18 Snow White Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

18 Snow White Wedding Dress Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

Your wedding dress is one of the most important things that you purchase for your special day.  There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a modern wedding dress. 

Gone are the days of having to pick between a pure white ball gown dress and an ivory ball gown dress. 

With so many options available now, there are lots of things that your wedding dress can be inspired by including your favorite Disney princess. 

We have compiled a list of 18 Snow White wedding dress ideas (see also: Rustic Wedding Ideas On A Budget: Themes, Decorations, Flowers, And Dresses)that are perfect for your happily ever after.

1. Smoky Gray Wedding Gown

As we mentioned above, not all wedding dresses have to be pure white.  While that is traditional, it is becoming more and more common to use different colors for your wedding dress. 

If you don’t want a white wedding dress, this smoky gray wedding gown could be perfect for you. 

This dress feels like the sort of dress Snow White would have worn if she existed outside of the Disney universe. 

The stunning color of the dress is reminiscent of the natural colors that she would have been surrounded by when living with the Dwarves in the woods. 

2. Caped Lace Wedding Dress With Red Brooch

One of the most beautiful things that Snow White wears in the original Disney film is her red cape. 

It is possible to get a similar red cap to wear on your wedding day which is an especially good idea if you are getting married during winter. 

However, the cape on this wedding dress is made from a beautiful, thin, soft lace that flows behind you as you walk down the aisle. 

The small jeweled red brooch adds a touch of color and sparkle that honors Snow White’s ribbon and the fateful apple. 

3. Halter Neck Wedding Dress With Red Bands

If adding a splash of color to your wedding dress is important to you, this stunning halter neck wedding gown could be the perfect option for you. 

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Not only is the cut of this dress absolutely gorgeous, but the addition of red satin bands around the waist and the base of the dress adds the perfect amount of color to the dress. 

To make the dress feel even more glamorous, diamante details have been added around the bodice and the skirt area.  

The red ribbon is reminiscent of the ribbon that Snow White wears in her hair.

4. Red And Diamond Accented Wedding Gown

If you like the idea of having red accents and diamante details on your wedding dress as an homage to Snow White, this could be another great option for you. 

The red accents on this dress are limited to the bustier part of the dress, leaving the rest of the gown white and more traditional. 

The application of the diamonds manages to draw the eye to the white body of the dress rather than the red bustier which helps to ensure that the dress still looks extremely bridal.  

5. Red Wedding Gown With Black Ribbon Belt

If you want to stray from traditional gowns entirely, this dress could be the perfect option. 

There is absolutely no bridal white on this gown but it still makes you look every bit like the bride. 

It is easy to imagine that Snow White would opt to wear this gorgeous dress on her wedding day. 

The beautiful ball gown cut of this dress helps you to make a memorable entrance to your wedding. 

The addition of a sleek satin ribbon around the waist adds to the Snow White feel of this dress.  

6. Puff Sleeve Wedding Gown 

One of the most beautiful aspects of Snow White’s iconic dress is the puffed sleeves. 

If this is the part of her dress that you really want to be able to incorporate into your own wedding dress, this could be the dress for you. 

This puff sleeve wedding gown is cut in a maxi dress style with beautiful layers of lace to make up the skirt. 

This gives the dress a really elegant appearance and provides movement when you walk.  However, the star of this dress is the puff design of the sleeves. 

They give the same look as Snow White’s original dress. 

7. Wedding Dress With Bow Detail

For many fans of Snow White in the Disney movie, the bow that she wears in her hair. This can be a wonderful detail to focus on when trying to incorporate some elements of your favorite Disney movie in your wedding dress. 

This beautiful ivory gown features a statement bow at the back of the dress.  Because it is the same material and color as the rest of the dress it doesn’t draw too much attention despite its incredible size.  

8. Capped Sleeve Wedding Dress With Dark Red Ribbon

If the puffed sleeves of the dress mentioned above are a little bit too much of a statement for your style or what you want for your wedding dress, this could be a great alternative. 

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The capped sleeves are close enough to Snow White’s classic look without making too much of a statement. 

While there are many different types of pleats on this dress, it is still mostly pure white. 

The only detail that really breaks up this dress is the stunning dark red ribbon that sits around the waist and trails down to the floor.

9. Lace Detail Wedding Dress With Royal Blue Ribbon

Similarly to the dress above, this lace detail wedding dress features a stunning royal blue ribbon to help break up the white. 

The blue of the ribbon provides a subtle homage to the blue of Snow White’s iconic dress. 

The design of this dress has been incredibly well throughout with the lace top drawing the eye to the ribbon which draws the eye to the beautiful lace details on the skirt of the dress.

10. Woodland Wildflower Wedding Dress

If you want to bring the spirit of the woodland where Snow White lived with the seven dwarves to your wedding, there is no more beautiful way to do so than with this stunning wildflower wedding dress. 

The gorgeous bodice of this dress is adorned with various embroidered wildflowers in shades of pink, purple and red. 

The bodice laces up at the back with a green ribbon that gives the appearance of vines or grass.  

11. Romantic Detail Ivory Wedding Dress

If you want to stick with the woodland theme to help bring a little bit of Snow White’s spirit and love story into your wedding, this dress could be the perfect option for you.  

The gorgeous beading detail on this classic ivory wedding dress has been applied in a way that resembles the delicate branches of a tree. 

This can be a great way to keep a traditional look but include hints of Snow White’s home.

12. Antique Off-Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress

One of the easiest ways to incorporate hints of the story of Snow White into your wedding dress is by leaning toward natural shapes and embroideries that you might see in the woodland where she lived. 

This antique off-the-shoulder lace wedding dress features gorgeous leaf and flower applique details that blend in with the white of the material.  It is a very subtle nod to Snow White in a stunning dress. 

13. Whimsical Wedding Dress With Colorful Flowers

If you like the idea of leaning into the woodland aspect of the Snow White movie, this dress could be perfect for you.  

This dress gives you the perfect option to bring a little bit of color to your wedding dress. 

The gorgeous, natural-looking flowers bring a splash of color that can easily match the color scheme of the rest of the wedding.

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14. Embroidered Wedding Gown With Bishop Sleeves

We have already mentioned how much Snow White’s sleeves can be a great addition to any wedding dress.  The sleeves on this wedding dress might be some of the best on this list. 

The gorgeous long bishop sleeves help provide shape and movement to the dress.  The bodice has also been embroidered with stunning leaf details to bring the woodland vibe too.

15. Maxi Swing Wedding Dress With Batwings

Sticking with the same sort of theme, this maxi-style wedding dress brings a subtle touch of Snow White’s style to your big day. 

The sleeves on this dress are batwing style rather than puff but they are still something that Snow White would be proud of.

16. Wedding Dress With Embroidered Cap Sleeves

Snow White’s story is one of pure romance and love and you need a dress that can convey that same love and magic on your big day.  

The stunning embroidery that adorns the chest and sleeves of this dress brings the gentle romance of Snow White to life.

17. Puff Sleeve A-Line Wedding Dress With Leaf Embroidery

Because we can’t get enough of the multiple options for puff sleeves to help you channel Snow White on your wedding day we had to include one more. 

The puff sleeves on this dress are stunning by themselves, but the gentle leaf embroidery at the cuffs completes the look perfectly.

18. Embroidered Floral Tulle Pastel Tone Wedding Dress

To stick with the romantic floral and woodland Snow White theme, this stunning floral tulle dress completes our list of wedding dresses.  

The soft pastel colors and tones create the ultimate romantic look that Snow White herself would be proud to wear down the aisle.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different ways that you can bring some Snow White magic to your big day.  These dress ideas are just a few ways it can be done. 

Lisa Plaitt