15 Best Gold Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

15 Best Gold Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

A gold wedding dress can incorporate a lot of lovely detailing and are a bit more interesting than a bronze type of shade but might be offputting to some due to them appearing a bit lavish, but we’re here to tell you they don’t have to be this way.

Below are fifteen dresses that vary in style and fit, so if you’re looking for some inspiration for your wedding dress, read on below to find some inspiration for your special day.  

1. Gold Embroidered Wedding Dress

This one follows the classic white dress with gold embroidery, and this is a way for you to have a gown that shines through but isn’t too much to look at; as with this design, you can have it in pretty much any wedding theme.

The neckline has a deep V shape to give a nice contrast and is more freeing, so you could shorten or lengthen the skirt if you find it isn’t too you like, so there are a lot of possibilities with this one. 

2. Shine Gold Wedding Gown 

The transparent sleeves with gold pattern design gives off a classy and purely beautiful look that has a delicacy to it, but is one that you’re unlikely to forget for a while.

With this one, the detailing is consistent throughout, so you’ll look great from any angle.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting as instead of a corset back lace, you have strings of beads that distinguish this from an evening or prom dress, giving it a celebratory glow, which will make your pictures even more showstopping. 

3. Light Champagne Wedding Gown 

We move on to a strapless champagne design that has a princess feel to it, as you have a nice train on the skirt, which we think is a feature that is sometimes overlooked in modern design, so you may want to look at this one simply for the intricate detailing on the floral embroidery.

This gown also comes with a pearl design, so if you want to balance out the bright colors, you have more options, and if this still doesn’t appeal to you, there is always a chance to have it customized to your look and requirements. 

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4. Dramatic Gold Bridal Dress

Make a statement with your dress by looking more into this design which manages to balance out the lighter shades of gold in a way where it doesn’t look dated or tired if there isn’t any light that can reflect from the color.

This dress is excellent for those who like minor details in their clothing that want a good fit that sits nicely just over your shoulders.

So as this is more of a creative bridal style, you can go further with jewelry, pendants, and footwear, and it all fits seamlessly together.

5. Gold Bohemian Wedding Dress

You like the color but want a no thrills or dramatic-looking dress, yet want something that has practical applications, as this works both for the ceremony and evening wear, as it has a nice golden tan that has just the right amount of sparkle that elevates this further.

The bodice is made as a corset net that displays your figure and fit quite well, and with stretch lining, you have more freedom with movement, and with the delicate detailing, this one is hard to ignore. 

6. Gold Sequin Gown 

For this dress many might dismiss this as a cocktail or formal dress, but it does have an application here, so even if you disagree, there is a good starting point here for you to bring more of your ideas into the mix.

There’s no denying here the artisan detailing of this dress that has a mermaid fit, which you could customize to have a longer train on it, and with a lace-up back, you can be more comfortable in this sort of dress as well. 

7. Gold Wedding Ball Gown 

Here is another ball gown that is perfect for those who may want a Disney princess-inspired dress that has a tassel lace on the neckline to keep it from going too far into this territory, and this one will make anyone feel good when wearing it.

It’s a good idea to try ball gowns as a choice, as you get more ideas while using some traditional staples like a veil which brides-to-be dream of, and all of this put together will genuinely make you feel as if you’re in a magical fairytale of some sort.

8. Gold Boho Wedding Dress 

This dress is very much for those who want more of a rustic design in a folksy sort of way and is an excellent alternative if you wish to avoid the flair that is associated with this color, as it can be too much for some and that’s fine.

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This dress has an airy feel to it, so there’s never been a better way to show your openness to new ideas, and this way, you have more options to show off your best features, as it defines any contours nicely. 

9. Glitzy Gold Wedding Dress 

The bishop sleeves on this one highlight how you can get creative with a design by adding a bit of transparency to show the excellent interconnecting lace design, and the option to have a metallic gold belt, gives the dress a lovely base from which to work from. 

This one works well for those who want to use lighter colors to present a fun and maybe even eccentric personality, and having these shades together helps to design a theme around it, but you aren’t limited to these lighter colors. 

10. Gold Off-Shoulder Ball Gown 

Here is a dress for those who want a dress with sequin detail that is more glitz and glam than anything else, as this one is the ultimate statement dress that is definitely going to catch people’s attention, so that this one might be a bit daring for some. 

11. Traditional Gold Wedding Dress

We like how this one has a stately theme going on and may even fit well with an outdoor-themed wedding, as there is a lot of detailing in the lace that really comes into its own in well-lit areas and open spaces.

This one can also be a departure from the typical dress staples that some may not see as necessary, so this one allows you to be a bit different, and as this has a straight fit, it may work for more body types as well. 

12. Gold Wrap Dress 

We look at another dress that doesn’t follow tradition and has a glimmering shine with a metallic finish and is a simple option if you’re not a massive fan of lace detailing or sequin designs.

However, you might be thinking this is more of a bridesmaid dress, which is an option if you decide to get his way, but we find with the suitable theme and arrangements, you could very well pull this one off. 

13. Vintage Gold Wedding Dress 

This elegant dress is all parts interesting as it gives you a chance to look into off-the-shoulder designs, which makes navigating through the day easier while having all the glamour and volume that anyone can appreciate from afar.

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Its vintage look means you have more options from the venue and even the bouquet you use, as most of these will pale in comparison to this design. 

14. Gold Lace Wedding Dress

You want to dress like royalty but don’t want to take the theme too far, so you might want to look into something like this, which has a detachable skirt and has all the sequin and lace work that heightens the significance of the occasion. 

15. Gatsby-Inspired Gold Dress 

We finish with a dress that is a call-back to the past, with a 20s and 30s theme that brings the shine from this period into modern times, and with a neckline that almost seems to blend into the skin, giving it a natural look that doesn’t look too pronounced.

This works s a summer or winter wedding, so it’s versatile as well, and we like designs that seem not to be faulted by aspects that may not be in your control, and in some cases, it adds an air of sophistication to the proceedings.

Closing Thoughts 

You have seen here that a gold design doesn’t have to be too much on the eyes and your budget, as there are ways you can have this design, but perhaps you add a few tweaks here and there to make it more unique to your style.

You might not be a fan of the bright colors, and if so, the lighter shades or champagne designs with gold lace are a better option for you, but keeping your options open is the perfect way to find something that really leaves people speechless when they see it. 

Jodie Messines