16 Cinderella Wedding Shoes Everyone Will Love

16 Cinderella Wedding Shoes Everyone Will Love

Wedding shoes are one of the most difficult things to buy for your wedding day outfit. 

With the majority of wedding gowns, the shoes spend most of the day and night covered by the skirt of your dress. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to choose something beautiful that will help complete your bridal look. 

There are always so many different styles to choose from, even with a theme as strict as Cinderella, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed by it all. 

We have compiled a list of 16 Cinderella-inspired wedding shoes that you are bound to love. 

Classic, Disney-Inspired, Blue Diamante Shoes

If your love for Cinderella stems straight from the 1950 animated classic, these shoes will instantly steal your heart. 

The beautiful shade of blue that has been used for the diamante details is reminiscent of the colors that are used in the movie.  

These shoes really feel like they could have been lifted straight out of a cartoon fairytale.  They can be a beautiful reminder of your childhood and your first dreams of a princess wedding. 

Silver Glitter Heels With Diamond Detail

These silver glitter heels definitely give off Disney princess vibes. 

The beautiful silver glitter that covers the entirety of these shoes will create a beautiful effect as the light bounces off them while you are dancing with your beloved.  

The diamond detail on the toes of the shoes adds an extra layer of glamor and makes the shoes feel fit for a princess on her wedding day.

Pale Blue And Lace Wedding Heels

If you don’t want to opt for sparkle and glitz and glamor when it comes to your bridal footwear, these pale blue and lace wedding shoes could be the perfect option for you. 

The stunning pale blue color of these heels is reminiscent of Cinderella’s gorgeous ball gown.  

The lace applique detailing is elegant and feminine and adds a little something extra to make these shoes feel special enough for your big day.

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Pale Blue And Diamond Flower Detail Shoes

If you love the idea of honoring Cinderella’s iconic ball gown but want to have a little bit of sparkle and glamor, these pale blue satin heels with diamond flower details could be the perfect compromise for your wedding day.  

The sky blue shade of the satin is not only a great way to incorporate Cinderella into your big day, but they also count as something new and blue. 

The gorgeous diamond flower detailing makes them feel special enough to be used for the happiest day of your life.  

Rhinestone Detail Pointed Flats

Not every bride wants to wear heels to their wedding. 

There are many reasons why some brides prefer not to wear heels, one of the main ones is that they can be very uncomfortable and make you miserable.  

If you prefer flats, these gorgeous rhinestone detailed, pointed flats could be the answer to your prayers.  They are still elegant and glamorous without causing any foot pain throughout the day. 

Crystal Glass Slipper Heels

If you want to feel like a real-life Cinderella marrying her prince charming on your big day, these shoes are the ultimate finishing touch to your wedding day.  

These glass slippers create the perfect Cinderella feel for your bridal look and you could even replace the garter toss with the slipper scene from the classic movie to add to the Cinderella, happily ever after feeling of your wedding. 

Strappy, Silver Glitter Heels With Delicate Flower Details

If the idea of having glitz and glamor on your wedding shoes is a deal breaker for you, these beautiful, strappy, silver glitter heels might be the perfect choice for you. 

The delicate straps around the ankle make these shoes feel incredibly elegant and feminine.  

The tiny flower details that adorn the toe part of these heels make the perfect finishing touch.  These shoes wouldn’t feel out of place in the perfect fairytale wedding. 

Because the flowers are white, they blend in with the shoes well and feel very bridal. 

Clear Vinyl Glitter Detail Heels

These clear vinyl strappy shoes that are adorned with tiny glitter and diamond details feel like the modern version of Cinderella’s classic glass slippers. 

If you would describe your journey to getting married as a modern-day fairytale or feel that you are the modern Cinderella, these are the shoes for you. 

Because they are made of clear vinyl, they don’t grab too much attention, but they also add a little bit of glamor to your overall look when people do get a glimpse. 

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Ombre Glitter Wedding Heels

If you like the idea of clear or white shoes to provide a Cinderella feel but are worried that having everything purely white on your outfit might seem a bit boring, these ombre wedding heels could be the answer to your prayers. 

The glitter adds the perfect amount of detail and glamor to these shoes to make them special enough to feature on your special day. 

The gorgeous ombre effect that takes the glitter from pure white to a darker silver provides depth to the shoes and your outfit.  

Holographic Effect Translucent Heels

If the classic glass slipper look is something that you want on your big day, but you have a bigger personality than simple see-through footwear, these holographic shoes are perfect for you. 

The material of the shoes is still translucent, like Cinderella’s famous glass slippers, however, the holographic effect provides some fun colors and effects that make them a lot more interesting to look at than the average glass slipper. 

If Cinderella was around now, she’d definitely want these shoes instead.

Pale Blue Wedding Shoes With Diamante Heel Detail

We have already acknowledged that the pale blue, satin slipper aesthetic is the perfect addition to any wedding to make the bride feel like a real-life Cinderella

However, just pale blue satin can be a little boring and some brides won’t want large or bulky diamond details on the toes of their shoes. 

These beautiful wedding shoes feature the stunning Cinderella blue satin, and the diamond detailing that adds some glam and sparkle is located at the back of the shoe on the heel. 

Keeping the slipper appearance with a secret glamorous detail.

Ivory, Pearl Detail Kitten Heels

If you really don’t want blue wedding shoes and you don’t really want any sparkle on them either, these ivory, pearl detail kitten heels could be perfect for you. 

The ivory color is just off-white enough to stand out from the rest of your dress and the pearl detailing along the straps make the shoes look very elegant. 

Over all, these shoes are the epitome of bridal sophistication and Cinderella would be sure to wear them herself. 

Lace, Open-Toe Boot Heels

If you are the sort of bride that wants to stray slightly from the more traditional look that many brides go for, these shoes could be for you.  

The lace material of the shoes is very elegant and sophisticated while the open-toe boot style is a little bit more fun.  These shoes are perfect for the more unique Cinderella bride.

All-Over Diamante Heeled Booties

If boots and booties are your thing over kitten heels and pumps, these all-over diamante heeled booties could be a great option. 

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The diamante covering the entirety of these shoes is sure to add sparkle and create a fun effect with your lighting as you dance the night away. 

The bootie style is also a bit different from a traditional wedding shoe and can be a lot more comfortable.

Holographic Effect Sneakers

If you are a bride that wants to cut tradition entirely, these holographic effect sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day. 

There is no rule that says that a bride has to wear heels, nor that she can’t wear sneakers.  

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable on your big day and these sneakers let you be comfortable in style. 

Clear, Cut Out Flower Pump Wedding Shoes

If you are still sold on the idea of having a glass slipper on your wedding day that rivals Cinderella’s, these clear, cut-out flower pumps could be the perfect wedding shoes for you, 

The clear material creates the illusion of a glass slipper while the delicate and intricate cut-out flower details add a little something extra to make them even more special.

The scattered diamantes bring a little extra shine and sparkle to elevate them to true wedding show status. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways to interpret Cinderella wedding shoes. 

Whether you are looking for a classic, glass slipper type of wedding pump, or you just want a shoe that Cinderella would want to wear instead, there is something out there for you. 

Also, trying on lots of potential wedding shoes can end up giving you your own Cinderella moment when you finally find the perfect one.  

Lisa Plaitt