July Wedding Colors

15 July Wedding Color Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

Summer weddings offer a multitude of choices for wedding palettes. There is so much inspiration to draw from, hot summer days, abundant flowers and fun, colorful themes.

It may be hard to narrow down your choices, but we’re here to help you do just that. 

We have found fourteen July wedding colors to give you some warm weather inspiration. 

Light Pink & Light Blue

The combination of light pink and light blue creates a soft, romantic wedding palette that is perfect for a warm weather wedding. 

These pastel hues are muted shades of their stronger cousins and when mixed with a good shade of greenery set the tone for a sweet wedding celebration in July. 

The light pink is perfect for the bridesmaids dress and with bouquets of pink, blue and white flowers balanced with green foliage you will have a stunning bridal party.

Put the guys in a darker blue with light blue ties and light pink boutonnieres. 

Purple & Khaki

Don’t be shy with this combination of strong purple and the earthy tones of khaki. The strong shade of purple demands attention and works beautifully with the neutral hue of khaki. 

Use the range of purple shades throughout the wedding venue decor, on your invitations and top your cake with an eye-catching display of purple flowers.

Purple bridesmaids dresses with a balanced purple and neutral bouquet will look stunning. 

Groomsmen in khaki suits, white shirts and purple ties to match the bridesmaids will complete your wedding party look.

A neutral and purple bouquet for the bride is perfect. 

Coral, Gold & Mint

The hot shade of coral works well with cool mint for a wedding combination. Add the warm but neutral tone of gold and you have a fantastic July color scheme. 

Coral is a great shade for bridesmaids dresses, or you could mix it up with half of your bridal party in coral and half in gold. 

For the groom and groomsmen, navy or dark blue suits provide a great contrast to both mint and coral. Give the guys mint ties and coral boutonnieres.

Coral and gold decorations on your wedding cake will look wonderful. 

Pink & Burgundy

You can create a stunning color palette with pink and burgundy, perfect for a hot July wedding. The dark sultry red speaks to passion and romance while the pink is soft and feminine. 

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Have a mixture of bridesmaids dresses in each color and bouquets with deep red and light pink blooms. Dark blue or dark gray suits for the guys with pink boutonnieres and burgundy ties. 

For your reception, luxurious burgundy table runners and napkins on white tablecloths with gold accents are the ultimate in opulence and luxury.

Pink floral arrangements tie the look together. 

Lavender & Lemon

For the most colorful wedding scheme of the summer, go with lavender and lemon.

These two colors are wonderful if you want a romantic countryside or rustic wedding where you can incorporate these natural shades. 

Put your bridesmaids in soft lavender gowns with bouquets of white, lavender, and lemon blooms. Dress your groomsmen in light gray with lemon ties and boutonnieres including a spray of lavender. 

A lemon and lavender wedding cake as your centerpiece can be surrounded by matching blooms, greenery and table decorations. 

Sky Blue & Peach

What better colors for a July wedding than sky blue and peach? Both speak to warm summer days and are soft, feminine colors that can be incorporated into every aspect of your wedding. 

Blue and peach save the date cards and wedding invitations can introduce the color theme to your guests.

On the day, have your bridesmaids in sky blue gowns with bouquets of peach, cream and white flowers for an ultra romantic bridal party. 

Dark blue or gray suits for the groom and his groomsmen can be complemented with sky blue ties and peach blossom boutonnieres. 

Tangerine, Yellow & Fuchsia

There is no mistaking this trio of colors as anything other than fun summer wedding shades, you can practically feel the July heat.

The citrus colors of tangerine and lemon yellow complement each other and the addition of fuchsia lifts the entire palette. 

Have your bridesmaids in a mixture of tangerine and yellow gowns, with a bouquet featuring strong fuchsia colors.

For the groom and groomsmen, tangerine vests and ties with pale gray suits. 

When it comes to the cake and food for the reception, go all out with the citrus theme. Add some pale pink shades into your floral arrangements too. 

Light Blue & White

Light blue and white can be cooler colors but with the right addition of greenery and warm accents they work really well for a July wedding. 

Blue has the advantage of always being a popular wedding color, so there will be no shortage of options for your light blue and white palette.

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This is a wonderful color theme for a minimalist wedding. 

Put your bridesmaids in light blue dresses with white bouquets interspersed with green foliage.

The groomsmen will provide a smart contrast in dark blue suits, white shirts and light blue ties and white boutonnieres. 

Poppy & Sage

For a tropical themed wedding in July, consider poppy and sage as a color combination. This would also work very well for a beach wedding

The warmth of poppy speaks to summer while the cooler sage evokes lush greenery and tropical foliage. 

Incorporate a deeper green and a neutral earth tone to create a complete color palette. Have bright poppy bridesmaids dresses accented with bouquets of sage and forest green.

Put your groomsmen in a neutral khaki with sage vests and poppy boutonnieres. 

Your reception tables can be dressed in crisp white tablecloths, poppy napkins, floral arrangements and plenty of greenery. 

Classic Blue & Gold

Many brides choose to have their weddings in July to guarantee good weather but want to stick to classic wedding colors rather than seasonal ones.

For those who want to create a sophisticated and elegant wedding theme, classic blue and gold is perfect. 

These two tones complement each other perfectly which is why they are a timeless favorite.

To create an opulent wedding venue dress your tables with classic blue tablecloths, and gold flatware.  Centerpieces of pale blooms and fresh greenery complete this look. 

Dress your bridesmaids and groomsmen in classic blue with subtle colored bouquets and boutonnieres. 

Pistachio & Rose

These colors are both delicate and flattering shades. From the wedding stationery to the bridesmaids dresses they will create a romantic and dreamy wedding theme. 

Pistachio bridesmaids dresses and delicate rose bouquets will give your bridal party a stunning look.

Or choose a range of green shades based around pistachio to match the skin tone of each of your bridesmaids. 

Put the groomsmen in light gray suits with pistachio vests and rose boutonnieres.

The bride should have shades of green and rose in her bouquet to complement her white or ivory gown. For your table decor, introduce some gold accents with flatware or candlesticks.

Navy Blue & Yellow

For a great outdoor July wedding pair navy blue with a bright yellow. Both are strong summer colors and there is a lot of inspiration out there for how to put these shades together. 

Navy bridesmaids dresses look sophisticated and elegant, particularly with the addition of a bright, and colorful yellow bouquet.

Mirror these flowers in the guys boutonnieres, who could wear light gray suits rather than overwhelming the color theme with more navy blue. 

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Dress your reception tables with crisp white tablecloths, navy napkins and yellow and green floral arrangements. 

Hot Pink & Green

For a hot weather wedding what better than hot pink paired with vibrant green? Perfect for a tropical themed wedding these colors are fun and passionate. 

Introduce your guests to the theme early with bold colored wedding invitations. Carry it through to the wedding venue decor and table arrangements.

Incorporate lots of palm fronds, hot pink blooms and whimsical tropical additions like coconuts and flamingos. 

There is nothing coy about this wedding palette and bridesmaids will look stunning in hot pink gowns.

Give the guys hot pink and bright green boutonnieres to liven up their wedding suits. 

Pastels & Metallics

For a July vintage wedding go for a mixture of romantic pastels and cool metallics. This combination works really well if done properly.

Keep the pastels to grays, pinks and peaches but introduce gold metallics and lots of greenery. 

Choose soft gray for the bridesmaids dresses and give them bouquets of pale peach and pink blooms with silver and green foliage.

The groom and groomsmen can wear dark gray or blue with boutonnieres to match the bridesmaids bouquets. 

For your wedding tables use metallic silver or gold flatware, romantic candlesticks and lots of pastel floral arrangements. 

Final Thoughts

Summer weddings are one of the most popular and there are lots of color combinations to choose from.

You can stick to the shades that reflect the season or go with whatever suits your personality and taste. 

We hope our guide has given you some inspiration for your upcoming wedding. 

Lisa Plaitt