15 Beautiful Gold Wedding Rings For Your Big Day

15 Beautiful Gold Wedding Rings For Your Big Day

Looking for the perfect wedding band can be an exciting and often stressful task, as you want something that says a lot about you while fitting into any themes that you may be going for in your wedding ceremony.

However, there are many wedding bands that you can have as custom to meet your requirements, whether you want something simple or maybe vintage looking.

Below are fifteen rings that give you the best of both worlds. And we have also included some rings suitable for the groom, and you can uniquely pair your rings. 

 1. Plain Polished Gold Wedding Band  

We start with the simple 14k wedding band as a starting point that also comes with an engraving of your choice and also comes in a hammered version for an aged look that still has a degree of simplicity to it.

This band can fit alongside any engagement ring without a clash, and with a comfortable ring, you have something comfortable to wear and falls into the traditional look if this is something that you’re looking for.

2. Yellow Gold Unisex Wedding Ring

We’ve mentioned hammered rings, but this one, in particular, can be worn by either partner and is a good pick if you’re looking for longevity, as the material is scratch and dent-resistant. 

After a while, a traditional gold ring will show signs of wear if you have to take your ring off for any reason, and best of all, it comes in a simple yet elegant display box. 

You could also consider this one as a ring if you want to renew your vows, as the aged effect of the ring can signify the strong relationship that you have built over many happy years together. 

3. Gold German Glass Ring 

These bands have genuine crushed German glass, and the gold glitter effect has us reminiscing about vintage or fantasy-type aesthetics, so it can be an excellent alternative for those who want to add some edge or quirkiness to their wedding band arrangement.

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It also comes in a fabulous wooden box that can really make this ring feel like a specially picked out one, and at angles, the gold inside is going to sparkle, which is going to catch the attention of many people. 

4. Gold Diamond Wedding Band 

If you want a diamond ring that isn’t too much, you can still be as elegant with this slimmed-down looking ring with a central diamond and the choice of gemstone that you can have fitted so that you could go for a birthstone or something like a spinel or alexandrite. 

You might be going for a fairytale, garden, romantic, bohemian, or even rustic-themed wedding. If you decide on either of these, this band gives you an elegant touch while blending into any designs you may have. 

5. Gold Floral Ring 

This ring has the traditional feel that is present in older-style rings but still says a lot about what you value most, as the flower leaf design adds a touch of mysticism and is a creative way to present your love of all things nature if you want a subtle method to do this. 

6. Art Nouveau Gold Ring 

We go to a more elegant ring here, and we can picture anyone wearing it to have a retro-styled wedding that looks to elements from the late 90s to early 2000s, as it is the perfect ceremonious band with a lot of carved features that may require a second glance.

This ring could also fit into the fantasy category, so you can see that it’s a pretty versatile band for a wide variety of types and makes the rest of the wedding planning fit into place, as the ring can be an excellent starting point. 

7. Gold Geometric Band 

If you’re a fan of lines and shapes cut into jewelry, this band can perfectly represent your love of all things contemporary, as it does away with all the staples of typical wedding bands that have only one type of finish and don’t have much of a feel to them.

This band can also be as under or over-stated as you like, as you could use it as a tiered ring in the event that you want to shake things up a bit and where your engagement ring might be as stated as you’d like.

8. Moissanite Wedding Ring

If you want glamour and a hint of sophistication, this band is one you should check out, as it has seven moissanite gemstones that will shine however you look at it, and with the chance to customize it further, you can make it your own.

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There is a chance that you could go for a smaller arrangement of stones if you feel this one looks too outlandish, as tastes can be very different, but there’s no doubt that you’re going to be mesmerized by it as you catch a glance at it. 

9. Yellow Gold Double Band 

This double band has a pear shape that fully displays your eccentric side, and if you have jewelry of a similar design, this band makes perfect sense, as it’s pretty different from what we think when we picture a wedding band. 

The perfect arrangement of stones gives this band a pleasant fit, even though this type might look a bit daintier than what you’d expect, and it just shows that you can mix elegance and simplicity in a versatile way.

10. Vintage Gold Stacking Ring 

We have another ring that works well with other bands you have, as the gemstones inside really shine when contrasted with different designs, with two rows of sized gems that complement each other really well.

It also has a classic victorian style that we can’t get enough of.

11. His And Her Wedding Band Set

This is a nice set if you want a matching pair of bands for both partners, but they are distinctive in their own way, as each has intricate details that tie in nicely with whatever dress style and aesthetic you’re going for. 

The floral design continues around the band, so you get a great ring from any angle, and in the light, the gold color really shines through, so over time, you’ll find you love the design even more. 

12. Leaf Gold Engraved Band 

This ring is one part simple and mostly classical looking, as this one is ideal for those who have smaller fingers or don’t like the feel of a chunkier feel to the band, as this one can be a subtle way of expressing your love of all things traditional with a hint of whimsy to complete the look. 

13. Gold Infinity Wedding Band 

This band is the best example of splendor that you’re likely to find, as it has a delicate look about it with clear white gems that work well to pull this band from the simple designs you see with other bands of this type and even promise rings.

These bands are also great for stacking and are made even better as it is displayed in a soft presentation case that makes the band the centerpiece of any collection of jewelry you have, so there are plenty of ways you can wear this one. 

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14. Malachite Gold Ring 

This ring is quite versatile, as you could pair it with a ring like this, and because they are usually made from tungsten, it is likely that these will last you for a while and can be made from different inlays per request. 

This matching set is a good way to represent the many different qualities of your relationship. Still, the main one is unity, and what better way to signify this transition in your life than having these bold but well-polished bands?

15. Diamond And Stars Gold Ring 

This band has a minimalist design but can add some fun and creativity to your ring lineup, and if you’re into astrology and want a subtle way to show off your interests, this is the way to go. 

Anything with stars can add an air of elegance to proceedings, so you don’t have to make any adjustments to your theme, as this band fits in anywhere seamlessly.

We like the cuttings for the stars on this one, as it is an effective way to make a bland ring more special. 

Final Thoughts 

A wedding band doesn’t have to cost you the earth, so when looking around for one, be sure to keep your options open to a range of rings, and eventually, you’ll find one that matches both your personality and style, as jewelry can be a subtle way to show off these small details.

Gold bands may seem like the traditional choice for a wedding, but there are ways in these designs that you can create something more unique, and it can be one that you cannot wait to have on your person.

Lisa Plaitt