15 Best Rose Gold Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

15 Best Rose Gold Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

The wedding dress can be the showstopper you want it to be. Still, you want to ensure you go for a design and fit that compliments your body type, so you don’t have to worry about fulfilling the convention of wearing traditional wedding dresses.

This can apply to any theme you might be going for, and if this is the case, a rose gold gown can steal the show, and all the styling will come out great in your pictures and will likely get a lot of compliments from people.

Below are fifteen designs that you’ll fall in love with, and there is always the choice of making any alterations you want to make your dress even more special to you.

1. Sequin Rose Gold Wedding Gown 

We start with this beautiful sequin dress that comes as a body suit or slip dress, as the skirt section is transparent, but the sequin detail will have many admiring the overall profile of the dress and has a decent length to it where it can leave a train if you want.

We like how the sleeve ends don’t just cut off and are slightly bunched up in a cutesy way, making overall movement much easier than feeling quite limited or static in a traditional wedding gown.

2. Mermaid Rose Gold Wedding Dress

When we think of mermaid dresses, this one is high in our thoughts, as it has a natural design to it that doesn’t have any unnecessary parts that put it more in the prom dress category, as you’ll find it has a celestial style to it.

This one is less transparent than the one before, but you still have options to customize the sleeve length, the types of sequins, the skirt length, and any other modifications you wish to make.

3. Rose Gold 2-Piece Evening Gown Set

This dress is for those who aren’t a fan of the mermaid design and want a ball gown that can better accentuate their figure, as this one has all of its sequin and tassel work on the top half of the gown.

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You could go one step further and request a floral design on the top half to give you more of a traditional look, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting something that exposes more of the arms and fits to provide you with just the amount of leg room you need. 

4. Pink Blush 20s Style Wedding Dress

We’re going back in time where glitz and glamor go hand in hand, so if you’re going for a 20s or 30s-themed wedding, this bluish dress could be what you’re looking for, although its outlandishness might make it a bit too much for some.

The intricate beading work and the ostrich feather tassels make a unique dress with a stunning back to it and would pair nicely with some vintage jewelry, in case you were looking for an excuse to wear any of it. 

5. Dusty Rose Wedding Ball Gown

This dress is ideal for those who want a fairytale-styled wedding with fairy princess elements.

It even incorporates some of the Disney aesthetic with its blouson sleeves that can put you squarely in any theme, so this one is quite versatile.

The bodice is strategically embellished at the bust, waist, and sleeves, so you get a great fit and a neckline with a softened and hand-cut lace edge so that this one can show off the upper contours of your body well.  

6. Blush Pink Champagne Wedding Dress

This off-the-shoulder dress is in line with a traditional one that still manages to have a certain elegance and sophistication, with some simple sequins that travel from the bottom half of the bodice and cut off nicely by the top half of the skirt.

If you think this one looks a bit simple, you can request to add more detailing, but once you see the corset-like back bodice with intricate detailing, you may give it a second look, as this one needs to be seen from all angles to be appreciated. 

7. Ivory Pink Floral Dress

If you’re going for a garden-themed or fantasy-style wedding, this one is a good pick because the floral elements start simply by the neckline and flow magnificently down the skirt, where details can be seen right at the bottom, so this one stands out well.

This dress also has that hand-made look to it, and the layering of the skirt means you have more volume to the overall shape, which can work in any type of environment and is a great way to show you are one with nature. 

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8. Blush Grace Wedding Dress

This dress has many different elements going on at once, as you have the train, which has the silvery floral detail with spaghetti straps that serve to give you a better fit and allow better movement, and all of this looks really glamorous in pictures.

You could pair this design with the groom by having them wear a floral tie, attachment, or even a pin near the chest pocket, and that way, you have more coordination with your styles, giving you an excellent base to work from as you design your theme.

9. Blush Wedding Dress With Beading 

With the croo straps that wrap around the back of the dress, this one has a lot of appeal, so if you want to flaunt your best features and want the opportunity, you can’t go wrong with this intricately-designed dress.

You also get an ivory flower applique, which has a star-dust effect, so with this wavy design, you have a relaxed yet stunning dress that can work with any type of tone that you want to set, and it is liberating to have a dress that can do so much. 

10. Rose Gold Pink Tulle Wedding Dress

We have another mermaid dress that will leave many lost for words, as it’s the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, with gold detailing that starts at the neckline and moves to the skirt, that may put you in mind of chivalry, so perhaps a theme can develop from this one.

11. Rose Gold Beaded Sparkle Wedding Dress

A showy dress that doesn’t cut corners, this one is the perfect signifier of a princess, as you have a flowing skirt that is only fit for one. 

Even though it has a lot of volume, it still has a lightness about it that is apparent in the arms and the detailing that is consistent from a 360 view.

12. Unusual Rose Gold Bridal Dress

You don’t want a flowy-type dress, and you want something that is a straight fit that still has a sequin overlay to make it more glamorous.

This one is great if you want to show off the defining aspects of your body, especially the neckline, and it could even be an option for the bridesmaid dresses if you decide to go for something else further down the line so that you can stick a pin in this one.

13. Rose Gold Wedding Cocktail Dress

This dress is a bit difficult to place in any particular design, but this might be the thing for you if you want that see-through mermaid design that also serves as a type of cocktail dress, so it is ideal for those who may want some variety in their design.

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14. Sparkle Rose Gold Dress

This dress is another pick with a sort of outdoorsy feel to it that looks comfortable to wear and has an airy feel to it that makes its detailing languish whatever pose you decide to do. 

The sparkling design that is going on here really catches the light well, so this one works best at an outdoor wedding where the design really comes into its own.

15. Glitter-Laced Ball Gown 

Perhaps you don’t want a traditional rose gold wedding gown and want something more freeing that you could wear to your reception, and with some customization, you could have the length shortened to give you better movement. 

This dress will sit nicely on any figure, and even though it’s not the first choice many would go for, it gives you the chance to feel glamorous with the exposure of the back and arms, which shines at any angle. 

The Bottom Line

You have options here to choose from something simple and straight, all the way to the unusual, so there are plenty of ways you can add detailing to make it a garment that you’ll want to hold on to forever.

A great dress is something that you feel glamorous and comfortable in, so don’t feel too pressured to follow a particular trending design or dress type, as you want a wedding day that is memorable and doesn’t look too generic.

You can use a theme to full effect, which adds more fun, and it all starts with the perfect dress.

Jodie Messines