Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

15 Lovely Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Fall Wedding

If you are getting married in the Fall, and you are looking for the right dresses for your bridesmaids to wear, then there are many different color schemes and styles you can choose from.

To make this process just that little bit easier, we have put together our top picks for some of the best bridesmaids dresses on the market.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Terracotta Infinity Dress

First we have this infinity dress, sold by DCdress and available through Etsy.

As its name suggests, there are numerous ways that your bridesmaids can wear this garment – including criss crossed along the front, sleeveless, sleeved, and any way the mood takes you.

While this particular dress is in terracotta, there are numerous different color options, and you can even customize the length of the dress – allowing you and your party to match the appropriate tone for the day’s proceedings.

What is really special about this dress is just how versatile it is, allowing the wearer to create the perfect look for them and their body type, and perfectly channeling that fall theme with the wide array of earth tones available.

2. Burnt Orange Tulle Dress

Next we have the burnt orange ‘Tulle’ dress, sold by DressCulture, and available through Etsy. Offering something a little more delicate, demure, and traditional, this floaty, flowing dress gives the perfect autumnal vibe.

This style is a classic for a reason, and will really help to accentuate the natural beauty of your bridesmaids, while conveying a sense of style, grace, and elegance.

What’s more, the style of the dress is flattering for whatever body type, meaning that everyone of your bridesmaids will feel comfortable and happy come the big day.

With options for color, measurements, and cuts, this dress is unique in that it is made to order – meaning that you can put your own spin on the outfits for the special day, and really add your own little hint of personality to the evening.

3. Elegant Chiffon Lace Dress

Next we have this elegant, chiffon lace dress from BM Bridal. Classic, timeless, and ever so gorgeous, this dress is the perfect injection of class and style into any wedding, and will help to ensure that every one of your bridesmaids feels like a princess.

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Pinched at the waist, with a delicately designed lace top, and a flowing lower portion, this really is elegance incarnate, and will add the perfect accompaniment to any wedding day.

4. AW Kenney Dress

Flowing, tasteful, and enchanting, this next dress from AW Bridal really has to be seen to be believed. This will go great with any body type, and offers the perfect combination of sexiness, elegance, and modesty to keep any day a vibrant yet classy affair.

Like many of the dresses from AW, the ‘Kenney’ is available in numerous different colors, allowing you to customize the look of your bridal party to the fall color scheme of your choice, and the sizing is accommodating – offering customizable measurements for those who need an extra little adjustment here and there.

5. AW Stretto Dress

Also from AW Bridal, we have the ‘Stretto’ dress. This velvet dress is cinched at the side, has an adjustable V across the bust, and has a tasteful, elegant off the shoulder sleeve.

Perfect for any fall wedding, these dresses are available in numerous different colors and sizes, allowing you to perfectly curate the look of your wedding party with ease.

Available in burgundy, burnt orange, hunter green, dusty rose, midnight navy, and burnished gold, there is plenty to choose from to create the perfect fall event.

6. Strapless Sweetheart Dress

Next we have this strapless sweetheart dress from BM Bridal. This is a timeless classic, and is a popular choice for bridesmaids dresses the whole year round.

While the default image is a red dress, there are numerous colors to choose from, allowing you to perfectly curate the right color palette for your cozy fall wedding.

This dress is composed of clean lines, delicate folds, and a form fitting waistline that will make anyone feel like a princess.

7. Plum Bridesmaid Dress

This infinity dress sold through Etsy by RadiantRooster is the perfect accompaniment to any fall wedding party look.

While only available in plum, this dress offers versatility in style, allowing for personalization and comfort – all while ensuring a matching set amongst the party.

Accommodating to all body types, and made of stretchy, comfortable material that helps to accentuate the natural curve and flow of the human form, these dresses are cinched at the waist to add definition, and have a variable length to perfectly match the tone of the celebration.

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8. AW Janey Dress

Next on the list we have the ‘Janey’ dress from AW Bridal.

This asymmetrical design is perfect for a sassy look with personality, offering a diagonal cut along the bust, and a high rising slit up the left hand side – perfect for accentuating the natural vivaciousness of the wearer.

With simple lines, this dress isn’t one to blow its own trumpet, but offers enough style and grace to make anyone look like a supermodel.

9. Chic Hi-Lo V Neck Dress

This next dress offers something a little different, with all the style and breathability of a summer dress, but with the added gentleness, subtlety, and flow that we would expect from a fall wedding.

With a high, knee length rise at the front, and a long, flowing back train, this really is a daring yet stylish look. Adorned with a subtle, colored diamante waistband, this will really turn some heads come the big day.

10. AW Liza Dress

For an ethereal, fantasy look, we have the ‘Liza’ dress from AW Bridal. Flowy, light, and layered, this really is like something out of a fairytale, which to the right bride could be the finishing touch to the perfect fall wedding.

With bunched, loose fitting sleeves, and a slightly cinched waistline that is accommodating to a number of different body types, this dress just oozes that wholesome, pure, tasteful look that plenty of people look for.

11. Elegant Criss-cross Back Dress

Up next, we have this timeless, elegant criss-cross strapped dress from BM Bridal. This is a design classic for a reason, but offers enough originality, style, and panache to perfectly top off any bridal party.

Available in numerous colors, and allowing for full customization, this dress has thin, delicate straps across the shoulders, the characteristic criss-cross strap across the back, and a gentle slit up the left leg to accentuate the natural form of the wearer.

12. AW Joie Dress

Next we have the ‘Joie’ from AW Bridal. This combination of layers, form fitting top, and plump flowing bottom is the perfect coming together of several styles – offering the perfect combination of curves, elegance, and originality.

Available in numerous colors and customizable sizes, the very cut of this dress will transform the wearer into the goddess they were always meant to be – offering a sense of tasteful modesty, flattering hem and waistlines, and a flowing lower portion that screams elegance and style.

13. Modest Dark Burgundy Dress

Next we have this modest dark burgundy dress from BM Bridal. While the default color for this dress is dark burgundy, you can have it in any number of shades and colors – allowing you to create the perfect look for your fall wedding.

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This flowing, layered dress might be called modest, but it is certainly not boring – adorned at the waist with an intricately stitched waistline, ruffled wide shoulder straps for comfort, and n attractive, floor length lower half.

Tasteful, subtle, but oh so complex, this dress is the perfect addition to any fall celebration.

14. AW Leda Dress

Next we have the ‘Leda’ dress from AW Bridal. Shorter than some of the other choices on this list, the Leda offers a simple, tasteful, yet stylish look composed of clean lines, flattering gathered portions around the waist, and delicate straps around the neck.

Perfect for those with warmer fall temperatures, this is a timeless look that literally looks great on any body type.

15. Mermaid Off The Shoulder Dress

Last on our list, but by no means least, we have this mermaid, off the shoulder dress from BM Bridal. This just oozes class, style, and elegance, and comes in numerous color and size choices to allow for complete customization of the big day.

Adorned with an intricate beading around the torso, and delicate off the shoulder straps in a curving, attractive cut, this offers the perfect combination of timeless beauty, demure elegance, and subtle complexity that everyone should be shooting for on their big day.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to find the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your Fall wedding. We hope that this guide has been helpful, and that you can find the right look to make your special day one to remember!

Lisa Plaitt