14 Harry Potter Wedding Decorations Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Decorations Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

It’s no secret that organizing a wedding is no easy task.

If you haven’t hired a wedding planner or coordinator, whether it’s because you don’t have the funds or if you want to plan your own wedding, then you’re left with a huge list of things to do and buy for the big day. 

One of the main things you’ll have to do when planning your wedding is to figure out a general theme and aesthetic.

You will need to find decorations that will bring the theme together, whether the theme is a specific color scheme, cottagecore, fairytale, or something particularly exciting, such as Harry Potter. 

Harry Potter is filled with a range of aesthetic decorations, so whether you want a decadent wedding with subtle references to the wizarding world, or if you want to turn the venue into Hogwarts itself, there’s so much to choose from. 

Here are 14 Harry Potter wedding decorations ideas for the most magical (see also: Giveaway! Magical 3D Wedding Cards by LovePop)wedding! 

Harry Potter Welcome Wedding Sign 

Wedding signs are great for two reasons. Firstly, they help to signpost people to the correct venue if the reception is in a different location to the wedding itself.

Secondly, they’re a good photo opportunity! Also, what better way to immediately establish the wedding theme than with a Harry Potter-themed welcome sign? 

This is a classy, glossy black wedding sign that is simple and elegant, featuring the iconic deathly hallows sign, “Always”, and the couple’s names printed in silver-gold paint.

It’s not over-the-top, and instead immediately sets the theme of the wedding from before the guests enter the venue. 

Hogwarts Acceptance Letters Banner 

You know that magical scene in the first movie where Harry tries to catch one of the acceptance letters in the Dursley’s house? You can easily recreate this adorable moment with these banners.

The banners consist of multiple Hogwarts acceptance letters hanging off an invisible string, giving the illusion that they are floating down. 

If you buy lots of these banners, you can decorate a large part of the ceiling of your chosen venue.

Alternatively, hang them by the designated photo-op section, so people can take photos pretending they’re about to catch a letter!

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Hogwarts Wedding Guest Book Alternative 

A guest book is a lovely way for guests to write their name or a short note after the wedding.

Not only this, but the newly wedded couple can then keep the book and look through the names and words to remember their special day.

If you want a particularly special guest book, check out this Hogwarts “guest book” alternative. 

All guests have to do is write their name or a note on a small wooden heart, and then slot it through the frame.

Once completed, the newly-weds are left with a beautiful frame of Hogwarts castle, filled with notes from loved ones. 

Harry Potter Book Garland

Garlands are an affordable and easy decoration that can fill up a space quickly. If you want to fill up a space with something related to the world of Potter, check out this Harry Potter book garland.

At first glance, it looks like a regular DIY paper garland. However, the paper rosettes are actually made from the pages of Harry Potter books. 

Not only is this a subtle nod to your favorite book series, but this is also an eco-friendly decoration idea! 

Floating White Candles 

Another great ceiling decoration for a Harry Potter-themed wedding is these floating white candles.

These candles are reminiscent of the floating candles in the Great Hall, so it only makes sense to decorate the ceiling with these candles – especially if you place them over the tables.

Your guests will feel like they’re in the Great Hall itself!

Plus, these candles are battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about having to relight them or panic about the wax dripping down onto the food. 

Handmade Quidditch Broomstick

It’s not a Harry Potter wedding without at least one reference to quidditch.

This handmade quidditch broomstick is a gorgeous nod to the iconic sport (which isn’t just fictional anymore – it’s an actual sport!) and would look great anywhere – against a tree, leaning against the altar, or even just placed on a table

If you can only afford to get one of these broomsticks, and if you trust your guests to be gentle with it, the broom can also be a great prop for photo ops! 

Large Flying Keys 

Another iconic moment from the first Harry Potter movie is the flying keys scene.

Before the keys go into complete chaos, there’s something quite peaceful and beautiful about watching the keys gently fly above Harry’s head.

Another great decoration idea is to hang these keys from the ceiling or wall to recreate this special moment. 

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It’s best to connect these keys to an invisible string to give the impression that they are actually flying.

If you connect them near an open window, the wind will keep them moving throughout the night. Plus, this makes for a great photo opportunity!

Wizard Party Arrows 

If you’re going all out on your Harry Potter-themed wedding, then you can use party arrows to indicate specific areas of the wedding.

For example, the “Hogwarts Express” sign can lead to the car park, “Potions Class” can lead to the bar, “the Forbidden Forest” can lead to outside, and “The Ministry Of Magic” can lead to the bathroom. 

This is a super fun way to organize your wedding and help people move around a potentially large venue – plus, they look cute!

Dobby Curtain Tie Backs

Ok, so this is a bit of a silly decoration idea, (see also: How To Plan The Perfect Engagement Party: Themes, Activities, And Decorations)but it’s an adorable one nonetheless.

If you’re holding the wedding or reception in daylight, you’ll probably want to keep the curtains open to let the daylight in.

So, why not keep them open with these cute curtain tie backs in the shape of Dobby the beloved elf? 

These tie backs are so subtle that not all your guests might even see them, but for those who do, it’s bound to put a smile on their faces.

Plus, they can then be used in a nursery for a potential future child!

Custom “Always” Wedding Decoration 

“Always” is arguably the most iconic word from the entire Harry Potter series, so it only makes sense why you’d want to decorate your wedding with the most loving word possible.

This word holds a lot of meaning to Potter fans as well as newly-weds, after all. 

While this “Always” wedding decoration could technically be used as a cake topper, we like the idea of planting it into grass and flower beds around the wedding venue.

If you stick several of these into the ground, they make for a beautiful photo-op. 

Potion Bottles Set 

Whether you’re a fan of science or not, you have to admit there’s something very cool about the Potions classroom in Hogwarts.

Potion bottles are a great way to decorate parts of your wedding venue that look a bit bare, including windowsills, empty corner tables, random shelves, and even in the restrooms. 

This set comes with six potion bottles inspired by actual potions in the Harry Potter series. They’re also super easy to make yourself if you want to get creative!

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Mandrake Plant Decor 

Another iconic moment in the Harry Potter series is when the students have to deal with the screaming mandrakes in The Chamber of Secrets.

Despite their screams, there’s something ominously adorable about mandrakes, which is why they’d be perfect for decorating a Harry Potter-themed wedding. 

These mandrake plants would look great in the outside area of a wedding venue, especially if the venue has a lot of greenery. Plus, they don’t actually scream, so you won’t need earmuffs!

Daily Prophet Ornament 

If you want to fill empty spaces of the venue with Harry Potter decor, you have to check out this Daily Prophet ornament.

This ornament consists of 6 handmade copies of the wizarding newspaper, the Daily Prophet, tied together in a string. 

They look just as authentic as the movies, which is why they’d look great in a wedding that is trying to realistically resemble Harry Potter.

You can clutter them on windowsills, on the bar, on the countertops in the restrooms, or by the front door to the venue. 

Hogwarts House Banners 

It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter wedding if you didn’t have Hogwarts house banners.

The banners would look particularly brilliant behind the main table where the newly married couple sits, making the venue look a bit like the Great Hall.

They’re also not permanent, so you can easily hang them up in a hired venue. 

Plus, your guests can have the opportunity to feel included and take a picture behind their designated house banner. 


So, there you have it! There are a plethora of decoration ideas to fulfill your dream Harry Potter wedding.

We recommend getting creative with these decorations, and don’t be afraid to embrace your inner child and go wild with the decor!

Jodie Messines