August Wedding Colors

The Best August Wedding Colors for Your End-of-Summer Romance

The best part of having your wedding in August is the incredible colors you can choose to incorporate into your theme!

Both vibrant and neutral shades look divine during the summer months, so there’s a lot of opportunity to get creative.

To help you choose your August wedding color palette, we’ve listed a few ideas to 

get you started. There are colors to suit all tastes, so read on and see which August wedding colors speak to you.

What Is A Wedding Color Scheme?

Wedding colors are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.

Choosing the perfect color scheme can help set the mood for your celebration and even determine how much money you spend on flowers, invitations, and other wedding decor.

Wedding color schemes can range from a single color to multiple colors, but they’re typically based on two or three colors that complement each other well.

A good wedding color scheme is one that complements your dress, suits your personality, and fits with your venue.

It’s not just your wedding theme that can help you choose the right color scheme for your big day. Your wedding colors also need to match your overall style and personality.

Beautiful Colors For An August Wedding

The color palette you choose for your wedding can have a major impact on the overall look and feel of your big day.

It helps to start with a main color that you can later add accents to.

With the warm weather, there’s no better time than now to take advantage of the vibrant colors and bright hues that are so in style for summer weddings.

Whether it’s a beach ceremony or an intimate backyard wedding, these colors will be sure to make any event come alive.

Sunflower Yellow

Nothing says summer like sunflowers!

And using this beautiful shade of yellow at your August wedding is bound to make your guests feel those happy summer vibes.

A color like yellow can sometimes be a little hard to work into your wedding color scheme, but when it’s done during August, it makes it so much easier to do it right!

The shining sun and blooming flowers will only enhance the beauty of this bright hue and make you feel even more joy as you tie the knot.

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There are many ways you can incorporate yellow into your wedding.

First of all, and probably the best way to get the perfect hue, is to ask your wedding florist to use sunflowers for floral arrangements and your bouquet!

These flowers are especially beautiful when paired with roses and will give you the perfect color palette when incorporating sunflower yellow into other aspects of your wedding.

Next, nothing makes a statement better than yellow bridesmaid dresses!

Flowing mid-length dresses will look incredible in your wedding photos and really capture the summer vibe that you want during August.

And if sunflower yellow is a bit too bold for you, you can always use this gorgeous shade of yellow in your bridesmaid’s accessories, like their shoes or jewelry.

Watermelon Pink

The sweet taste of watermelon is always reminiscent of hot August days, and it truly is a perfect color to use for your summer wedding.

This beautiful pink with a hint of orange will bring a light radiance to your wedding. Paired with a bright orange, it can make all aspects of your ceremony and reception really pop. 

The first thing you could do is use watermelon pink on your wedding invitations.

A vibrant splash of this color will get your guests into the summer wedding spirit before they’ve even had time RSVP!

It’s especially good to use if you’re having your wedding near the beach, and you could include seashell motifs in your invite design.

Having watermelon pink as part of your wedding color scheme gives you a unique opportunity when it comes to designing signature cocktails for your bar menu.

Serving watermelon cocktails will mean that even the color of your drinks will match and, of course, taste amazing.

Consider a cocktail like a watermelon margarita or mimosa! Better yet, soak your favorite liquor in juicy slices of watermelon for a boozy snack!

Dusty Blue

For pastel-loving brides, dusty blue is the perfect color for your August wedding. Just think about how beautiful this shade will look next to luscious greenery and rustic accents! 

Everything about dusty blue is dreamy and ethereal, and can make a rustic summer wedding that extra bit romantic.

It is so easy to coordinate with other colors, like gray and light pink, and looks amazing against all skin tones.

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What’s even better about dusty blue is that it comes in more than one shade! This is perfect if you want to play with the contrast between light and dark at your wedding.

For example, take your bridesmaids dresses; you can have your bridal party in varying shades of dusty blue. It looks great and means that all your bridesmaids will be happy in their chosen shade.

Speaking of dresses, if you want to stray from tradition, why not wear a dusty blue wedding dress?

It might not be for everyone but if you want to put your unique spin on a classic, then dusty blue is the way to go. Pair with some white and silver accessories and you’re sure to be an unforgettable bride.

Amazing Color Combinations

There are so many colors and color combinations that can be used for weddings.

It can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide what colors you want to use, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few color combinations for August weddings that you could use as inspiration for your big day.

Sage Green & Lavender

Sage green and lavender are the perfect colors for a wedding. They are both soft, beautiful colors that look great together on just about any outfit or decor.

Both sage green and lavender are also gorgeous summery colors for your bridesmaid dresses!

This combination of colors works well with many different themes.

Sage green and lavender can be used in the invitations, table decorations, and floral arrangements to create a gorgeous vintage vibe that is beautifully light and visually appealing.

If you want to add an extra bit of flair to your wedding dress, consider adding some touches of sage green and/or lavender!

Use lavender flowers and greenery to transform yourself into a gorgeous forest nymph on your wedding day.

Tangerine & Bright Pink

If you’re getting married on a warm, sunny day in the middle of August, tangerine and bright pink are the perfect wedding colors for you. 

Tangerine is a happy color; it’s bright, it’s cheerful, and it really evokes the feeling of a summer wedding.

Bright pink brings out the sunny side of tangerine, and it also has that fun, playful vibe that will be a stand-out on your big day.

You can use tangerine as an accent color throughout the ceremony, but we recommend keeping it subtle – it’s pretty easy to go overboard with this one!

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Once the party begins at the reception, you can then incorporate some more bright pink and bring these two stunning colors together for something that’s a little outside of the box.

Slate Gray & Dandelion

This wedding color scheme is all about contrasting tones: slate gray and dandelion.

Slate gray is a cool, dark blue-gray that has a slight hint of green to it, while dandelion is a warm yellow-orange.

Combined together, these two colors create a sense of calm and serenity; perfect for an outdoor wedding!

These colors look especially beautiful alongside lots of flowers and greenery.

They’re both light enough to not be overpowering, but bold enough to stand out against the varying shades of green you’ll have decorated your venue.

Slate gray is a great color for a wedding. It’s sophisticated, but it also has an air of elegance and classicism that makes it perfect for a more formal event.

A great way to incorporate this color is through the table linens, napkins, and suits.

Then, pair it with dandelion yellow accents, and you’ll have a coherent color scheme that looks absolutely divine.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these August wedding color palettes have been helpful in guiding you towards the right choice for you and your wedding.

No matter what you choose, remember that these palettes can be changed to fit your taste as well so don’t feel like you are confined to them strictly.

Be creative and use the season as inspiration for your special day.

Lisa Plaitt