October Wedding Colors

18 October Wedding Colors You Will Fall in Love With

October offers a wide variety of colors for your wedding. Drawing inspiration from nature and the beauty of fall you can mix earth tones with vibrant, autumnal shades to create a stunning color palette. 

These October wedding colors are a sample of what you can achieve while staying on trend this year. 

Emerald Green & Brown

Emerald green is a deep, rich color which pairs well with the warm earth tones of brown. They are both deeply inviting fall colors and complement each other beautifully for an October wedding. 

From bridesmaids dressed in deep emerald green to brown table settings to reflect the season, this is an elegant and sophisticated combination of fall colors.

The bridal bouquet can incorporate both shades with deep green and brown foliage and warm colored blooms. 

Rust & Orange

Rust is a trending color and goes particularly well with orange. The two are different hues of red and project a warm, comforting vibe.

For an October wedding, they can work for the wedding decor, bridesmaids dresses, tableware and floral arrangements. 

These shades add natural elements to all aspects of a wedding and can incorporate other fall colors such as mid-greens. A good complement to these shades is copper which you can add to your tableware.

Dried floral arrangements are perfect for this color palette. 

Dusty Blue & Green

A light shade of blue and eucalyptus green is a soothing combination of colors for an October wedding. It is a timeless look that also really suits a rustic wedding setting.

Add some shades of taupe or brown to contrast and add warmth to your wedding palette. 

To create an on-trend, mismatched wedding look, use various shades of light blue and green for your bridesmaids dresses. Carry the blue green theme over to your floral arrangements and wedding table decor. 

Burgundy & Gold

There are no two colors more opulent and luxurious than burgundy and gold. These shades speak to the turning of leaves in fall and the richness of the harvest season.

Dressing your bridesmaids in this deep red color will provide a stunning contrast to your white bridal gown. 

You can include gold flatware and candleholders for your wedding tables. Decorate your cake with a gold wedding cake topper and decadent, deep red fall fruits. 

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Navy & Burnt Orange

Combine classic navy blue with sumptuous burnt orange for a hot look at an October wedding. When it comes to the flowers you will have so much choice from peach to deep orange and red hues. 

There are so many ways you can incorporate these contrasting colors into your wedding clothes. Dress the groomsmen and bridesmaids in navy with burnt orange bouquets and boutonnières.

Create a visually stunning table with orange flatware on navy tablecloths. 

Terracotta & Deep Red 

If you are having an October wedding then why not go all in with deep red and terracotta as your wedding colors. These shades will certainly brighten your fall nuptials and give all aspects of your wedding a warm feel. 

Use the range of terracotta hues to choose mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids and accessories for groomsmen.

These colors are in abundance in nature during October, so you will have a lot of choice for bouquet and table flower arrangements. 

Champagne & Salmon

Champagne is a popular choice for wedding colors at any time of the year. Paired with salmon it creates an elegant and romantic combination.

Stand out from the crowd for your October wedding by going for these paler shades that speak to luxury and sophistication. 

Add pops of color into the bouquets and table decorations to lift the palette and combine different shades as accents. Lots of greenery in the flowers adds another level of interest to these classic colors. 

Dusty Rose & Wine

You can’t go wrong with adding dusty rose to your wedding color palette. The addition of wine or burgundy is a perfect complement to the more neutral hue, bringing a level of warmth to chilly October days. 

Deep wine colored wedding invitations with gold script will set the tone for your luxurious wedding. And of course, the bouquets and table decor should include plenty of dusty pink roses and rich wine blooms. 

Teal & Tangerine

The combination of teal and tangerine will create a feast for the eyes at your October wedding. The cool tones of teal are contrasted with the fiery orange that adds warmth and freshness to your celebration. 

Teal contrasts beautifully with a white or ivory wedding gown and adding tangerine to the bride’s bouquet provides a pop of color.

Include a deeper earth tone to some of your wedding elements to pull the two shades together. 

Purple & Yellow

Following the traditional fall colors for a wedding is not for everyone. So if you want to be different and create a really memorable day for everyone why not go for purple and yellow? 

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It can work really well especially if you introduce paler tones such as gray and of course, white for your gown.

Deep purple bridesmaids dresses look opulent and adding some bright sunflowers and yellow roses to the bouquets will create a stunning look. 

Mustard & Natural Green

Ditch the tradition and go for a chic shade of mustard yellow for your October wedding. From bright, cheerful invitations to vibrant bridesmaids dresses, embrace this popular shade of yellow for your wedding palette. 

Then you can cool it down with some soothing natural greens, such as sage accents or botanical foliage.

Mustard yellow is not as bright as some other yellow shades and its muted tones work very well for a fall wedding celebration

Burgundy & Gray

Gray is a neutral color and so you can play up the accents with some burgundy elements in your wedding scheme. The deep red hue brings a vibrant warmth and creates pops of color against the cool gray. 

The white of the bridal gown is a wonderful contrast to gray bridesmaid dresses. Deep burgundy blooms in the bridal party’s bouquets lifts the entire color scheme.

Groomsmen dressed in gray suits can sport burgundy ties and boutonnieres.

Gold & Black

For the most opulent and sumptuous wedding color scheme choose gold and black for your palette. No matter the season, this combination will look stunning but especially for an October wedding. 

The darker nights and the color changes in nature are reflected in these colors. You can go full glam with the gold accents for your decor and of course, black is the most sophisticated color.

Bridesmaids will look stunning in black gowns with gold accessories. 

Burnt Orange & Ivory

Another hot trend for wedding colors is burnt orange. Paired with ivory it recreates the vivid autumnal colors bringing warmth to the pale, cool ivory tones.

For brides who want to wear an ivory dress rather than white, dressing bridesmaids in burnt orange is a great contrast. 

You will find an abundance of burnt orange accessories to complement your wedding decor. Fall fruits and foliage can be added to bouquets, table decor and of course, your wedding cake. 

Red & Yellow

You only have to cast your eye over nature in the fall to see the gorgeous palette of red and yellow on offer. Replicate that in your wedding colors for a warm and vivacious October wedding celebration.

Add a natural green to tie into the season. 

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For a bright and bold color scheme choose the stronger shades of both colors. Alternatively take it down to more natural or muted hues. Work them into your flowers, bridesmaids dresses and venue decorations. 

Blush Pink & Dusty Blue

Two of the most popular wedding colors are so romantic when used in combination. These are two of the most delicate and subtle tones but can be used to beautiful effect for an October wedding.

Eschew the traditional fall shades and go for romance instead with blush pink or dusty blue bridesmaids dresses.

Create dreamy floral arrangements with this combination and extend the color scheme to your wedding invitations, cake and groomsmen’s ties. 

Taupe, Red & Orange 

The neutral, earthy tone of taupe can act as a background color to the accents of red and orange for your October wedding palette.

Red and orange are warm tones and will create lively elements as part of the decor and bridal party. 

Deep orange bridesmaids dresses will contrast vibrantly with the bride’s gown whether that is white or ivory.

Red blooms will add pops of color for your table decor, bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres especially against taupe suits. 

Gray, Blue & Red

Combining gray, blue and red is a color palette that works flawlessly for an October wedding. The neutral gray and cool tones of blue are complemented and lifted by shades of warm red. 

For the groom and his groomsmen, light gray suits with dark blue ties and bright red boutonnieres is a classic and elegant look.

Bridesmaids in blue gowns with red bloom bouquets will perfectly complement the bridal gown. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide to October wedding colors has given you some inspiration for your wedding.

Lisa Plaitt