14 Harry Potter Wedding Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Ideas For The Most Magical Wedding

There’s no wonder a Harry Potter theme has grown to be one of the most popular aesthetic choices for a wedding in recent years considering how many couples share their love of the books and movies, and how magical and unique it can make a wedding ceremony.

From muggles to mandrakes, there is such a long list of recognisable objects, characters and symbols within the lengthy Harry Potter series that it’s hard to find many other fictional fantasies that fit into a wedding so easily, while providing such a magical aura to make the big day even more memorable.

Here are 14 creative and magical ways you can add a little touch of Hogwarts to your big day. 

Potion Cocktails

Easy to prepare, but instantly recognisable to any guests who remember the dark and dreaded classroom of Professor Snape, small and circular potion bottles topped up to half way with a delicious cocktail and finished off with a delicate cork makes for a cute and delightful treat that your guests can sip on before the ceremony begins, giving them a taste of what is to come.

Magical Table Names

Part of the fun of naming each table is you get so much variety to choose from, whether it’s notable locations such as Askaban or Hogsmeade, or one of the four houses of Hogwarts, this is a great and easy way to add a bit of whimsical character to the seating arrangements.

You can even go a step further and create some tall house symbol insignias so the guests know exactly what house they’ve been assigned to. 

Sparkler Wand

Is there anything more recognizable from the Harry Potter series than the magical and powerful wands?

While in the books and movies they are often used by the students and professors to unleash fantastical spells which can turn someone into a frog or stop time completely, they can just as easily fit into a wedding, providing the bright sparks to your magical day. 

We recommend some customized long-stemmed sparklers, and don’t forget to tell the guests to shout ‘Expelliarmus’ when it’s time to shine.

Harry Potter Wedding Cake 

Of course when you’re theming a wedding after the colorful and magical world of Harry Potter, you can’t forget the cake, and with such a wide variety of options of how to customize it, you can be sure it will look as good as it tastes. 

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Whether it’s a few small professor hats dotted around the outside of the cake or a sneaky golden snitch resting on the top, the options when picking from the fantastic world of Harry Potter really are endless. 

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Lots Of Candles

A lot of the Harry Potter series is set within Hogwarts and especially the beautiful and mysterious Great Hall where the students and teachers dine together. 

The most notable part of the hall is the incredible amount of candles that give the room a rich atmosphere that can just as easily be used in a wedding to make it feel as if you and your guests really have just stepped into Hogwarts. 

Don’t forget to stand some candles around the reception and around the altar to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is an easy and amazing addition to any wedding. 

Ring Box Quote

There are so many wonderful quotes from the Harry Potter franchise that every Potterhead will know at least a few like the back of their hand, but some of the best are about love and affection. 

There is a wide amount of choice on what affectionate words to put on a ring box, but some standouts are “It is impossible to manufacture our intimate love” as said by Professor Slughorn, or “The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them, in here” as said to Harry by the ever intriguing Sirius Black.

Golden Snitch Wedding Favor 

There’s no doubt that among all the planning that goes into the venue, the invitations, the cake and so much more, wedding favors can often slip our mind.

By buying a bulk of Ferrero Rochers and adding some paper wings to each one, you can immediately create a charming wedding favor that every chocolate lover is sure to enjoy, and that every quidditch player will immediately recognize. 

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Sorting Hat Sign 

The mysterious sorting hat is a sentient magical hat at Hogwarts that determines which of the four houses a new student belongs to. It’s fun, creative and a great way to make guests giggle as it tells them exactly where to put any presents which it will ‘sort’ out later. 

If you find a hat with a similar aesthetic and design to the sorting hat, you can even use it as the present container itself, provided that it’s big enough to fit all the presents in. 

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Hogwarts Approved Invites 

After receiving these incredibly rare and official invites sent straight from Hogwarts, your guests will be jumping in joy just like Harry.

Make just a few subtle nods to Harry Potter and how ‘Magical’ the ceremony is going to be, and if you really want to add some flair, try adding a design of the Hogwarts four house insignia on the sealed letter. 

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Golden Snitch Cocktail 

The beautiful, glittery and elegant appearance of a Golden Snitch Cocktail is only a small part of what makes it so appetizing. By adding a splash of cinnamon, maple, syrup and a little lemon juice to a prosecco, you can make a rich and golden cocktail full of sweetness that is sure to blow each and every guest away. 

Other delicious Harry Potter themed cocktails include the Goblet of Fire which mixes up vodka, blue curacao, lemonade, rum and a little cinnamon that is as delightful to taste as it is to look at.

Another appetizing recipe is the Unicorn Blood Cocktail with its scrumptious homemade raspberry puree and magical silver swirls that is a real treat to sip on and enjoy. 

Warning Poster Photo Booth 

One of the most fun and enjoyable parts of a wedding when everyone is chatting and having a good time after the main ceremony is the photo booth, and what better to add a touch of mystical magic to the booth than the famous ‘Have you Seen This Wizard?’ poster frame that many fans will remember being the poster warning of Sirius Black, 

As an extra detail, leave a pair of Harry’s goggles in the booth so people can really get creative and have some fun.

You can also leave a homemade golden snitch in the booth to make for some goofy and funny photos that every guest is sure to hang up on a wall as soon as they get home, just make sure the snitch doesn’t take off in the middle of the photos. 

Flying Key Decor 

To add an even more magical and mystical aesthetic to the main ceremony hall, try using some hanging key decors to create a truly enchanting look that glistens when mixed with some fairy lights and candles.

They can be made easily and are a simple way to instantly add even more of a musical flare to an already magical wedding.

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Harry Potter Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are often considered a necessary accessory for grooms sporting a tuxedo or suit at the altar for the big day, and what better way to let your guests know how big of a Harry Potter fan you are than using one of the many Harry Potter cufflinks out there.

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Whether it’s a symbol of Harry’s glasses and his famous scar or a tiny affectionate quote, there are so many options it makes for an easy detail that adds so much character when your guests see you sporting it at the ceremony. 

Mandrake Center Piece 

Mandrakes may be loud with that high pitched screech they often let out when pulled from the soil, but when they’re not shouting they are actually very charming and a welcome addition to any wedding. 

As the centerpiece, they are able to welcome all guests in a funny and unique way by being full of personality and charm, just make sure you don’t pull the little guy out of his soil home otherwise you might catch your guests running out the venue with their hands over their ears.

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The magical and fantastical world of Harry Potter is filled with so many charming and creative characters and objects that there really are no bad options for what you can add to a wedding. 

Part of the beauty of a Harry Potter themed wedding is because most of the series takes place in or around Hogwarts, most of the imagery goes together perfectly without clashing and looking like you’ve pulled ideas from multiple sources, so no matter what you add it can really characterize a ceremony and make it one that everyone involved is sure to remember, unless they get cast by an Obliviate spell of course. 

Jodie Messines