May Wedding Colors

14 Trending May Wedding Color Schemes to Bring Your Dream Day to Life

Late spring nudging into early summer is a great time of year to get married. There are more opportunities for outdoor wedding venues and the choice of seasonal colors is huge. 

We have found fourteen of the best colors and combinations of May wedding colors to give you some inspiration for your celebration. 

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Cornflower Blue

The first cornflowers of the year make their appearance in May, making it a gorgeous shade of blue for a late spring wedding.

Its pretty depth of color allow you to work around it with other shades of blue for your wedding palette. 

Cornflower bridesmaids dresses and matching groomsmen’s ties will be a beautiful contrast to the bride’s white gown.

Match it with softer blues, greens and yellows for your bouquets and boutonnieres. 

For your wedding tables use white tablecloths and cornflower blue napkins and vases of blue, yellow and green floral arrangements. 

Peony Pink

Peonies are another mid to late spring flower that makes a beautiful May wedding color.

This shade of pink is warm and feminine, and works with various other shades of pink, peach and orange. 

Contrasted against a white bridal gown, peony pink bridesmaids dresses will create a burst of late spring color.

Groomsmen will look smart in light gray suits with peony pink ties and boutonnieres. 

Mix pink peonies with white and cream for stunning table centerpieces and floral arrangements. Even your wedding cake can be decorated with these beautiful pastel colors. 

White, Yellow & Gray

May is the month when you know summer is just around the corner as pops of cheerful colors like yellow are appearing in the garden. 

This is the perfect color for your May wedding. Combine it with white as the ultimate wedding color and contrast with cool gray.

Choose your shades of gray and yellow, go subtle or go deep, whatever suits your style and personality. 

Gray suits for the guys with yellow vests and ties will look great. Dress your bridesmaids in soft, delicate gray with posies of yellow roses or sunflowers to lift the color. 

Pale Lilac, Pink & Navy

Soft, late spring colors such as pink and lilac make gorgeous wedding shades. They contrast beautifully with dark navy blue for an elegant wedding palette.

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The cooler lilac is warmed by the inclusion of pink in the color scheme. 

Put your bridesmaids in lilac gowns with bouquets of pink, lilac and white to complement the tone.

Your groom and groomsmen in smart navy suits will look great in contrast along with matching lilac ties and boutonnieres. 

For your wedding tables you could go bold with navy table cloths, lilac napkins and pink floral arrangements. 

Honeydew, Khaki & Peach

Honeydew is a fresh and vibrant late spring color. It complements the neutral tone of khaki and is warmed by the addition of peach accents.

This color scheme is very natural and would suit a desert or rustic wedding. 

Have your bridesmaids in honeydew gowns with peach colored bouquets and the groomsmen in khaki suits with honeydew ties and peach boutonnieres. 

The wonderful bonus of this color scheme is that you can extend it naturally to your wedding food and drinks.

Serve peach Bellini, or honeydew and peach colored cupcakes or macarons. 

Dusty Rose, Deep Blue & Gold

This wedding palette has all you could want for a classic May wedding.

Feminine dusty rose and masculine deep blue with accents of gold will have your guests gasping in delight at your choice of color scheme. 

Dusty rose has been a wedding favorite for a while and shows no sign of slipping in popularity.

With the complementary color of deep blue it creates the perfect combination of shades for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

You can create a stunning table setting with these opulent colors. Use the deep blue and gold to full effect with your flatware and add soft rose colored floral arrangements. 

Light Blue & Navy

Blue is a great choice for a May wedding and with two shades to complement each other, it’s even better.

This is a consistently popular color choice for a wedding palette as there is so much choice with different hues. 

Navy is a strong, masculine choice while light blue is softer and more feminine. It’s no wonder they complement each other so well.

You could mix your bridesmaids dresses to include both shades. And while the groom wears navy, put the groomsmen in a lighter blue. 

Add some gold accents for a luxurious feel to your table decor or wedding invitations. 

Lily White

If you want a clean, color scheme for your wedding take your cue from a lily.

This beautiful, simple flower comes in many colors, but the white calla lily is where you can find inspiration for your wedding palette. 

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Typically, the bride will be in a shade of white but the soft green and pale yellow of this lily offers inspiration to complement the bridal gown.

This minimalist palette lends itself to pretty accents in the softest greens and pale yellows.

Floral arrangements with lilies will pull the whole look together, use tall grasses and cascading bouquets.

For the bridesmaid petite bouquets of calla lilies creates a sophisticated and elegant look for the wedding party. 

Sunflower Yellow

May is the perfect month to start thinking about summer and nothing says sunshine like a sunflower.

These happy blooms will put a smile on everyone’s face and create a beautiful palette for your wedding day celebration. 

You can incorporate the flowers and the color into every aspect of your wedding from the save the date cards all the way to the wedding cake. 

Have your bridesmaids in sunflower yellow dresses and give the guys sunflower boutonnieres and yellow ties.

Alternatively, light blue bridesmaids gowns and groomsmen’s ties also work really well with this celebratory shade of yellow. 

Peach, White & Black

Black and white is a great look for a formal wedding but add some peach, and it suddenly becomes more relaxed.

It is also more of a springtime color and introduces some warmth to a monochrome color scheme. 

Put the groom and groomsmen in black with brilliant white shirts and a peach tie and boutonniere.

Have your bridesmaids in peach dresses with bouquets of soft peach and white blooms tied with lacy black ribbon. 

Your wedding tables are a great place to explore this black, white and peach color palette. 

Illusion Blue & Peach

Illusion blue and peach are the perfect combination of colors for a May wedding. This softest of blue hues is graceful and pretty.

It is wonderfully complemented by the warm peach, and together they make a fantastic wedding palette.

Dark blue suits for the groom and groomsmen with pale blue ties and peach boutonnieres will contrast with the soft, delicate shade of illusion blue bridesmaids dresses. 

Bridal party bouquets of peach, white and pale blue blooms complete the look. 

Use ivory table linens with pale blue napkins and peach centerpieces. 

Light Blue, White & Deep Gray

For a late spring wedding the combination of light blue, white and deep gray makes a great color scheme.

This is a trio of three of the most sophisticated colors for a wedding theme, and together they give you everything you need for your special day. 

Put your bridesmaids in light blue with delicate, white bouquets to complement your bridal gown.

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Have the groom and his groomsmen in deep gray suits with brilliant white shirts, and a light blue tie. Pale blue and white boutonnieres for the guys set this off perfectly. 

Sage & Moss Green

Sage and moss green are two organic colors which will suit an outdoor wedding in May.

They would work wonderfully for a woodland or rustic wedding, complemented with earth tones and bridal white. 

Use moss green as your base color for wedding decor adding some white floral arrangements. Add some silver accents with flatware and table decorations. 

Put your bridesmaids in sage green dresses with moss green and white bouquets.

For the groom and groomsmen, gray suits with sage green vests and white shirts and boutonnieres to match the bridesmaids posies. 

Windsor Blue

This shade of blue has a dreamy, ethereal feel and will look beautiful when paired with white for your May wedding.

Add some pale green to the palette to create a nature inspired theme for your celebration. 

Bridesmaids dresses in this hue are perfect and with white bouquets to match the bride’s dress will look stunning as part of your wedding party.

The groom and groomsmen in darker blue suits with Windsor blue ties and white boutonnieres complete the look. 

Shades of blue and white for your venue decor and table settings tie everything together. 

Final Thoughts

May is a beautiful month to celebrate your wedding.

With the seasonal colors of late spring and early summer to choose from you won’t be short of inspiration to create the perfect wedding palette. 

We hope our guide to May wedding colors has been helpful and given you plenty of ideas for your upcoming wedding. 

Lisa Plaitt