February Wedding Colors

16 February Wedding Colors for Your End-of-Winter Celebration

A winter wedding can present you with the dilemma of either embracing and incorporating the cold into your palette or rebelling against it with warm colors.

Whatever you are leaning towards, don’t decide until you have seen our sixteen February wedding colors. 

Dusty Blue, Slate Gray & Brown

Dusty blue is a classic wedding color and is perfect for the chilly but romantic month of February.

Paired with a complementary slate gray and contrasted with an earthy, warming brown, this is a gorgeous winter wedding palette. 

Put your bridesmaids in dusty blue and slate gray gowns, with white, green and brown bouquets.

The groom and groomsmen in slate gray suits can wear a mid brown tie and boutonniere matching the bridal bouquets. 

Rose Gold & Dark Wine

Dark wine is a warm color and is a wonderful contrast to cold February weather. Combined with rose gold it also creates an opulent and luxurious look for your wedding.

Rose gold invitations tied with dark wine ribbon announce your date and your color palette to your guests. Deep red blooms in the bridal bouquet contrast against the white of your gown. 

Dark wine jackets for the guys and rose gold dresses for the bridesmaids will create a stunning wedding party. 

Red & Black

Using red and black for your February wedding gives you the opportunity to be creative without going overboard and ending up with a goth look.

Cool the strong red color with neutrals and whites and allow it to be subtle and romantic rather than overwhelming. 

Black tuxedos for the groom and his groomsmen with a single red rose boutonniere, against gorgeous red bridesmaids dresses and bridal white will look stunning. 

Lavender & Gray

February can be the coldest month of winter so introduce some subtle purple passion into your wedding palette with delicate lavender.

Complement with a soft, light gray which will go beautifully with bridal white in a winter setting. 

Have pale lavender bridesmaids gowns with bouquets of white, shades of purple and deep greens. Give the groom and his groomsmen lavender boutonnieres and have them in gray suits. 

Table decorations can be simple grays, with lavender napkins and floral arrangements with plenty of greenery. 

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Ice Blue & Silver

These two colors complement the chill of winter but make perfect base colors to introduce lots of warmth with peach, light pink and muted yellows.

Have lots of foliage and warm browns in your bouquets and table arrangements with silver flatware and candlesticks. 

Dress bridesmaids in ice blue or silver sequinned gowns and have the groom and groomsmen in dark blue as a stunning contrast.

Be aware of giving off a Frozen vibe with this combination, keep it mature and sophisticated. 

Dark Navy & Forest Green

A dark navy and forest green color theme will give your February wedding a fresh and elegant feel. Navy blue looks great on the guys and navy gowns for the bridesmaids looks very classy. 

Add lots of dark green foliage to your bouquets, table floral arrangements and even around your cake. This has the added benefit of being cheaper than flowers.

The white of the bridal gown and some added white blooms prevent the palette being too dark. 

Black, Tangerine & Yellow

It may be a winter wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some bright colors into your February celebration.

Black is a formal color, so this works well for a traditional wedding, add the tangerine and yellow as accents to your bouquets or to the wedding food. 

Against a winter white bridal gown, black bridesmaid dresses with warm tangerine and yellow bouquets will look very sophisticated.

Dress your tables with black tablecloths, tangerine napkins and yellow themed floral arrangements. 

Dusty Blue & Blush

The combination of dusty blue and blush is delicate, romantic and feminine. Against a background of snowfall and nature it takes on a fairy tale vibe.

Choose a bridal gown with snow white bodice and dusty blue tulle skirt to look every inch a princess. 

Use romantic blush pink roses, with green blue foliage for the bride and bridesmaids bouquets and the guy’s boutonnieres. Add some silver or gold accents to your table decor for an added layer of luxury.

Green, White & Gold

White and green are seasonal colors in February and can make an elegant base for your wedding palette.

Introduce gold accents to give it a touch of opulence and warmth but don’t overdo the gold, or it can become too much. Keep it minimal for an elegant and tasteful look. 

Choose a variety of dress styles for your bridesmaids in green or gold. Complement with white flowers and greenery for bouquets.

Classic black suits for the groom and groomsmen with green ties and gold cuff links will give you some stunning wedding party photos.

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Snowy White

Instead of trying to warm up a winter wedding in February why not embrace the cold with layers of white. 

Create an ethereal vibe with lots of white, soft neutrals, and silver accents.

Introduce lots of light with candles and fairy lights to create a truly romantic atmosphere and add some different textures to keep the theme interesting. 

Keep other colors to a minimum and stick to the softest and most delicate hues, you want to give the sensation of a new beginning. 

Burgundy, Black & White

February is the month of love and no color depicts this emotion better than a deep red such as burgundy. Pair it with a classic black and white theme for your wedding palette. 

The wedding attire is simple but elegant. Black tuxedos for the guys, luxurious burgundy gowns for the bridesmaids. White shawls or fur wraps for the girls will look cozy and regal. 

The bridal bouquet can incorporate various shades of deep red, pink and white with lots of foliage. Similar posies for the bridesmaids and boutonnieres for the groomsmen will tie the color scheme together. 

Champagne, Purple & Black

Champagne is a gorgeous color to include in your wedding palette, it is delicate and a perfect complement to bridal white.

Add a classic black and a royal dash of purple, and you have a pretty and eye-catching color scheme for your February nuptials.  

Put lots of purple shades into your bouquets and floral arrangements. Dress your tables in purple tablecloths, with champagne napkins and add a subtle accent of gold for the royal touch. 

Have the guys in black suits with purple boutonnieres to complement your champagne adorned bridesmaids. 

Light Gray & Silver Green

Create a winter wonderland for your February wedding with light gray and silver green. Combine them with a mid-green and dark gray for an earthy and nature – inspired look for your celebration. 

Bridesmaids dresses in light gray beautifully complement the bridal gown.

Add foliage dense bouquets with white blooms. The silver green foliage of dusty miller or eucalyptus is perfect for this color scheme. 

Carry the light gray and silver green hues through to your venue decor and even your wedding cake. 

Forest Green, Black & White

A sumptuous forest green combined with classic black and white will give you a stunning wedding look. Add white and gold accents to soften the overall palette and balance the dark hues. 

Go for a dramatic venue decor by dressing your tables in forest green tablecloths with black candlesticks and gold flatware. Add some white blooms in your floral arrangements to lighten the setting. 

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Black suits, and green ties for the groom and groomsmen will complement the bridesmaids’ forest green gowns. Match the boutonnieres for the guys to the white bouquets of the bridesmaids. 

Light Rose & Pale Blush

For a feminine and romantic February wedding palette, choose light rose and pale blush. Add a deeper pink and a neutral beige to complete the color scheme. 

Choose light rose gowns for the bridesmaids, with pale blush, white and dark pink blooms for their bouquets. Have rose boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen, to pin on their classic black suits. 

Continue the color theme through your venue decor, floral arrangements and wedding cake. Gold accents go really well with pale blush and light rose for an added touch of luxury. 

Red, Gray & Navy Blue

Navy is a versatile color and can be paired with both warm and cool shades. In this February wedding palette adding red gives a burst of color and heat while the gray tempers the stronger colors. 

Have the groom in navy and his groomsmen in gray with red ties and vibrant boutonnieres. Navy bridesmaids dresses will give you a classic look, paired with red, white and green bouquets. 

Alternatively, be bold and put your bridesmaids in scarlet red with pure white posies. Dress your tables in white tablecloths, navy runners and red accent floral arrangements. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding on your color palette for a February wedding is key to getting the look right. There are many choices as we have seen. 

If you are still undecided, think about which combination best suits your style, personality and vision of what you want your wedding to be. 

Lisa Plaitt