16 Cinderella Wedding Decor Ideas Everyone Will Love

16 Cinderella Wedding Decor Ideas Everyone Will Love

Many brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls.

For many people, the first time they began to imagine their own wedding would have been when they watched a Disney princess movie for the first time. 

One of those first movies that made you think of your wedding day was probably Cinderella.  Many wedding days are inspired by Cinderella’s story because it is one of the most iconic love stories of all time. 

Luckily, there are many ways in which you can incorporate some Cinderella magic into your own big day. 

We have compiled a list of 16 Cinderella wedding decor ideas that everyone (see also: 16 Cinderella Wedding Shoes Everyone Will Love)at your wedding will love. 

1. Needle And Thread Centerpieces

Needles and thread play a significant role in one of the most poignant scenes in the whole movie. 

When Cinderella’s animal friends work hard to make her a beautiful dress for the ball, they use needles and thread to sew the pieces together. 

 Ultimately the dress gets torn by the evil step sisters. However, the beautiful meaning behind it remains. 

Friends will always try their best to help you and make your dreams come true.  This can be a wonderful sentiment to honor at your wedding. 

2. Pumpkin Carriage Flower Centerpieces

Centerpieces are always a great way to incorporate a theme into your wedding. The pumpkin carriage is one of the most integral parts of Cinderella’s love story.

Therefore, it makes sense to include it in your big day in any way possible.  

Finding a beautiful metallic, wire pumpkin carriage can provide the perfect method of displaying your centerpiece flowers on the tables.

It can be a great way to give your guests that fairytale feeling while they eat dinner. 

3. Clock Decorations Set To Midnight

Another key component of the Cinderella fairytale is the clock striking midnight. 

If you, your spouse, and your guests are party animals, you can make a big deal about the clock actually striking twelve midnight on your wedding day.  

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Alternatively, you can decorate your reception venue with beautiful antique-looking clocks that have all been set to display twelve midnight. 

This is a fun way to honor a key part of your favorite fairytale.   You could even place a large clock face by the dance floor to show the midnight hour. 

4. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Place Cards

One of the best things about Disney movies is the songs. 

No matter what the movie is about, whether it is new or classic, there are always songs that tug at the heartstrings and stay with us for years to come. 

One such song from Cinderella is “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”. 

Having this title or other lyrics from this song written on your guests’ place cards can be a great way to inject some Cinderella magic. 

It will also ensure that the song is stuck in everyone’s heads all day.  

5. Glass Slipper Wedding Favors

Another key piece of imagery that can be lifted from Cinderella and placed straight into your wedding day decor is the famous glass slipper. 

Wedding favors are a lovely touch to add to your big day, but the typical mesh bags are a little boring. 

Purchasing small glass slipper wedding favors for giving your guests sugared almonds and other sweet treats can be a fun way to incorporate Cinderella into your wedding.

6. One Shoe Can Change Your Life Place Cards

As we mentioned above, using song titles, lyrics, and other quotes from Cinderella can be a creative and fun way to make your place cards unique.

However, you don’t have to reference the movie directly to incorporate Cinderella.

These place cards feature a phrase that is linked heavily to the Cinderella story without directly quoting the movie. 

This can be a fun and subtle way to bring some Cinderella magic without going too on brand Disney.

7. Vintage China Crockery

Cinderella is a very classic movie and Cinderella herself is very elegant, refined, and traditional. 

Therefore, it can create a fun atmosphere for your wedding reception to include some beautiful vintage crockery. 

The crockery can be used as simple decorations or your guests can actually eat off of them.  It can be especially fun to serve tea in vintage tea cups alongside pieces of your wedding cake.

8. Masquerade Ball Masks For Guests

If you want to recreate the feeling of the ball where Cinderella first met her Prince Charming, adding some masquerade ball masks to your decor can be incredibly effective.  

If you want to get into the swing of a masquerade ball you can also ask your guests to come with their own masks or purchase enough that you can hand them out to your guests as they arrive at the reception.  

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This can also be a great way to create some memorable wedding photographs.

9. Pumpkin Carriage Wedding Favors

We have already mentioned glass slipper wedding favors, but they aren’t the only Cinderella-themed wedding favors that you could use.  

Purchasing some small pumpkin carriages can be a great way to present wedding favors to your guests.  There are so many different options for the material that the carriages are made from. 

You can have clear plastic ones or beautiful metal, open carriages. 

10. Crown Centerpieces For Prince And Princess

Cinderella is marrying into royalty in the movie, it is how she becomes the most iconic Disney princess of all time. 

Therefore, it can be fun to add a few pieces of decor that would be fit for a prince or princess. 

Adding some crown centerpieces can be a fun way to incorporate a sense of royalty into your big day.

You can make sure that the crown centerpieces, one for a prince and one for a princess, are kept on the head table where you and your spouse will be sitting. 

11. Fairy Godmother Magic Wands

This decor idea is great fun if you are going to have some younger family members at your wedding reception, however, it can also be a fun idea if your adult guests are young at heart.  

These Fairy Godmother magic wands are a great way to add a touch of magic and childhood whimsy to your wedding day. 

Again, this can result in some fun wedding photos and you never know whose wish might be granted at your reception. 

12. Wedding Bubble Balloons

Although it is often forgotten, bubbles actually play a significant role in the Cinderella movie.  The scene where you can see Cinderella scrubbing the floors in the floating bubbles is poignant. 

Therefore, bubbles can be a fun addition to your wedding decor. 

These wedding bubble balloons look like glistening, shiny bubbles but without the slippery floor afterward. 

Decorating your reception venue with some of these balloons can create a beautiful effect. 

13. Bippity Boppity Boo Wine Glasses

The fairy godmother in Cinderella is one of the most important characters.  After all, without her, there would be no happily ever after.  Additionally, she is a fun character that deserves to be honored in any Cinderella-themed wedding. 

These gorgeous Bippity Boppity Boo wine glasses can be a great addition to your wedding day decor and can be used from the time you are getting ready, all the way through to the last drink of the night.

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14. Decorative Pumpkin Details

There is no denying that pumpkins play an incredibly important role in the Cinderella love story and no Cinderella wedding would be complete without some.

If you are getting married in the fall, you can use real pumpkins to decorate your wedding. 

However, if you are getting married when pumpkins aren’t in season, there are a plethora of faux pumpkin decorations that are available and beautiful all year round. 

15. Light Up Cinderella-Themed Table Identifiers

Marking the different tables that you have at your wedding reception is important to help your guests know where they are meant to be sitting without having to walk around all of the seats.  

These beautiful light-up Cinderella-themed table identifiers are a beautiful way to achieve this.  Because they light up, they can also double as soft table lighting into the evening. 

The imagery of the famous Cinderella castle can help remind your guests that they really are at a fairytale wedding.

16. Cinderella Carriage Photobooth

One of the most fun pieces of Cinderella-themed decor that you can have at your wedding is a Cinderella carriage photo booth. 

Not only will this help keep your guests entertained well into the night, but it will also help to create some fun and lasting memories in the form of photographs.  

You can also create some fun photographic memories with your new spouse as you pretend to leave in your own Cinderella carriage with your Prince Charming.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to use Cinderella to inspire your wedding decor. 

Whether you want to add some Disney magic to your reception or want to focus on the fairytale love story, there are plenty of options that are perfect for you. 

Lisa Plaitt