14 Harry Potter Wedding Favors Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding (1)

14 Harry Potter Wedding Favors Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

It’s not always an easy task deciding how to show your thanks to the guests who made the journey to the wedding.

Do you go with something that can be used up as soon as they get home? Or do you choose a favor that is a bit more symbolic, and that they can keep around the house as a reminder of the special day? 

Luckily, it doesn’t need to be this stressful and can instead be fun and creative, especially when choosing some favors based on the magical and whimsical world of Harry Potter which features so many delightful, intriguing and creative ideas that can be used as loving wedding favors, the options are virtually endless.

We have compiled 14 of the very best Harry Potter wedding favors that will let your guests know how thankful you are for them being there while also adding a hint of spectacle and magic to the present that they are sure to keep safe for when they get home. 

Golden Snitch 

This classic flying ball can be seen being used as part of Quidditch in the Harry Potter series and with how easy they are to make, simply requiring golden balls (Which can be chocolates in disguise) with a pair of paper wings attached, they are a simple and easy present that is guaranteed to blow any Harry Potter fans away as soon as they see it, as long as the snitch doesn’t fly away once the box is opened that is. 

Handmade Wizard Wands

How better to finish a magical Harry Potter wedding than to have each and every guest go home with their very own hand made and authentic wand.

With a wide selection of delightful materials on offer, you can even add some more magical detail with a faux seal on the top or even some more wrapped brown paper to make for a wedding favor that is perfect when you are struggling to think of a present that everyone attending would enjoy equally.

Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glasses

Harry Potter is packed full of memorable quotes that can be used in several creative ways, and what better way to share these delightful sayings than on a few wine glasses. 

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Whether it’s the classic “Mischief Managed” or “My Patronus is Wine”, it’s a lot of fun to browse the many themed wine glasses that are on offer and finding the ones you think your guests will appreciate most that will make them laugh, cry and remember how magical the ceremony really was each time they pour a glass.

‘Mischief Managed’ Ornament 

A classic quote that every Harry Potter fan will be more than familiar with, pass these ornaments out to each guest as a wedding favor as a delightful, cute and charming memory of the magical mischief and mayhem that everyone enjoyed taking part in together on the big day. 

Flying Key Bottle Opener 

The uniquely shaped flying keys make an appearance in nearly every movie and book in the Harry Potter series, however they also work great as bottle openers with a very traditional and mysterious appearance. 

This is a wedding favor that is sure to please everyone as the adults can use it to open up some fizzy bottles while the kids can test just how magical (see also: Giveaway! Magical 3D Wedding Cards by LovePop)the keys really are.

Harry Potter Hangover Potions

We all know that inevitably, more than a few of our friends and relatives are going to go all out for the celebrations, which is why it can always be a good idea gifting them some potions to heal them up the morning after. 

Fill the bags with a few extra sweets, bottles of water and some sugary snacks that will help each and every one of your guests feel light and refreshed the next day after a memorable night of celebrations

Polyjuice Potion Flask 

Some of the most iconic and memorable scenes from the Harry Potter franchise include Harry and his friends brewing powerful and unique potions when they’re not supposed to, and who could forget the polyjuice potion which allows the consumer to temporarily take the form of another person.

This potion makes for some of the funniest moments throughout Harry, Ron and Hermione’s journeys, so why not add its name and symbol onto a hip flask to give your guests a curious treat when they unpack it.

Make sure you don’t forget to list the ingredients including the lacewing flies, shredded boomslang skin and the fluxweed that must be picked at a full moon.

Wall Art

Wall art and decorations that can immediately be put up around the living room are some of the best wedding favors since they show that you have taken the time to really demonstrate your gratitude and thanks to each and every guest in attendance, and you can’t go wrong with some small customized Harry Potter wall art whether it’s an image, a quote or even a hand drawn illustration of some memorable locations and characters, you can be sure every guest will cherish the gift and never forget how special the ceremony was.

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Harry Potter Candy

One part of Harry Potter that for many people is always something they will never forget is how unique and interesting the foods are, and who better to serve some delicious and sweet candy than wizardry confectioner Bertie Bott?

When buying a pack of her delightful Jelly Belly Beans, it will come with a mixture of iconic flavors including the iconic earwax and vomit, however they don’t really taste this bad, so there’s no need to worry about guests throwing them away as soon as they take a bite.

They are actually very sweet and appetizing and a great gift for both adults and children to enjoy. 

Temporary Tattoos 

These are fun little gifts that everyone can have fun trying out as soon as they get home, and since they’re not permanent, even those guests who aren’t tattoo lovers can add some magical decorations to their bodies, just to see how it would look.

A lightning bolt, Harry’s goggles or even the face of the adorable Dobby, there are such a wide variety of temporary tattoos from the series to choose from that it can be a great idea to buy a few at a time and mix and match them so every guest gets a different one to take home and try out in the mirror.

Insulated Sleeve 

Cheap, colorful and a gift that is bursting with whimsical personality that each and every guest is guaranteed to make full use of, you can buy insulated sleeve can coolers designed after each of the four houses whether it’s the deep and rich blue of Ravenclaw or the bright and shimmering golden Hufflepuff, have some fun giving each guest the sleeve of the house you think they would belong to if they stepped into Hogwarts.

Potion Bottle Lights

Potion bottles are synonymous with Harry Potter and can be seen lying all around Hogwarts and especially in the classrooms, however they don’t just need to contain potions that can turn us into an animal or suddenly fling us into the air.

Some fairy lights placed into a slightly larger shaped potion bottle is a delicate gift which everyone is sure to be lighting up by their bedside as soon as the sun goes down. 

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Harry Potter Page Clips

Excellent for books, calendars and planners, page clips are an accessory that many of us think we don’t need until we are desperately trying to find the page we left off in our new favorite novel.

Featuring some cute miniature versions of iconic characters including Dobby, Hagrid and the always mischievous Dracoy Malfoy, this is an easy wedding favor that can be bought in bulk.

Time-Alloy Necklace 

If you really want to go all out with your gift and want to give something extra special to your closest family and best friends, Hermione’s borrowed time-turner is beautiful when attached to a necklace and is a gift that is guaranteed to light up the faces of every guest who unboxes it.


When you have a theme and idea in mind for how you want a wedding to be decorated and planned, it makes organizing many parts of the ceremony not only far easier, but also extremely fun as you seek out creative ways to show your love for a series to your guests. 

This includes the wedding favors which can sometimes be tricky to plan out, especially gifts that we think everyone would enjoy equally.

Thanks to how whimsical, creative and magical the world of Harry Potter is, you can rest assured that any Harry Potter themed wedding favors you choose are guaranteed not only to make the adults happy, but also the kids and your closest friends and family, so try out a few of these options and see which you think everyone would enjoy the most.

Jodie Messines