15 Best Red Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

15 Best Red Wedding Dresses For Your Special Day

You want your dress to have some personality, and have that something that separates it from a formal or party dress, so you can find that the color red has some broad uses in this area, especially if you want to add a romantic or eccentric touch to the tone of your wedding.

However, there are a lot of places you can start from and have no idea where to go next, but not to worry, as we have picked out a great selection of red dresses that are diverse in their styling and can be as subtle or as out there as you can think of. 

1)Red Vintage Wedding Dress

We start this list strong with a made-to-measure dress with incredible net detailing around the neck that makes it a natural addition and ties it all together perfectly. We haven’t even looked at the pretty flower design that sits well near the bodice.

This one is perfect for those who are going for a traditional old-fashioned wedding but want to add some exciting notches, as this color is easy to build a theme around, as this dress works in most wedding settings.

2) Simple Wine Boho Dress

So you might not be a fan of the layering and the detailing that signifies a more expensive dress, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to go down that route and go for something more sophisticated that works as an evening dress.

The length of the skirt gives you enough movement but not too much where you have a train and can work with outdoor weddings as both of these elements can add vibrancy to your wedding.

3) Gothic Red And Black Wedding Dress

You like things gothic or want a steampunk kind of theme, so with some alterations, this dress could be perfect for you as it gives you an edge that goes beyond the typical warm red color and even has some attitude about it.

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It has red sweetheart beading with a lace-up back bodice so that you can retain some cutesy elements if you want a balance but will still have people drawn to it as it has its own signature statement. 

4) Red Mermaid Dress

We couldn’t leave out mermaid-style dresses as they can fit well with form and add some sexiness to your look, and the tattoo-like long sleeve is great for those who don’t want too much of their skin exposed, especially if you’re going for a winter wedding.

The silhouette has grand-like beading on the bodice, which is done to the tiniest of detail, so you’re bound to get the most attention from guests as they revel in its beauty. 

5) Red Queen Style Wedding Ball Gown 

Every bride wants to feel like royalty in their dress, so this dress meets that demand in subtle ways, so the gown has delicate beadwork that can be arranged to look like the jewels on a crown and the glittering on the skirt catches the light well however you look at it.

This one is best for those who want a dress that says a lot without being too much and is made even better by the illusion sweetheart neckline and queen-style sleeves, so you’ll be getting a lot of compliments from this one. 

6) Red Princess Wedding Dress

If you’d rather go for a princess look, this one is very in the look of Disney, so this is ideal for those who have elements of these classic films in their theme and is simple as it doesn’t have many layers making you move better with it on.

The accumulation of different shades of sequins gives you a lovely wavy pattern that uses the color to maximum effect, and the length on the back can be adjusted to make it as formal or fun as you like. 

7) Red Open Shoulder Bridal Gown 

This is more of a fun and casual dress that would work well in a summer or outdoor wedding as it has 3D flower patterns on the bodice, which give it a relaxed look, and has the right amount of length where it can’t be mistaken for a bridesmaid or prom dress.

These straps are thin with this dress so that you can have an open and airy dress, and quite frankly, we think it has a romantic and sweet allure that is handmade. 

8) Dark Red Wedding Dress With Cape Feathers

You might be a little eccentric or are a fan of 20s-style dresses, as this uses some of those elements of glitz and glam that can be made formal or relaxed by the cape feathers, which gives the dress a fuller figure.

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The darker shade of red does well with the sequin clusters that cover the dress as you get a nice glint that draws attention to all aspects of the dress, and with the perfect drape, you have a unique dress.

9) Red Sparkle Wedding Dress

This dress takes elegance and grace and takes it to the max, as you have a dress here that has a lot of volume and is best worn in vast open areas where this can be appreciated even more, and the glitter tulle means the dress comes out brilliantly in pictures as well.

We know this may be a bit too much for some people, but we like ambitious dresses for those with ambitious plans, and even if you don’t plan on using this one, it doesn’t hurt to try it on and feel special for a few moments. 

10) Blush Tulle Red Silk Wedding Dress

This one is difficult to describe, as it has elements of a reserved look with the cuffed sleeves, but the ball gown trail is something not to be ignored and might be something of an alternative if you find typical wedding dresses to be a bit lacking.

If you’re getting married in a stately home or are going for a chapel wedding, this one can be reserved, and the bow near the neckline is a nice touch that adds a bit of playfulness to it. 

11) Floral Red Wedding Dress

This straight-fit dress might be a choice for those who find a mermaid dress doesn’t suit them, and that’s ok, as this silhouette will look fitting for those looking for more emphasis on the design work, as the leaf and stem work is carefully made into this one.

12) Fairytale Red And Gold Wedding Dress

Fairytale weddings have become something of a trend, and it’s easy to see why, as you can play out your fairy princess dreams by showing off your fantastical style with the gold antiquity detailing that makes it majestic with a bit of a mystical element to it.

The design on the skirt is consistent with this look, so you don’t just have blocks of color that look showy, and all of this blends together as you can share your ideas and requirements with the maker, so you’re sure to have something that makes this one ‘the dress.’

13) Red Cocktail Dress

Ball gowns and straight fits might not be your style, and if you are someone who is daring and has a wild side, this is the sort of design you can look to for inspiration, even though these dresses are typically worn as an evening dress.

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This dress also shows that you’re not taking yourself too seriously and want to let your hair down, and the open front makes it a favorite for when you take your first dance. 

14) Red Minimalist Wedding Dress

There’s nothing wrong with wanting something minimal but has your personality wrapped around it, as this delicate dress is excellent for outdoor weddings, as there isn’t too much of a contrast between you and the natural elements around you.

You can order it so the sleeves are detachable, giving you more options for things like jewelry, as this dress will promote its splendor, with the choice of a chapel train for the classic wedding ceremony experience.

15)  Red Elegant Floor Dress

We finish with this cute design with a sleeve design, bodice, and small bow that makes this one super fun and elegant at the same time, so whether you want to be a stately princess or one of nature, this dress has you sorted.

Final Thoughts

You might be thinking that the color is something to worry about, as it can be a bit bright, but you can tone it down with a darker shade which is a perfect fit for most styles of weddings.

You also get a good variety of customization options that make your dress fun to wear and give you that confidence, which is what you can have if you start with one of these dresses and work your way from there. 

Lisa Plaitt