Cinderella Wedding Cakes Everyone Will Love

16 Cinderella Wedding Cakes Everyone Will Love

No Cinderella-themed wedding would be complete without a gorgeous Cinderella-inspired wedding cake to share with all your friends and family. 

A wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony.  

Not only is it a beautiful moment when the newlywed couple cut the cake together, but sharing the cake with your loved ones is a wonderfully symbolic event. 

What’s more, before the cake is cut and eaten, it makes a beautiful addition to your reception venue. 

We have compiled a list of 16 of the most beautiful Cinderella wedding cakes that everyone (see also: 16 Cinderella Wedding Decor Ideas Everyone Will Love)at your wedding will love. 

Multi-Tiered Happily Ever After Wedding Cake

Anyone who loves Cinderella’s story will adore the famous closing line “and they lived happily ever after”.  With this cake, you can really drive that point home at your wedding.  

This multi-tiered wedding cake gradually adds words to the phrase with each tier as the cake gets bigger.  The beautiful gold writing on the white cake produces an elegant effect that is perfect for any wedding. 

The stunning Cinderella and Prince Charming cake topper completes the look although, you could replace them with a topper of you and your beloved.

Blue, Multi-Tiered Cinderella Castle Wedding Cake

If you don’t want a traditional white wedding cake and are in love with the gentle blue shades that are present throughout the original Disney Cinderella movie, this could be the perfect cake for you. 

The multiple tiers make this cake a great choice for a bigger wedding as there will be plenty to go around.  The gorgeous, intricate detailing on the tiers makes it a very elegant cake despite its size. 

The stunning Cinderella castle on the top of the cake completes the fairytale vibes. 

Glass Slipper Topper Fairytale Wedding Cake

Everyone knows that the main detail from the Cinderella movie is her beautiful glass slipper.  Without that, there would be no wedding and no happily ever after for poor Cinderella. 

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Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate it into your own happily ever after. 

This stunningly simple and elegant cake is absolutely gorgeous by itself, but the topper makes it perfect. 

The stunning blue-green cushion made of cake is the perfect display for the glass slipper that can be glass, plastic or even made of sugar. 

Gold Mickey Mouse Detail Cinderella Topper Wedding Cake

This cake is a very simple and classic Disney-inspired wedding cake with a Cinderella twist.  The cake in the picture only has two tiers, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t make it with more. 

The main tiers of this cake are covered in delicate golden stamps of Mickey Mouse’s iconic head.  This is perfect for a couple who loves Disney in general. 

However, the stunning topper with Cinderella and Prince Charming getting married makes this a great option for a Cinderella wedding. 

Cinderella Blue Birds Three-Tiered Wedding Cake

One of the key details of the Disney Cinderella movie is the adorable little blue birds that are two of Cinderella’s best friends. 

It almost feels like no Cinderella-themed wedding would be complete without their presence. 

Thankfully, this gorgeous soft pink wedding cake has that covered. The blue birds form part of a dynamic topper that looks like they are tying the fondant ribbon on the top of the cake. 

This is a fun and subtle way to reference the movie.

Elegant Gold Detail Carriage Topper Wedding Cake

This cake is one of the most elegant and beautiful cakes on this list. 

The stunning white of the tiers and the delicate gold detailing create a very classy and sophisticated wedding cake that would fit into almost any wedding.

The different shapes of the tiers also add an extra appeal to the cake.

The stunning golden carriage topper is the perfect gentle nod to the Cinderella movie.  Keeping the topper small is a great way to ensure it doesn’t distract from the beauty of this cake. 

Minimalist Wedding Cake With Cinderella Topper And Greenery

If you want to keep your wedding cake very simple, this minimalist option can be perfect.  The tiers are covered with simple white icing, keeping a traditional look. 

The topper features Prince Charming and Cinderella as they walk down the aisle after getting married. 

The most stunning part of this cake, however, is the gorgeous natural greenery that adorns some of the tiers.  This can be real greenery if you like or it can be made from fondant and be completely edible. 

Elegant Pastel Rose Wedding Cake With Carriage Topper

If you want something more than a plain white wedding cake but don’t want too much color, this cake with pastel roses could be the perfect option for your big day. 

The stunningly elegant pastel roses are made from icing and gently climb their way up the tiers of the cake.  This adds just a splash of delicate color to the cake.  

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The topper is a stunning magical pumpkin carriage that has also been made from fondant icing.   This means that the pastel colors of the roses can be carried on into the topper to tie the whole cake together.  

Red And White Wedding Cake With Cinderella Topper

This red and white wedding cake is one of the most colorful and different-looking cakes on this list, but the effect is simply stunning. 

This cake is a great option if you want to make sure that your own Prince Charming feels honored through aspects of your wedding. 

The red and white stripes of this cake represent the red trousers and white jacket that Prince Charming wears when he marries Cinderella in the original movie. 

The stunning pumpkin carriage tier and the topper help complete the cake perfectly. 

Traditional Tiered Wedding Cake Inside Carriage

This offering is more about the display of the cake rather than the actual cake itself, but the first bite is with the eyes so presentation is important. Any cake can be used for this option as long as it fits. 

This cake has been displayed inside a stunning, sparkly Cinderella carriage that has been adorned with red rose petals. This is the ultimate, romantic way to display your Cinderella wedding cake. 

Blue, Peach, And Gold Wedding Cake With Pumpkin Decal

If white wedding cakes aren’t really your thing, or you have a different color scheme altogether, this blue, peach, and gold wedding cake could be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding. 

The colors of this cake are warm and inviting while still being elegant and romantic.  The peach-colored roses on the top create the perfect sophisticated topper. 

The golden details make this cake seem fit for royalty and the golden pumpkin carriage is a wonderfully subtle homage to Cinderella.

Crooked Tiers And Pumpkin Carriage Base Wedding Cake

If you want a more fun wedding cake and are trying to stray outside of the bounds of tradition, this wedding cake with crooked tiers and a pumpkin carriage base could be the perfect addition to your wedding day. 

The pumpkin carriage base is the perfect nod to Cinderella and the movie. 

The crooked tiers, decorated with a pale blue, satin effect fondant icing are reminiscent of the ball gown that Cinderella wears and the color scheme that runs throughout the movie. 

Cinderella’s Castle Steps Tiered Wedding Cake

If you and your new spouse are looking forward to beginning your lives together as a new family unit, this could be the perfect Cinderella-themed wedding cake for you. 

Like some of the other cakes on this list, the top of this cake features Cinderella’s famous castle. 

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However, down the front of this cake, the tiers have been split slightly to create the stunning steps that lead to the castle. 

This can be a fun way to symbolize the beginning of your married life together in your dream castle. 

White And Golden Sparkle Tiered Wedding Cake

If you are struggling to decide between having a simple or extravagant wedding cake, this white and golden sparkle tiered wedding cake could be the perfect compromise.

The tiers are very simple with the main decoration coming in the form of some flowers attached at certain points on the cake.  Nice and simple. 

To add some extravagance to that, some of the tiers are completely covered in golden sparkles. 

Cinderella Scene Cake Mapping Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be expensive, especially if you want a highly detailed and decorated one.  However, there are some options that can produce a stunning and memorable cake while keeping costs down. 

For this cake, you just need a simple, white, tiered cake.  From there, you can have a scene or image projected onto the cake via cake mapping. 

This will make your cake look like a detailed scene has been applied, but it is all smoke and mirrors. 

Classic Tiered Wedding Cake With Blue Flower Detail

If you want a classic, more traditional wedding cake that honors your love for Cinderella, this could be the cake for you. 

The tiers of the cake are covered with a simple, white fondant icing with some basic pearl detailing.  Streams of blue flowers adorn the cake in sweeping motions to bring the tiers together and create a beautiful look.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways to incorporate Cinderella, Prince Charming, and their fairytale love story into your wedding cake. 

Use these ideas as inspiration for your own perfect wedding cake for your happily ever after. 

Lisa Plaitt