky mandrakes from the Chamber of Secrets book where Ron carefully pulled one out of the soil, only for it to let out a piercing scream causing everyone to cover their ears.

Luckily, we can guarantee that these little curious plants will not act up this way at a wedding and instead make for a cute and endearing centerpiece which even those who aren’t too familiar with Harry Potter will enjoy having around. 

House Symbol 

A fun and easy way to add some character to each table is to put one of the four Hogwarts house symbols in the middle as the centerpiece.

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Not only is it quite enjoyable to figure out which guests you think would suit each house, but you can either buy these symbols or even craft them yourself which makes organizing the centerpiece far more fun and creative. 

Patronus Charm

Beautiful, creative and sure to put a smile on the face of each and every guest because of how majestic it looks, the Patronus Charm is a defensive spell that takes the form of a shiny silver animal. 

While it can turn into essentially any animal once the spell is cast, the most common and the one seen most throughout the series is the deer which can make for an elegant and beautiful centerpiece to any table. 

Hogwarts Miniature Centerpiece

If you really want to replicate the magical world of wizardry in Harry Potter, why not use miniature sets of the Hogwarts school as your centerpiece?

There are many of these available to buy and a good range of prices and materials so whether you want a slightly smaller and more hollow design or one filled with the most intricate details, you can’t go far wrong with any choice. 

Of course you don’t just need to choose Hogwarts, there are even miniature sets of Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley, so you get a wide variety of choices depending on what your favorite locations are and what you feel would suit the aesthetic and theme of the wedding the most. 

Glasses and Wizardry Hat 

If there are two objects that are most recognizable from the whimsical world of Harry Potter other than the wands, it would be the wizard hats and Harry’s famous glasses and while these may seem ordinary on their own, when paired up people will immediately recognize the magical world they have been pulled out from. 

For some extra detail, either add a lighting bolt onto the lens of the glasses or even try and replicate the moody face of the sorting hat to leave your guests with a giggle as soon as they sit down. 

Leaky Cauldron Sign 

The famous sign showing a witch brewing up a storm in a cauldron is guaranteed to transport your guests to Diagon Alley when used as a centerpiece.

Not only can it be made easily, which can make the planning stage extremely fun and that the whole family can get involved with, but they also work incredibly well to instantly give an inviting, mysterious and magical feel to the room, especially when paired with some fairy lights or flickering candles. 

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Harry Potter Books

Books are actually an incredibly common centerpiece in weddings and are usually placed in small piles stacked on top of each other, sometimes with some light string tied around to hold them together.

If you and your partner have enough Harry Potter books at hand, or if you can borrow a few more temporarily, it’s an excellent idea to actually stack these books up to create a very formal and almost traditional feel that still feels fun and enjoyable since everyone will recognize them, not to mention it makes for an amazing conversation starter about what book is everyone’s personal favorite. 

Harry Potter Page Flowers

Flowers are another very common type of wedding centerpiece, however flowers made of pages from your favorite book are also becoming much more common considering they add so much personality to a wedding, especially when those pages are filled with some of the most famous passages from the Harry Potter series.

With so many options, either use the same page flower a few times or decorate the table with multiple flowers at once to represent all the books at once.  

Lantern and Flying Key

The flying key is one of the most recognizable items from Harry Potter, so you can be sure that any fan who lays their eyes on it will be filled with glee as their mind races all the way back to that first book. 

When leaning onto a lantern or laying alongside it, it immediately gives the table a very formal and almost traditional feel, not to mention the light of the lanterns can provide an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Hogwarts Acceptance Letters 

Many of us will remember the memorable scene of the numerous Hogwarts acceptance letters flying through the air in the first book and movie, however you won’t need to worry about them flying in the face of your guests randomly. 

As a centerpiece, they are not only intriguing for guests to take a look at, especially because of the unique font and design of them, but you also have the choice of having several of them around a table tightly sealed or open as a formal invitation for the guests

Magical Cauldron 

The cauldrons used to brew potions are one of the most recognizable objects in Harry Potter, and they can easily be replicated by simply using a decorative metal black bowl that has a bit of a darker color palette and with a vibrant and colorful design on the inside, just make sure no guests start mixing up any weird potions. 

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Popular Quotes

There is a huge range of wise and expressive quotes from Harry Potter, whether it’s Dumbledore’s speeches about finding light in the darkness or Horace Slughorn’s description of love and how it must come from the heart, there are so many to choose from that can be written on small signs under some flickering candles, or even engraved on the candles themselves. 

Quidditch Goalposts 

The popular sport of Quidditch, which involves students using flying brooms to chase the speedy golden snitch, also uses three golden goalposts as a way to earn points.

These goalposts are always made up of three with the middle being slightly higher than the other two and thanks to their circular shape and glistening golden appearance, they are as classy as they are magical, making for a delightful idea as a centerpiece for your reception tables.


When your friends and family come to sit down at the reception tables, the first thing they will always notice is the centerpiece, so it’s important to make sure that you choose one that really gives off the atmosphere, theme and aesthetic that you want the wedding to have, and luckily the universe of Harry Potter is filled with so many creative options that you have a wide variety of choice.

Whether you want something beautiful that each guest can gaze their eyes upon or a decoration that is a perfect conversation starter, or maybe even something that will give them a chuckle as soon as they sit down, these are some of the most creative Harry Potter centerpieces that you should definitely consider using. 

Jodie Messines