December Wedding Colors

15 December Wedding Colors To Make Your Day Merry & Bright

It’s December—a time for joy, cheer, and twinkly lights! As you start to plan your nuptials, one of the first decisions you’ll make is your wedding colors.

With hundreds of shades to choose from, how do you decide? Let us take the stress away with our perfect palette picks for a December wedding that will leave your guests in awe.

From shining silver and glimmering gold to festive berry tones and winter whites – get ready to swoon over these gorgeous hues that are sure to bring out the holiday-loving spirit in everyone!

Crimson And White

I’m loving the idea of pairing crimson and white for a December wedding! It’s such an iconic combination, perfect for a winter celebration.

Not only does it look beautiful against any backdrop – from outdoor snow scenes to indoor ballrooms – but it also creates a feeling of warmth and coziness that is oh-so festive in the colder months.

Crimson and white are two timeless colors that truly reflect the season, making them ideal choices for your special day. Plus, you can easily customize these tones with silver or icy blue accents to give your décor even more holiday cheer!

Silver And Icy Blue

Making a winter wedding even more magical is easy when you choose the right colors. Silver and icy blue are perfect for any December event, adding a touch of sophistication to your celebration. With this stunning winter palette, you can let the beauty of snow-covered landscapes inspire your day.

To use silver and icy blue in your wedding décor:

Table Scape

  • Opt for linens with an icy blue hue or incorporate silver elements like charger plates into table settings. You could also add some subtle sparkle by using crystal stemware.
  • Incorporate seasonal florals such as white poinsettias, evergreen branches, and baby’s breath for added texture and dimension.

Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Icy blue tones look beautiful on bridesmaids! Select gowns that range from light to deep blues or go bold with emerald green dresses paired with silvery accessories like statement earrings or sparkling shoes.

Decorative Accents

  • Bring touches of silver throughout your ceremony and reception spaces with decorative accents like lanterns, mercury glass votives, or sequined pillows. For an extra festive feel, hang twinkling star lights around the room!

These few simple touches will bring out the best in your winter wonderland theme while still maintaining a modern aesthetic—your December wedding will be truly merry and bright!

Deep Red And Forest Green

“Nothing sets the mood for a winter wedding quite like deep red and forest green! As they say, ’tis the season to be jolly’, and these two colors together are sure to make your guests feel merry.

They pair perfectly with rustic decor, giving off just the right amount of holiday cheer along with holly berries or evergreen sprigs. Whether you choose bold shades of crimson or muted berry tones, this classic combination is guaranteed to bring warmth and charm to your celebration.

There’s no better way to evoke an atmosphere of festive elegance than with navy blue and gold. The beauty of this timeless pairing lies in its versatility—it can work anywhere from cozy family gatherings to grandiose galas.

And whether you opt for bright royal blues or more subdued shades, it will create a perfect backdrop that all your loved ones can enjoy.”

Navy Blue And Gold

If you’re looking to make a statement at your wedding with elegant colors, navy blue and gold are the perfect combination. This classic duo can be used in any season and will look beautiful against practically any backdrop.

Navy gives off an air of formality and sophistication – it’s no wonder why many couples choose this timeless color for their big day. Gold is also a popular choice, as its subtle yet luminous hue adds just enough sparkle to turn heads without being too ostentatious.

When using these two shades together, there are countless ways to incorporate them into different aspects of your wedding decorations. From table settings to centerpieces or even cake decorating, navy blue and gold will always guarantee a sophisticated look that won’t disappoint!

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You could even take it one step further by adding hints of metallic accents throughout the space – think about how gorgeous those rose-gold flatware pieces would look on top of crisp white linens!

Blush Pink And Light Gray

Blush pink and light gray are perfect for a December wedding. These soft colors create an atmosphere of elegance and romance, while still being cheerful enough to make your day merry and bright.

To really make the blush pink pop, pair it with light gray tones or silver accents. It looks especially delightful when combined with light pink elements as well!

Gray is also a great way to add texture to your big day without taking away from the festive feel. From table linens to centerpieces, you can find lots of ways to incorporate these hues into every aspect of your celebration.

For a subtle hint of sophistication, burgundy and champagne will be sure to do the trick.

Burgundy And Champagne

For a truly captivating and romantic winter wedding, consider the stunning combination of burgundy and champagne. These colors will instantly bring warmth to your day, creating an atmosphere that’s merry and bright.

Here are three ways you can incorporate these festive hues into your wedding decor:

  • Accent bouquets with deep red roses for a hint of color
  • Hang twinkling lights around tables in shimmering champagne tones
  • Use gold tableware to add a glamorous touch to centerpieces

These timeless shades will give your guests something special to remember long after the day has passed. Plus, they pair beautifully with dark green accents like evergreen garlands or velvet bows – perfect for adding seasonal cheer!

Dark Green And Gold

Dark green and gold are a gorgeous combination of wedding colors that will make your December wedding glow with cheer and sparkle! These two tones combined together look absolutely stunning, like the night sky during a crisp winter evening.

The deep hues of dark green provide an incredibly romantic atmosphere while the bright glimmers of gold add a touch of class and elegance to any celebration. A bride wearing a dress in this color scheme is sure to be remembered forevermore as one who was lit up by both love and beauty on her special day.

The decorations for such a wedding should also reflect these magical colors; think deep pine garlands draped along walls or tables, twinkling candlelight reflecting off golden accents all around, and festive wreaths hung from every corner filled with seasonal berries in shades of dark green and red.

For those looking for something truly unique, opt for pomegranate-colored centerpieces adorned with hints of gilded leaves or glittery snowflakes. No matter how you choose to use them at your december wedding, dark green and gold are certain to create the perfect merry & bright atmosphere!

Royal Blue And Silver

Royal blue and silver are classic wedding colors for a December celebration. These two hues create an elegant atmosphere that is merry and bright, perfect for ringing in the holidays with your closest family and friends.

There are so many ways to incorporate royal blue and silver into your special day:

  • For bridesmaids’ dresses, try a deep navy or midnight blue; both shades look great paired with sparkling crystal jewelry.
  • Groomsmen can wear coordinating suits in charcoal gray or black with silver ties and pocket squares.
  • Tie together the entire look with table decorations like votive candles wrapped in white lace, topped off by cobalt ribbon bows tied around each glass holder. Silver accents such as place cards set on mirrors will add subtle shimmer throughout the reception area.
  • Hang strands of tiny white lights from the ceiling to bring it all together – you’ll feel like you stepped into a winter wonderland!
  • Place clear cylinders filled with alternating layers of sand, pearls, and twinkling LED snowflakes down the center of tables for an eye-catching centerpiece idea.

From bouquets to boutonnieres, these timeless colors make sure every detail shines brightly at your December wedding.

Plum And Sage Green

If you’re looking for a subtle yet stunning color combination, consider plum and sage green. These two colors work together to create an elegant atmosphere that’s perfect for a wedding.

Plum is the deep purple hue of royalty while sage green brings out its lighter side. Both hues can be found in nature which makes them perfect for outdoor weddings or receptions held in gardens or parks. Adding touches of these two colors will make any event feel special and romantic.

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When it comes to decorating your venue with these two shades, think about how they complement each other without overwhelming the space.

For example, use accents of both lavender-toned plum and darker sage green as centerpieces on tables throughout the room. Add white linen cloths over top to bring attention to their delicate beauty rather than overpowering guests with too much color at once.

The same goes for bouquets; add some sprigs of greenery like eucalyptus or olive branches among the flowers arranged in muted purples and greens to evoke a sense of calmness and peace in addition to romance.

With this type of decor, your guests won’t forget the beauty of your December wedding day anytime soon!

Black And White With Gold Accents

Adding black and white with gold accents to your December wedding is a no-brainer! It’s like icing on the cake – it instantly adds elegance and sophistication without much effort.

Black and white will give your big day an air of timelessness while gold provides warm, luxurious touches that you’ll love.

From centerpieces to linens, there are so many ways to incorporate this gorgeous color palette into your celebration. Even small details like chair sashes or sequined table runners can take any room from dull to dazzling.

Gold also makes for beautiful bridal accessories. Think statement earrings or sparkling heels that catch everyone’s eye as you walk down the aisle. You could even add a touch of sparkle in unexpected places such as boutonnieres or hair pieces.

Dusty Blue And Peach

Transitioning from black and white with gold accents to a wintery, romantic combination of dusty blue and peach is the perfect way to make your December wedding merry & bright!

This color palette looks stunning against nature’s backdrop of freshly fallen snow. To ensure this soft, dreamy look comes together perfectly on your special day:

  1. Make sure that you balance out the colors so they don’t overpower each other – try using lighter shades of both colors for bridesmaids’ dresses and darker shades for groomsmen ties.
  2. Incorporate texture into accessories such as ribbons on bouquets or boutonnieres that compliment the tones in the dusty blue and peach hues.
  3. Add an extra layer of warmth with candles whose flames flicker against neutral-colored votives in these muted tones.
  4. Keep your desserts simple by opting for cakes decorated with fresh fruit or macarons in blush pink, ivory, and light purple – all colors found within this beautiful winter palette!

The boldness of emerald green paired with classic black will be just what you need to complete your winter wonderland wedding vision!

Emerald Green And Black

Emerald green and black is a stunning combination for any wedding. It’s modern, yet timeless – the perfect way to make your December wedding day stand out!

For an emerald green themed wedding, you can incorporate this beautiful hue in many ways. For example, consider using emerald green tablecloths, napkins and chair covers at the reception tables or even have bridesmaids wearing emerald dresses with statement jewelry.

You could also opt for lush greenery as part of your centerpieces like pine cones spruced up with some festive decorations that match the theme perfectly.

As for black, there are several options such as having a black cake adorned with emerald icing designs or incorporating it into other areas like elegant stationery pieces and favors. Lastly, don’t forget about adding accents of gold throughout which will bring everything together beautifully!

These colors provide endless possibilities so you can create a truly unforgettable event that all your guests will talk about long after your special day has ended.

White And Silver With Hints Of Greenery

White and silver with hints of greenery is a classic winter wedding color palette that will never go out of style. Think snowflakes, stars, and icy blues for the perfect wintery look.

White can be used in all aspects of your décor—from tablecloths to chairs to curtains. Silver accents such as candles or vases are also great additions to this timeless theme.

For an extra dash of sparkle, add some metallic ribbon or streamers throughout the room. Greenery gives a soft touch, adding life to any space without overwhelming it. Evergreen garlands draped around doorways and windows give off a festive vibe while still keeping things light and airy.

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Winter weddings are known for their unique elegance and white, silver, and greenery make sure you get the most out of your day!

Cranberry And Dusty Rose

For those who are looking for a winter wedding with rich, rustic tones and cozy vibes, cranberry and dusty rose might just be the perfect combination.

Alluring yet subtle, this color palette is festive enough to make your special day merry and bright – perfect for an occasion that will warm up even during these cold months!

Cranberry has long been a favorite choice of couples when it comes to selecting their wedding colors. Not only does it have classic holiday appeal that nods towards Christmas but it also provides just the right amount of contrast against other popular choices like blush pink or navy blue.

The deep hue pairs beautifully with its paler counterpart, dusty rose; which adds texture and depth to any look. This makes them an ideal duo for creating a romantic atmosphere while still keeping things tasteful and timeless.

Plus, it’s easy to find decorations in both shades so you can bring together all the elements of your big day without too much stress!

The warmth of cranberry combined with the softness of dusty rose gives off a homely feel – making it great for couples wanting to achieve a more relaxed vibe at their celebration. Whether you opt for floral centerpieces or twinkling string lights, this dynamic duo will bring out the beauty in each detail.

Navy Blue And Blush Pink

Navy blue and blush pink are a classic color combination for any wedding. The sophistication of navy blue paired with the romantic hues of blush pink create an elevated atmosphere that will make your special day all the more memorable.

This timeless palette pairs perfectly together, making it easy to add in other colors or accents if desired. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your December wedding:

  • Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses – Add a pop of elegance to your bridal party’s look by having them wear navy blue dresses accented with accessories like pearls or silver jewelry.
  • Blush Pink Bouquet – Have the florist create a bouquet made up mostly of blush pink flowers, adding in hints of navy blue ribbon or greenery for contrast.
  • Silver Table Settings – An understated way to bring both colors together is through table settings; set tables with white plates and napkins, then finish off the look with silver flatware and glassware.
  • Gold Cake Accents – Top off your cake design with gold details such as edible glitter, sparkly sugar crystals, or metallic foil leaves.

These touches will help tie together the theme without being too overwhelming—allowing you to enjoy every moment on your big day!


No matter what colors you decide to go with, make sure your December wedding radiates warmth and joy! Let the reds and greens of the winter season make your guests feel merry and bright during your special day.

You might even add some shimmery hues of gold or silver for extra sparkle. Just make sure that you take care in planning out your decorations, as this will be an important part of making your wedding look its best.

With thoughtful color choices, your wedding will be unforgettable – so be sure to have fun with it! After all, it is possibly one of the happiest days of your life; so follow these tips and create a day of love and laughter. Happy planning!

Lisa Plaitt