10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Ring Ideas For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Ring Ideas For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

If you grew up loving the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie and wishing for the day when you would find your very own Beast, nothing sounds better than a Beauty and the Beast wedding ring that your prince can slip onto your finger when you say “I do”. 

10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Ring Ideas For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

In this article, we will look at some Beauty and the Beast wedding ring ideas that can help to complete the Disney wedding of your dreams.

Rose Gold With Diamonds

If you are looking for a sophisticated wedding ring that contains subtle nods to the Beauty and the Beast Disney movie, this kind of design can be a great option. 

The rose gold of the band provides a warm color that matches that of Belle and hints at the significance of roses in the Beauty and the Beast story. 

The diamonds set along the band and the main set stone if you want one provide a classic look to the ring.  

To retain the elegance that this design emanates, it is important to make sure you don’t go too big for the main set diamond. 

If you want a ring with a large diamond, a different design might offer a better result. This ring idea is very classic by design and offers very slight nods toward the Disney classic.

Ruby Stone

Having a ruby as the main stone that is set into your ring creates a really beautiful appearance that provides a charming nod to the roses that are heavily featured in the movie. 

Ruby is also the precious stone that most commonly represents romantic love. 

One of the best things about having a ruby as the featured stone in your ring is that it looks great with white, yellow, and rose gold bands which greatly increases the amount of choice you have when designing it. 

Although, a yellow gold band will create a ring that is even more inspired by Beauty and the Beast due to the prevalence of the color yellow in the movie as well. 

The cut of the ruby that you add to your wedding ring can change the appearance of the ring. 

For example, if you choose a round cut, the ruby will look more like a rose, however, if you choose a heart cut, it will exude romance. 

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Adding small diamonds along the band on either side of the ruby can create an elegant look that is a timeless classic.  

Rose And White Gold 

Two colors that complement each other beautifully are white gold and rose gold.  There are many ways in which these two precious metals can be incorporated into your wedding ring design.  

One of the most gorgeous ways to incorporate both of these types of gold also subtly includes Beauty and the Beast in its design. 

Begin with a white gold band complete with the main diamond in a princess or round cut, and four side diamonds on either side of the main stone. 

To add a charming nod to beauty and the beast, add a small citrine stone set in rose gold on the side of the ring. 

The rose gold setting for the citrine should be molded into the shape of a rose to create a true Beauty and the Beast feel.

Molded Rose Gold

If the roses are one of your favorite elements of the Beauty and the Beast movie, there is no better way to incorporate them into your wedding ring design than making them the main feature.  

For this design, the band of your wedding ring should be rose gold.  However, instead of a simple round band, the top quarter is molded to look like a rose stem, complete with leaves. 

At the very top of the ring, you can feature a rose in bloom that is made from molded rose gold. 

To add extra magic to this ring design, you can include small diamond detailing on the leaves and in the center of the rose head. 

If your budget allows, you could also add the diamond detailing to some of the outer rose petals. 

The contrast of the warm rose gold and the clarity of the cut diamonds creates a striking Beauty and the Beast themed wedding ring. 

Diamond Leaves

If you have an engagement ring that features a sizable stone already and you want to continue wearing it with your wedding band, this design can give you the Beauty and the Beast design of your dreams. 

Rather than featuring a single large stone, this wedding ring design lends itself to many small stones that can be added if you wish.  

Using either white, yellow, or rose gold, a very delicate wedding band can be created that looks like the stems of the roses have gently wound themselves around your ring finger, binding you to your spouse. 

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The addition of small diamonds set in the leaves really makes this design pop despite its intricate design.

White Gold Rose With Diamonds

This kind of design is much more extravagant than the design mentioned above but is just as beautiful and classy. 

Due to the size of this design, it is a great option if you are not planning on continuing to wear your engagement ring on the same finger or at all.  

This type of design is often referred to as a blossoming flower design. 

The white gold of the band and setting provides a classic and sophisticated look while the blossoming design of the main setting adds a level of drama. 

The main stone that features in the ring works best in a cushion or Asscher cut and the petals that it is peaking out from should be adorned with smaller diamonds. 

If you want to add a little bit of color to this ring to give it a little bit of warmth, the smaller diamonds could be replaced with a different stone such as pink topaz or rose quartz.

Sapphire And Citrine

If you don’t want to incorporate Beauty and the Beast into your ring through roses, another option would be to use the color of your stones to make homage to the movie. 

Blue and yellow stones can be a great way to include your favorite Disney movie in your wedding band without creating an overly elaborate design.  

If you want to have a more traditional band-style wedding ring with a splash of Beauty and the Beast, choosing to have stones such as blue sapphire and yellow citrine can create a beautiful effect. 

These stones work best when they are set in either yellow or white gold bands.

Engraved Band

If you are even more of a traditionalist and you don’t want to have any stones in your wedding band at all, engraving can be an option. 

With this type of design, you can create a Beauty and the Beast inspired wedding band that has an incredibly traditional look for everyone other than you and your new spouse. 

Engraving can be done on the inside or the outside of your wedding band depending on what you prefer. 

Choosing your favorite quote from the Beauty and the Beast movie can be a lovely way to bring your wedding band and favorite movie together.

Rose Stem Band

Similar to some of the other designs mentioned above, a rose stem band can combine the delicate appearance of the diamond leaves band design and the molded or diamond rose designs.

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It can also provide a wonderful nod to the roses that play a significant role in Beauty and the Beast.

As suggested, the band is designed to look like the stem of a rose, with leaves protruding from the band. 

At the top of the band, the setting for the main stone is made of petal shapes that can be encrusted with smaller diamonds. 

The main stone would look great in either cushion, round, or Asscher cuts.

Rose Gold Roses And Rubies

A wonderful middle ground between a plain wedding band and a wedding ring that features a larger stone is a band that features both small stones and small molded roses. 

This also creates a ring that you could envision Belle herself wearing. 

For this design, a basic band of white, yellow, or rose gold forms the base.  Onto this base, you can add alternate small ruby stones and molded roses that are in bloom. 

The combination of the iconic roses and the rubies that represent romantic love results in a ring that encapsulates the imagery and the messaging of Beauty and the Beast.

Final Thoughts

There are so many options available when trying to design a ring that incorporates elements of Beauty and the Beast. 

Hopefully, the suggestions and design ideas that have been described above will help you to create the wedding ring (see also: 10 Aurora Engagement Ring Ideas to Awaken Your Inner Sleeping Beauty)that completes the Disney wedding of your dreams and helps you to feel like a real-life Disney princess on your special day.

Lisa Plaitt