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9 Enchanting Cinderella Wedding Dresses to Live Your Fairytale

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Inspiration for their wedding dress can come from a lot of places.

Hence, some brides may look towards their favorite Disney princess on how they want their wedding dress to look like. 

Cinderella is a beloved Disney princess, and her famous gown she wore to the ball is sought after by many brides as their dream wedding dress.

In the film, the simple Cinderella goes through a dramatic transformation and ends up with a gorgeous ball gown that any bride would adore to wear on their own wedding day.

In this article, we are here to make all your Cinderella wedding dreams come true. We have collected together a range of wedding dresses that have been inspired by Cinderella for you to gain your own inspiration from. 

Elements Of A Cinderella Wedding Dress

When you think of Cinderella’s wedding dress, there are a lot of different elements to consider. Usually, they are a type of ball gown, consisting of a skirt that features many layers and a long train.

The bodice will be quite fitted to create a beautiful silhouette. 

When it comes to the sleeves, there are a lot of variations out there. A lot of Cinderella dresses use off the shoulder sleeves. However, there are other opinions out there that still look beautiful.

The type of sleeves you go for will depend on when you plan to have your wedding. 

In addition to this, you may take the 2015 live action film as your inspiration, instead of the original film. In the live action remake, Cinderella has a wedding dress, which features various embroidered flowers along the hem of the dress. 

As a result, there are a lot of things that you can look into when selecting a Cinderella wedding dress. You may go for a classic Cinderella wedding dress, or look for something a bit more modern. 

With this being said, something that connects Cinderella wedding dresses of past and present together is the use of bead work and lace. These small features make the dresses sparkle and make them feel a lot more special. 

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Cinderella Inspired Wedding Dresses

Below is a list of domes of the best Cinderella wedding dresses, that may inspire your own Cinderella wedding dress. 

1. Cinderella By Disney Fairytale

The exquisite satin ball gown with a Cinderella-inspired bodice and train is embellished with overlapping bead and sequin appliques.

A connected drape sleeve with a sweetheart neckline adds a touch of classic elegance. This dress is simple yet captivating because of the lovely detailing that runs down the bodice and across the shoulders.

2. Live Action Cinderella Wedding Dress

If you are in love with Cinderella’s wedding dress from the live action version, then you will adore this dress. There are a lot of layers to this dress, which creates a large skirt.

However, only the best fabrics are used, consisting of satin, silk, tulle, and a lot of embroidery. 

This dress consists of a fitted corset and sheer full length sleeves. The skirt flows out from the wait to create a dramatic train.

Running up along the chest, sleeves and skirt are hand embroidered beautiful flowers in various colors. These flowers add a pop of color to the dress, and make it feel even more magical. 

You will truly feel like Cinderella, while wearing this handcrafted dress. 

3. Beaded Lace And Satin Ball Gown By Oleg Cassini

This satin ball gown is ideal for the bride who values a classic appearance with contemporary accents. It has a beaded lace bodice, alongside a low illusion back and sheer long sleeves. 

Grand entrances and exits are made possible by a beautiful cathedral train that can be lengthened if the bride wishes for a longer train.

Very similar to Cinderella’s own wedding gown, but designed for a contemporary bride. This dress will make every bride feel like a princess.

4. Strapless Cinderella Ball Gown By Kleinfeld

A fantasy comes true with this strapless Cinderella Platinum ball gown!

This elegant dress, which draws inspiration from Cinderella’s magical transformation, is adorned with exquisite crystals that adorn the strapless bodice and fall down the entire ballgown skirt.

All you need are a pair of glass slippers to finish the outfit! 

The Cinderella dress has a ball gown shape, sparkling tulle, delicate English netting, exquisite silver needlework, crystals and glass beads all over the dress.

Furthermore, a strapless scooped neckline, a distinctive corseted bodice, and a fully adorned skirt with train, are all featured on this dress alongside crystal buttons.

5. Cinderella Wedding Dress From Morilee

This Cinderella designed wedding dress is a masterpiece in fashion. A traditional dress is given a dazzling touch. Over Chantilly lace, the off-the-shoulder bodice is covered in shimmering pearls and crystal beading that cascades down the netting. 

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This dress comes with a detachable tulle over skirt with pearl and crystal beaded trimming. Hence, you may create two different looks with only one piece.

So, if you desire a Cinderella-inspired gown but don’t want a large puffy skirt, this dress is ideal for you.

6. Elegant Queen Anne Bridal Gown

This elegant bridal gown screams classic Cinderella. This is a stunning lace, ball gown with a lace up and corset back. The beading and appliques running across the shoulder, and onto the bodice are beautiful. 

There is a cut-out on the back, which creates a kind of heart shape, which makes this dress feel even more romantic. There is a lot to love about this dress, and the short sleeves make this dress perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

7. Cinderella Disney Bridal

This Disney wedding dress is so lovely, it may have been created by the fairies. A translucent, beaded yoke that shimmers like Cinderella’s glass slipper complements the draped bodice.

Additionally, a natural waist with a beaded waistband is included. 

This full-length ball gown silhouette will immediately remind you of Cinderella’s original ball gown. There are several colors of this gown available, that all go with the silver, blue, and white color scheme of Cinderella.

8. Karina Princess Wedding Dress

Do you remember Cinderella’s dress that was torn apart by her stepsisters? Well, this dress has been the inspiration for this wedding dress. This is a stunning short-sleeved wedding dress made from lace.

It also features a tiered, ball gown lace skirt, with a simple bow on the back. 

Everything about this dress will remind you of Cinderella, from the bows to the delicate and detailed lace work. In addition to this, this dress can be made to size. Thus, any bride no matter their size will look beautiful in this dress. 

9. Backless Satin Gown

With a lot of these Cinderella wedding dresses, they have a lot of detailing such as lace or embroidery. However, if you are looking for a much simpler Cinderella wedding dress, then look no further. 

This is a simple ball gown with a bateau neckline. Hence, it is ideal for anyone who wants a more modest and covered up dress for their big day.

In true Cinderella fashion, this gown has a large skirt with pleats that make it look interesting to look at. 

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While this dress may be quite plain as it features no appliques, it does have an open back.  The low back makes this dress feel more romantic and beautiful.

The long sleeves work well in creating a really feminine look. This is the kind of wedding dress you could see Cinderella wanting to wear herself. 

Frequently Asked Question

What Color Is Cinderella’s Dress?

Back in the original 1950s film, the dress was in fact silver, in color. Yet, for marketing purposes, the artists change the color to blue. Otherwise, they thought that the gown would look too much like a wedding dress.

Hence, it is no surprise that many brides seek a Cinderella inspired wedding dress for their own big day. 

Usually, Cinderella wedding dresses can be found in either white or silver. Yet, some dresses may have a hint of blue which resembles the dress from the films.

Although, in the live action remake, Cinderella’s wedding dress is a mixture of pastel hues and white. It is up to the bride to decide which color she thinks will suit her the best. 

Final Thoughts

Cinderella is a classic Disney princess, whose dress has inspired a lot of people to have something similar for their own big day.

When it comes to a Cinderella wedding dress, we are looking at big ball gowns that feature intricate beading or needlework. 

There’s no denying that a Cinderella wedding dress looks elegant and classy while making the bride feel like a princess.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and found a Cinderella wedding dress that you would love to wear on your own big day. 

Lisa Plaitt