15 Frozen Inspired Wedding Gowns

15 Frozen Inspired Wedding Gowns

Frozen is easily one of the most popular Disney fairytale films of recent years. The film has had an indelible impact in numerous ways. It’s not hard to see why.

15 Frozen Inspired Wedding Gowns

The story is a great one about personal liberation, and being willing to stand up for oneself. 

The starring character Elsa is also incredibly inspiring, thanks to her ability to stand up for herself and her immense powers.

But easily one of the best things about Elsa is that incredible icy-blue gown she dons towards the second half of the film.

It is so iconic, and as such, you may find yourself inspired by it when looking for your own wedding gown! 

Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place, because we are going to look at 15 of the best wedding gowns inspired by the film! Read on below to get started!

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1. This stunning gown is adorned with white images of flowers that almost look rather reminiscent of snowflakes!

This helps to give the gown a fantastical and magical look as if Elsa had fashioned it herself with her icy powers! 

This gown also features a thin mesh material which helps to give it a slight blue hue reminiscent of Elsa’s famous gown!

2. This immense gown is easily one of the biggest on this list, which gives it a truly grand look, befitting of princess Elsa!

The veil trailing behind the bride also features small white patches across the thin mesh, which creates the illusion of snowdrops being left in the bride’s wake!

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3. This amazing gown helps to make this bride look just like the famous princess Elsa.

It’s clear that the designers of this gown took some direct inspiration from Frozen, and its simple and tall shape accentuates the bride’s slender physique.

The slight blue tone also makes the gown appear icy and magical!

4. The ice blue color of this gown is made all the more beautiful thanks to the shining crystals that adorn it.

The crystals reflect light from all angles, giving the gown an otherworldly and fantastical look straight out of a Disney animated film!

5. Wow. This gown features a truly unique shape that makes it stand out completely! It features a slightly more intense blue color that changes hue towards the center.

The many small crystals that climb up the gown also make it look stunning.

6. The photo of this gown really sells the idea that Elsa could have easily made this gown herself! The open-top portion of the gown gives it a slightly more modern look.

7. We simply cannot get over this absolute stunner of a gown! Look at how elegant the shining elements of the gown look when contrasted against the light blue of the fabric.

It truly looks immense, and the photography really helps to sell the image!

The light trailing mesh elements of the gown also give the gown a sense of dimension, so it looks stunning when in motion!

8. This is easily one of the most intricate designs on this list. The whole gown looks incredibly magical as if it had been made just with Elsa’s powers.

The tree-like look made up of branch shapes also gives it a very natural look that makes it simply irresistible.

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9. This one is a little more simple than some other options we’ve explored so far, but that does not mean that it is not also incredibly magical!

We love the way that the flowers that climb up the gown look snowy!

10. This amazing gown proves that you don’t need to have Elsa’s blond hair to make the blue look work!

This gown has a very icy look, thanks to the thin mesh, which slightly obscures the body underneath, creating the illusion that the bride is floating, as if by magic!

11. We love the way that this elegant gown flows down from the top of the figure and trails softly behind the bride.

It also features slightly fewer accents than other gowns on the list, which gives it a simple and clean look.

12. This gown will have you looking like you stepped right out of the film, and into the real world! It’s definitely one of the best on this list, thanks to its wide shape.

13. The white top half of this gown helps to make it stand out from the rest of the options here. It gives the gown a very classical style that makes it unique.

14. When worn with a tiara atop the head, this gown will help make anyone look like Princess Elsa!

15. The light sleeves of this final gown had us simply floored; they help to give it an elegant final touch. And the beautiful blue color of the gown of course would make this gown a definite favorite for Elsa!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did Frozen Get So Popular?

Apart from featuring a strong story with strong characters, Frozen also featured some truly immense songs that rocketed to the top of the charts across the world, such as Let It Go.

How Old Is Elsa?

At the latest point in the story of the Frozen film, Elsa is around 24 years of age. 

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What Length Should A Wedding Gown Be?

If you’re fretting over how long your wedding gown should be, luckily, you can worry no longer, because your gown can be as long or as short as you want it.

Some women love to have a long dress with plenty of trailing elements, while others prefer gowns with smaller profiles. It all comes down to personal taste!

To Conclude

We hope this list of gowns has proven to be both inspiring and magical. There are some truly amazing pieces on here, and we just know that Elsa herself would not be able to resist some of them!

Jodie Messines