14 Harry Potter Wedding Cakes For The Most Magical Wedding

14 Harry Potter Wedding Cakes For The Most Magical Wedding

It’s not a wedding without a cake, and it’s certainly not a themed wedding without an aptly themed cake.

The cake is often the star of the wedding dinner, so you’ll want something that people will remember for years to come. Not only does the cake have to be delicious, but it’s also got to look equally impressive. 

If you’re planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding, you’ve got so many decorations and wedding favors to choose from.

There are also a plethora of Harry Potter cakes that range from models of Hogwarts to house-specific cakes, so you can easily find the perfect cake for your wedding. 

Here are 14 Harry Potter wedding cakes for the most magical (see also: 15 Frozen Wedding Cakes For Your Magical Winter Wedding)wedding! 

Harry Potter Half And Half Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be as creative as you want them to be. So, if you want something that’s fairly subtle from one angle and more entertaining from another, check out this cake design.

This is a two-tiered cake that features a decadent white frosting and ruffles with a golden snitch at the front, and a fun amalgamation of iconic Harry Potter imagery at the back. 

At the back of the cake is the Marauders Map, Hogwarts school books, the Sorting Hat, a patronus, and Dobby sitting happily between the tiers.

The “Always” wedding topper tops off the cake perfectly, too!

Harry Potter White Cake With Golden Snitch 

If you’re having a small wedding ceremony, you’re probably not going to need a large cake with multiple tiers.

Sometimes, simple cakes are the most effective, so if you’re looking for a subtle Harry Potter cake for your wedding, try something like this cake. 

This is a single-tier white cake decorated with Harry Potter toppings, including a Hogwarts acceptance letter, a chocolate wand, and a golden snitch.

You can add or remove toppings to suit your preferences and chosen color theme. The white and gold is a particularly classy and elegant theme, though, if you want a simple cake. 

Three Tier Harry Potter Wedding Cake

If you want to go all out with your Harry Potter wedding theme, you might as well go for it with the cake.

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This three tier cake features almost everything from the beloved fictional series, including the Sorting Hat, a house scarf, a chocolate wand, the golden snitch, Hogwarts books, and views from the castle itself. 

Nobody is going to forget this cake shortly after the wedding, that’s for sure. It’s fun and over the top – perfect for a couple who want to make their guests as happy as they are. 

Four Tier Harry Potter Wedding Cake 

Something that bonds Potter fans together are the Hogwarts houses.

The first thing you ask someone who also loves Harry Potter is “what house are you in?”, and it usually ends in some sort of friendly argument about which house is best.

So, if you want to make every guest feel included, check out this four tier cake. 

Every tier of this cake is decorated with house colors, so there is one cake layer for every single house.

Of course, you can put your own house at the top and your least favorite at the bottom, but it’s nice to make every guest feel proud about their house. 

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake 

Golden snitches are a popular topper for Harry Potter cakes, and for good reason. The gold works beautifully against a white cake, making for an elegant and stylish design that is ideal for a wedding.

This cake is particularly simple, as it’s mostly just a three-tiered white cake with small Potter-inspired embellishments. 

So, if you want to stick to a mostly traditional wedding cake with small elements of magic, this is the cake design for you. Plus, you can always add more cake toppers!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Cake 

You don’t get much better than Hogwarts in the snow, do you? If you love the aesthetic of Hogwarts and the serenity of the views of the fictional castle, you’ll love this cake idea.

This is a topsy-turvy three tier cake that looks deliberately wonky to add some interest to the classic cake shape. 

The decorations are simple yet effective, with dark blue skies, silhouettes of students flying their Quidditch brooms, and an intricate design of Hogwarts on a bed of snow.

It fits the theme perfectly without going too over the top. 

Three Tier Harry Potter Cake 

This three tier cake encapsulates everything that people associate with Harry Potter, and why so many find the beloved series so comforting.

The bottom tier looks like a normal brick wall to the Muggle eye, but it’s actually missing bricks to signify the secret opening to Diagon Alley. 

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The second tier is of the iconic Whomping Willow in the night, while the top tier steals the show with a dramatic and intricate Hogwarts topper.

There’s a lot of inspiration to take from this wedding cake, that’s for sure. 

Harry Potter “Always” Wedding Cake 

No fictional quote has ever been more romantic than “Always”.

It’s a simple yet effective word, and one so perfect for a wedding, given the notion of a wedding being about committing your love to another person for the rest of your lives.

Sometimes, the simple things mean the most, which is where this cake idea comes in. 

While this is a simple white three tier wedding cake, it is delicately decorated with “Always” in gold lettering, as well as several golden snitches and two wands.

It’s simple yet effective, and perfect for an elegant wedding. 

Fleur’s Wedding Dress Wedding Cake 

There is a brief wedding scene in the final Harry Potter book (or penultimate movie), wherein Fleur Delacour marries Bill Weasley.

Before the wedding is rudely interrupted by Death Eaters, it’s actually a very beautiful moment in the book and movie, providing a lovely moment of normality and peace. 

What better way to commemorate such a moment than with this beautiful cake featuring Fleur in her wedding dress?

It’s even more special if you have a similar dress to Fleur, of course. Alternatively, you can swap Fleur out for another beloved character!

Harry Potter Patronus Wedding Cake 

No love story has been as heartbreaking as the story of Lily and James, the parents of Harry Potter.

While their lives and love were cut short, Potter fans still commemorate their love by the form of their patronuses – a doe and a stag – in all types of art, including cakes. 

If you’re a fan of Lily and James, this cake is for you and your partner.

It is a simple three tier white cake, embellished with golden decorations including “Always” printed in fondant, the Deathly Hallows sign, two wands, golden edges, and a golden stag and doe topper. 

Harry Potter Fawkes Wedding Cake 

Everyone – child or adult – wishes they could go to Hogwarts. From the plethora of subjects to the moving paintings, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with.

Something very comforting about the Potter series is the magical creatures, including Fawkes the phoenix. 

This wedding cake encompasses everything beautiful about Hogwarts in the first few movies and books, including magical books, elements of the castle itself, wands, and Fawkes.

It’s enough to make you feel like a Hogwarts student!

View Of Hogwarts Wedding Cake 

Arguably the most iconic shot from all the Potter movies is when Harry and the first years first see Hogwarts for the first time from the boats.

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This cake encapsulates this shot beautifully, and while it might take a while to find an artist to complete such an ambitious task, the wait will be worth it. 

While it’s just a three tier cake, the true talent lies in the classic artistry of painting the intricate details of the castle. It’s super special and sure to have a lasting impression on your guests. 

Marauders Map Wedding Cake 

The Marauders Map is one of the most beloved objects from the world of Harry Potter, as it encapsulates everything about the Marauders – curiosity, intelligence, and fascination for the magical world.

It also looks gorgeous as a wedding cake! 

This wedding cake uses bits of the Marauders Map with intricate paintwork, with the off-white coloring helping to add an element of magic and uniqueness to the cake.

The inclusion of the scrolls rolling at the edges helps to add some realistic elements to this cake, too. 

Dobby Harry PotterWedding Cake

Arguably one of the most beloved characters in the whole Harry Potter universe is Dobby the house elf. If you have a particular affinity for Dobby, why not base your wedding cake on him? 

This cake itself consists of thick spellbooks (enough layers to feed plenty of guests), complete with a tall version of Dobby.

The books make this technically a four tier cake, and it’s bound to impress your guests for years to come. 


So, there you have it! There are countless Harry Potter wedding cakes to make your wedding the most magical wedding possible. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration for your dream cake.

Jodie Messines