June Wedding Colors

15 Trending June Wedding Colors to Brighten Your Big Day

An early summer wedding can incorporate many wonderful colors and shades, but we have found fifteen of the most popular for June weddings.

Take a look at these combinations for your upcoming nuptials and find the one that is perfect for you. 

Sage Green & Peach

Sage green and peach are beautiful neutral tones that work really well together to create a natural palette.

Their soft hues are very romantic and look perfect at a June wedding reflecting the delicate colors of nature. 

With the groomsmen in light gray suits and peach boutonnieres and bridesmaids dresses in sage green your bridal party will look stunning.

A sage green and peach bouquet for the bride and matching floral arrangements for the tables will pull the look together. 

Kick-start your color theme with sage green and peach wedding invitations. 

Peach & Coral

Peach is often associated with early summer so makes a great color for a June wedding.

The deeper tone of coral complements the soft peach and together they make an upbeat choice for your wedding color scheme. 

Both colors work well against gray for the groom and his groomsmen with a soft peach tie and boutonniere adding some matching color. Navy also works well for the guys. 

These two colors can be incorporated into all your wedding food from your cake to the drinks. And in June there are plenty of peach and coral blooms to choose from for your flowers. 

Blush & Gold

If you want to blend opulence with romance then a color combination of blush and gold is the right choice for your June wedding.

This palette would suit a formal wedding with gold being a statement color and blush adding a delicate touch. 

Choose gold flatware and candlesticks for the tables with blush tablecloths and pale blooms for the floral arrangements.

Gold lettering on blush colored wedding invitations will look fabulous and some gold leaf on your blush cake will make an eye-catching centerpiece. 

Bridesmaids in blush dresses with gold jewelry will be stunning. 

Yellow & Dusty Blue

Dusty blue and yellow are a popular wedding color combination for June nuptials reminiscent of clear summer skies and the warming sun.

The shade of yellow that you choose depends on how subtle or colorful you want your color scheme to be. 

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Bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses with bouquets of sunflowers or bright yellow roses will look radiant.

If you want to keep more muted shades then a mustard or yellow ochre also works well with dusty blue. 

Blue tablecloths and yellow floral arrangements for your wedding reception will look beautiful. 

Ice Blue & Navy

Ice blue is a perfect June wedding color, its soft hue goes well with so many other colors including its darker companion, navy.

Put your bridesmaids in delicate ice blue dresses and the groomsmen in strong navy suits for a beautifully balanced combination. 

Add some strong colors to your bouquets and table arrangements to introduce a pop of color and some warmth to the palette.

Fuchsia pink is a good choice as it goes well with both shades of blue. 

The color scheme can be extended to your cake and venue decor. 

Teal & Gold

Teal and gold are both strong colors and will certainly make a statement as your June wedding colors. But don’t be afraid to embrace this combination as they suit each other really well. 

Start your theme with teal colored invitations with gold lettering. Carry it through to your wedding tables with gold flatware and teal tablecloths and napkins.

The two colors give an air of style, and sophistication to your June wedding celebration. 

Teal dresses for your bridesmaids with gold accessories would look great against navy suits for the groomsmen and groom. 

Mint & Pink

This color combination is simultaneously calming and vivacious.

The cool mint is brightened by the warm pink, and together they create an elegant palette for your June wedding.

Your wedding cake could incorporate both colors for something a little different. 

The bride’s bouquet can incorporate many different shades of pink and be interspersed with pale green foliage, tied with a mint green ribbon. 

Grooms and groomsmen can wear pale pink ties with gray suits and a pink boutonniere. Bridesmaids in mint dresses with pink posies are the perfect complement to the guys. 


There can’t be a more perfect color for a June wedding on the beach than aqua. It is simple, elegant and speaks to the soft rolling waves of the ocean.

Combine it with white and tan for a stunning wedding palette. 

Dress your bridesmaids in flowing chiffon aqua dresses and put the guys in gray suits and aqua ties.

If you want to mix it up you could mismatch your bridesmaids dresses with some teal instead. But make sure their posies are quite muted to tone down the green shades. 

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Raspberry & Blue

For those not afraid to make a statement on their wedding day, raspberry and blue are a bold choice.

They create a wonderful balance of masculine and feminine in your wedding color scheme. This is a fantastic duo for an outdoor, or rustic wedding. 

The groom and his groomsmen in dark or mid blue suits with raspberry ties and boutonnieres with bridesmaids in raspberry dresses will make for a stunning wedding party. 

For your table decor put shades of raspberry blossoms in pale blue vases and carry the theme through to your wedding cake. 

Ice Blue & Fuchsia

Ice blue is a delicate pale shade that is a wonderful foil to the strong color of fuchsia or magenta.

The two together make a beautiful combination for a June wedding color scheme with the strong pink of the fuchsia warming the ice blue. 

Bridesmaids dressed in ice blue carrying fuchsia posies and groomsmen in dark suits, ice blue ties and with fuchsia boutonnieres, will make the most stunning wedding party.

Your floral arrangements will be easy to match to the theme by having actual fuchsia in them. 

White & Green

For an early summer wedding a palette of white and green will be both vibrant and elegant. Choose the shade of green you want, from sage green to emerald green.

Both go beautifully with white, or you could have shades of green for your mismatched bridesmaids dresses. 

Lots of foliage in your floral arrangements will look good against white tablecloths and of course, against the bridal gown for the bouquet. 

A stately white iced wedding cake draped in lush greenery will make a stunning centerpiece for your wedding reception. 

Turquoise & Pink

Turquoise is such a summery color and paired with pink it is a bright and fun shade for your June wedding. It makes the ideal combination for a beach or tropical wedding. 

Set the tone by having a bold, modern design for your wedding invitations in your chosen colors.

Turquoise bridesmaids dresses will be complemented with pretty, pink posies and matched by turquoise ties for the groomsmen with pink boutonnieres. 

Decorate your wedding arch with turquoise and pink chiffon and flowers for a colorful and romantic focal point for your ceremony. 

Dusty Rose & Gray

For a laid back and minimalist June wedding choose a color scheme of dusty rose and gray.

The calm tones of gray will look great on the groom and groomsmen, add a pop of pale pink with a rose for their boutonnieres. 

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Mix it up and put your bridesmaids in both dusty rose and gray dresses with some delicately colored posies.

White tablecloths with gray runners and dusty rose candles will make a beautiful display for your wedding tables. 

Pale pink roses and a gray ribbon around your wedding cake complete the look for your big day. 

Yellow & Green

It doesn’t get much more summery than yellow and green for your June wedding colors. You will also be able to play around with different shades and hues to find your perfect combination. 

Early summer is the perfect time to incorporate these two colors into your wedding with some many flowers to choose from.

Reflect the time of year in the sunny bright yellow of primrose or lemon and complement with both emerald and leaf green. 

Have your bridesmaids in both yellow and green or different shades of either.  

Blush & Peach

Blush and peach are both delicate colors and offer a very romantic palette for your June wedding. Blush is a light shade of pink while peach is a muted orange with a slightly warmer color. 

This is a very feminine color scheme and works well with both gray and green.

For the groom and groomsmen gray suits with peach boutonnieres and matching ties will look very elegant. 

Bridesmaids in blush dresses carrying posies of peach and blush blooms punctuated with fresh green foliage will create a magical bridal party.

Carry the color scheme through to your venue’s table decorations, floral arrangements and your wedding cake. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide to June wedding colors has been helpful and that it has given you some inspiration for your early summer wedding. 

Lisa Plaitt