14 Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

Ever since they were introduced centuries ago now, the topper on a wedding cake has always symbolized the importance of love and intimacy between a married couple, however when searching from some vibrant and exciting options to rest on the top of the cake, what you’ll soon find is many can be a little more pricey than first expected. 

Themed wedding cake toppers avoid this problem by not only often being a lot cheaper, but adding a lot more unique character and personality to the cake that makes it more magical and exciting when it’s themed after the beloved Harry Potter series.

With so many iconic characters, symbols and quotes from this universally loved series of books and movies, there are a range of fun and exciting ways that you can top off a wedding cake to catch the attention of every guest who lays their eyes on it, here are a few of the best themed toppings you can use.

Golden Snitch 

Any Harry Potter fan, and even those who aren’t as familiar with the series, will recognise the bright and glistening appearance of the Golden Snitch as soon as they lay their eyes on it, which is what makes it perfect as a cake topper since it is so recognisable and is a colorful way to match with essentially any cake color, just make sure it hasn’t flown away when the big day finally arrives.

Because of how easily they can be crafted, you can even choose to have one giant golden ball with paper wings as the topping or a few smaller golden snitches that can actually be chocolates in disguise.

‘Always’ Text

Every Harry Potter fanatic will be familiar with the Deathly Hallows symbol, and it’s triangular shape with the circle and vertical line through the middle that can vaguely mimic a capital ‘A’ which makes it the perfect symbol to use as part of the text ‘Always’ with a sheek and glistening golden appearance that signifies a deep bond between the newly wedded couple that will always last.

‘Always’ is quoted by Severus Snape in the final book of the series where he admits that all this time and despite everything, he has been in love with Lily Potter, making for a romantic quote that anyone who calls themselves a Harry Potter fan will recognise straight away. 

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Two Romantic Owls

There is a huge cast of cute and cuddly owls who make regular appearances throughout the Harry Potter series, whether it’s Harry’s trusty companion Hedwig or the more beedy and ferocious Ulysses belonging to Draco Malfoy, they are iconic within the Harry Potter universe but also work just as well when cuddled together on top of a wedding cake.

With the Mr and Mrs text just under where the owls are standing, this is a fun and adorable way for the newly wedded couple to show their love and affection.

Cute Ron and Hermione Figurines 

Ron and Hemrione are 2 characters that even those who haven’t seen or read Harry Potter will recognise and with how cute and endearing their relationship becomes throughout the series, what better way to replicate this into real life than by adding some small miniature figurines of them on top of a wedding cake. 

Of course, if you’re a big fan of shipping Harry and Hermione, then don’t let this stop you from mix-matching the characters to make for a delightful surprise that adds a tremendous amount of charm to the cake. 

‘Mischief Managed’

A classic statement that every Harry Potter fan will be familiar with, this is a great quote to rest on top of the cake to signify that the wedding is going to be fun and exciting with a little bit of goofy mischief mixed in.

Not only is this topping easy to prepare and buy, it is often far cheaper than many topper quotes that won’t be from a series, so it’s always worth it if you love the reference. 

Peg Doll Harry Potter Cake Toppers 

Peg dolls are an adorable decoration that can just easily be used as a charming decor for around the house, so even when you apply them as a cake topper you will still be able to use them as decoration when the ceremony is over. 

Not to mention, the amount of characters who become couples throughout the series gives you a wide variety of peg dolls to choose from whether it’s Cho and Cedric, Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour or even Ron and Lavender, it’s always fun to take a pick of what you think represents the new wedded couple most accurately. 

Harry’s Glasses 

The wide eyed spectacles that Harry wears throughout the franchise are iconic to his character and are perfect as a simple addition that will immediately be recognizable for every guest, especially those who are more familiar with The Chosen One himself.

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As an additional little feature, you can even attach a small or medium sized lightning bolt onto the lens of the glasses to really add some of Harry’s character and personality to a wedding delightful cake.

Sorting Hat 

The sorting hat may be a little irritable and grumpy when having to decide which house each and every new student is assigned to in Hogwarts, however this sentient hat has an extremely cute and charming appearance which rests perfectly on top of a wizard inspired wedding cake.

Platform 9 ¾ 

By adding a 9 ¾ text or symbol on top of a cake, you’re reaching into the hearts of every Harry Potter fan who sees as it will immediately bring back memories of that first book where Harry and his friends first jumped on the Hogwarts Express so start their long journey in the magical school of wizardry. 

This is a topping that really is for the big fans of the Harry Potter series which may be very minimal, but is also instantly recognisable. 

“It Is Impossible To Manufacture Our Intimate Love”

This poetic and romantic quote is one of the most popular remarks said by Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

If you like the idea of a simple quote that is a clear symbol of the love and intimacy felt between the newly wedded couple, you can’t go wrong with this affectionate statement as a topper.


The magic cauldron is one of the most recognisable objects in Harry Potter and with its ability to create potions by mixing a whole range of unique and weird ingredients, it can instantly add some magical mystery to a wedding cake by resting on the top.

Feel free to customize the cauldron in as many creative and magical ways you can think of whether it’s some bright green slime running down the side or a puffy cloud of candy disguised as smoke, there are a limitless amount of ways you can make this magical mixing pot even more eye-catching.

Quickball Quidditch Rings

The beauty of this topper is it is still a beautifully classy decoration even to those guests who may never have even heard of Quidditch which makes it a safe bet when not everyone attending is as big of a Harry Potter fan as you.

Three large stands with shiny eye-catching rings makes this an incredibly easy but also beautiful addition that can add a tremendous amount of magical flair to any wedding cake.

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If you have any space left, you could even dot a few miniature golden snitches around the rings to finish off this magical Quidditch themed wedding cake

Miniature Diagon Alley 

Because Harry Potter is so universally loved, many fans have taken the time to reconstruct entire miniature sets of some of the most notable locations in the franchise with a whole range of unique choices on offer.

While Diagon Alley adds a nice familiar cottage feel to the cake, you could even try and fit a miniature construction of Hogwarts onto the top to really make it stand out as a cake that looks as magical as it tastes.

Patronus Charm

The patronus charm is first introduced in the Prisoner of Askaban and is a defensive spell that creates a silver animal guardian used to protect wizards against the dreaded dementors.

The animal guardian usually takes the form of a deer or elk which can be paired up to create some beautiful imagery on top of a wedding cake that both Harry Potter fanatics and those not too familiar with the series are guaranteed to enjoy equally. 


Toppers are an easy way to add some extra additions and detail to an already appetizing wedding cake, and with so many recognizable objects and characters from the Harry Potter franchise, there are some truly magical ways you can make the cake look even more majestic.

Try out a few of these Harry Potter topper ideas to find the one you feel would suit your wedding cake the best.

Jodie Messines