Frozen Wedding Cakes For Your Magical Winter Wedding

15 Frozen Wedding Cakes For Your Magical Winter Wedding

If you are a massive fan of Disney, it is understandable to want to incorporate some of that magic into your wedding day.

One of the best ways to get creative and incorporate your favorite Disney characters or movie into your wedding is through the cake.

There are many ways, both subtle and obvious, to make a Frozen wedding cake. In this article, we have compiled 15 Frozen wedding cake designs to inspire your magical winter wedding.

1. Subtle Frozen Snowflake Wedding Cake

If you want to subtly bring some Frozen magic into your wedding, this beautiful three-tiered snowflake wedding cake is a stunning idea.

The intricate snowflake design is a beautiful nod to the main visual themes of the movie.

The use of edible silver balls adds an extra dimension to the snowflake designs and allows the light to bounce off them beautifully.

As the light shines onto this cake, it will look like the glistening of fresh snowfall in Arendelle.

2. Crystal Ice Effect Frozen Wedding Cake

If it is depth, dimension, and beauty that you want from your Frozen wedding cake, this design could be just what you dreamed of.

The use of colored crystal sugar creates a visual effect that is reminiscent of the ice used when Elsa builds her castle.

The shine of the blue crystals creates a beautiful effect that is incredibly eye-catching and beautiful. One of the best things about this cake design is that it can be done on any amount of tiers.

3. 5 Tier Pale Blue Delicate Snowflake Wedding Cake

If you are a fan of the less is more mindset, this minimalistic snowflake wedding cake could be just what you are looking for.

The cascading snowflakes made from fondant icing bring a gorgeous flow to the cake that helps bring all of the tiers together.

If you want to bring a little bit more color to this cake, you can add some silver to the snowflakes or make the blue of the icing a little more pigmented.

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4. Asymmetrical Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

This asymmetrical winter wonderland wedding cake is one of the most beautiful and visually appealing cakes on this list.

The asymmetrical design gives it a fun and quirky look that almost combines Alice in Wonderland with Frozen. The color of the cake fits in with the Frozen theme perfectly.

The ribbon effect on one of the tiers also helps add to the princess or royal feel of the cake.

5. Frozen Castle Tiered Wedding Cake

If you want a more extravagant and obvious Frozen-themed wedding cake, then this design might be what you have been looking for.

The gorgeous three-tiered cake is fitted with lights to make it stand out more and to light up the beautiful ice white of the icing.

The details of the castle add to the regal feeling of this cake. It can be the perfect way to begin your fairytale marriage on the right foot.

6. Snowflake And Icicle Tiered Wedding Cake

If you want a bit more color on your Frozen wedding cake, this snowflake and icicle adorned wedding cake is a great option.

The rich blue of the main icing provides the perfect contrasting backdrop for the snowflakes and icicles.

The delicate white flecks help to break up the blue and give the cake more depth. If you want to bring an icy, wintery feel to your wedding day, this is the perfect cake to achieve that.

7. 7 Tier White, Snow Covered Wedding Cake

If the main component of Frozen that you want at your wedding is all of the snow that covered Arendelle, this cake is perfect for you.

The main star of this cake is the texture of the icing that covers the tiers. It looks like fresh snowfall has adorned the cake.

There are beautiful large snowflakes that are scattered throughout the layers bringing more depth and dimension to the cake. You can make them out of icing to ensure that the entire cake is edible.

8. Frozen Mountain Tiered Wedding Cake With Figurines

This Frozen wedding cake is perfect for the Frozen fan who wants to be loud and proud about their love for the movie on their wedding day.

The top tier of this cake is slightly more traditional with just some snow-covered trees and some fresh or edible flowers. However, the rest of the cake is full-on Frozen.

The icing is made to look like the frozen waterfall on the North Mountain in Arendelle.

The base of the cake is decorated with figurines of the main characters from the movie. These can be plastic and kept as keepsakes or you can have them made out of icing.

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9. Snowflake Waterfall Tiered Wedding Cake

This cake combines the beautiful snowflake details of the Pale blue delicate snowflake cake with the more pigmented blue of the snowflake and icicle tiered cake.

The way that the snowflakes cascade down the side of the cake in a curving flow adds movement to it.

The variety of the snowflakes brings depth to the design and creates the same beauty that is achieved with the differences between real snowflakes.

10. Frozen Summer Wedding Cake With Olaf

If you want a Frozen wedding cake that is obviously inspired by the movie, this design could be for you.

The main tiered cake is an almost direct replica of the cake that features in the animated short Frozen Fever. The bright blue and the vibrant sunflowers bring a lot of joy and fun to the cake.

The addition of Olaf made of cake standing next to the Frozen Fever cake keeps the combination true to the film. This can be a really fun wedding cake and is perfect for a wedding with lots of Disney lovers or children.

11. Subtle Frozen Decal Wedding Cake

If you want to have a wedding cake that is unmistakably Frozen-themed but you don’t want it to be too obviously Disney-based, this design can be perfect for you.

The delicate decals are elegant and the pastel colors ensure that it maintains a bridal feel. When you look closer, however, the yellow decals are silhouettes of Elsa and Anna.

The blue snowflakes are also a beautiful nod to the film. With this cake design, you can choose which Frozen decals you want to use on your cake.

12. Sugar Glass Frozen Inspired Wedding Cake

One of the most beautiful visuals from the frozen film is the ice walls that Elsa builds in her castle. With this wedding cake that features sugar glass on the top, you can recreate some of that beauty.

There are a few different ways to make sugar glass and depending on the technique you can get very clear blue sugar or slightly more frosted sugar.

The technique that has been used with the buttercream on this cake is reminiscent of the snow storms in the movie and the scene on the frozen harbor. This provides a beautiful, subtle nod to the movie.

13. Glass Snowflake And Pearl Frozen Wedding Cake

If you want a very simple and elegant wedding cake, this cake that features sugar glass snowflakes and icing pearls can be the cake for you.

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The beautiful, clear sugar glass snowflakes provide a stunning effect that makes the cake look cold, just like Arendelle.

The sweeping, light blue buttercream icing of this cake features various shades of blue that look like they have been mixed on the cake to create a beautiful shade of blue.

The delicate icing pearls that line the base of each tier add elegance and class to the cake.

14. Clean Tiered Snowflake Frozen Wedding Cake

The design of this clean, tiered, snowflake Frozen wedding cake is perfect if you want an incredibly simple and subtle nod to the movie.

The color scheme of light blue and white creates the impression of winter, snow, and ice. The delicate piping of the details makes this cake feel elegant and beautiful.

The tiny snowflakes and the flowing, thin lines are reminiscent of the magic Elsa uses to create the ice.

15. Frozen Inspired Buttercream Cake With Macarons

While many traditional wedding cakes are made with fondant icing, there are so many beautiful designs that can be made using buttercream instead.

This Frozen-inspired buttercream cake definitely creates a beautiful effect. The combination of the white and blue sections creates both a feeling of ice and sky.

The purple and blue macarons add another layer of color and beauty to the cake. The flowers also add elegance and class to it.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways that you can incorporate Frozen into your wedding day via your wedding cake.

All of these different designs feature some aspect that has been inspired by the imagery of the movie.

Whether you want a subtle nod to the movie or want to fully replicate the cake from Frozen Fever, there are multiple options to inspire you.

Lisa Plaitt