15 Best Wedding Sandals For Your Special Day

15 Best Wedding Sandals For Your Special Day

When it comes to your Wedding day, there are so many different things that you will need to think about. 

Not only do you need to consider the venue, the color scheme and the color of your Bridesmaids dresses.

Not only do you need to think about your own Wedding dress, the time of day that you marry, and the entertainment for the evening function.

But there are lots of other, smaller details that you need to think about. Your wedding shoes included. 

A lot of people opt for Wedding Sandals, especially if you are having a destination wedding, a summer wedding, or if you simply want a nice and simple shoe to match your dress. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best wedding sandal styles for your special day. So, if you are searching for the perfect shoe, keep on reading! 

1. Petal And Pearl Wedding Sandals

First up, we have these Petal and Pearl Wedding Sandals. A lot of the time, when it comes to your wedding day, you will want nice and delicate details, and that is exactly what these sandals have on offer. 

They are incredibly sleek and stylish while also being very classic and respectable.

They also have a small block heel that will give you that little bit of height, while also ensuring that your feet do not become too uncomfortable on your special day. 

2. Simplistic Block Heel Wedding Sandals

If you are looking for a block heel sandal that is a little more simplistic than the last that we looked at, while still being very stylish, we would recommend these heels.

For the most part, these heels are simply white block heel sandals, except for the delicate lace detailing across the band. 

These shoes are perfect for complementing your wedding dress. Nobody wants their wedding dress to be the main focus on their wedding day, and these shoes ensure that your dress will be front and center. We’re sure you’ll love them! 

3. Flower Detail Wedding Sandals

Not all Brides want to wear heeled shoes on their wedding day. If this is something that you would prefer to avoid, then you might prefer these flower detail wedding sandals. 

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These sandals are designed to be comfortable. They do not have a heel so they are perfect for a beach wedding, or for the latter part of your wedding day when your feet have grown sick of your high heels.

They are simplistic in design, but simply beautiful. So you should definitely consider them for your Wedding day. 

4. Beaded Wedding Sandals

Similarly to the sandals that we have just looked at, these beaded wedding sandals are also designed as flat sandals. We love these sandals because they are so simple, yet so beautiful. They are totally unique and guaranteed to complement your wedding dress. 

These sandals would look incredible when paired with a floaty or short wedding dress for a beach-front wedding.

Likewise, they will look beautiful for your first dance, and you will be able to get plenty of wear out of them after your Wedding day too. There really isn’t anything not to love about these shoes.

5. Lace Detail Wedding Sandals

This next pair of wedding sandals we would almost totally reserve for a beach wedding. There are lots of beautiful wedding sandals in this guide, but for us, these shoes really scream sunshine. 

These wedding sandals are simplistic and beautiful in a way that the best beach weddings are. Plus, they look incredibly comfortable, so be sure to check them out!

6. BoHo Wedding Sandals

If you are aiming to achieve a BoHo themed wedding, then these BoHo Wedding Sandals are the shoes that you have been searching for. These shoes are incredibly detailed, and they are far from simple, but they are insanely beautiful. 

While these wedding sandals are not simple, they really will go with pretty much any wedding dress that you choose.

You can make them the focal point of your wedding outfit if you wish, or you can make them a supporting act, the choice is entirely yours!

7. Floral Rhinestone Ivory Block Sandals

These diamanté wedding shoes are pretty much the opposite of the last wedding sandals that we just looked at. With a very small amount of detailing on these shoes, these wedding sandals are incredibly simple with a minimal heel and a beautiful lace tie around your ankles. 

Our favorite thing about these shoes is that they have a small amount of heel which is guaranteed to improve your posture during your special day.

But the heel is small enough that it will not cause you discomfort on the biggest day of your life. These are shoes that you should definitely consider. 

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8. Block Platform Heeled Sandals

These next shoes are probably the most simplistic that we have looked at in terms of design, but they are also extremely statement. 

The style of these heels is almost vintage, and we love that. The platform style of the heel gives you plenty of extra height with a lot less discomfort, so they are perfect for any shorter Brides who want to look taller on their wedding day. 

9. White Leather Wedding Sandals

There are some designs of shoes that scream wedding, and these sandals are an excellent example. There isn’t anything too fancy about these sandals, and we love that. They are pretty much a standard wedding sandal, and they are absolutely beautiful. 

The leather material of these sandals ensures that your feet will be comfortable on your big day. Without having to worry about any pain or blisters, you can enjoy your day. All while wearing a beautiful pair of wedding sandals.

10. Lace Organza Wedding Sandals

If the wedding dress that you are planning on wearing is a shorter style, then we would definitely recommend a style of wedding sandal like this one. 

These wedding sandals are incredibly stylish while also being very simple. They will complement your wedding dress while also having you feel like a Princess. They really are one of our favorites in this guide.

11. Simple Wedding Sandals

These wedding sandals are a design that we would recommend holding onto for the latter part of your wedding ceremony.

Once you get all the official business and photographs out of the way, pop these shoes on to ensure that you can enjoy your wedding day pain-free. 

By no means are these shoes fancy, but they are simple and beautiful which is exactly what you want on your wedding day!

12. Lace Slip On Wedding Sandals

If you loved the careful, yet simple, design of the last sandals we looked at, we’re sure you will love these sandals.

These are even more simple than the last sandals that we looked at, and they have a slide-on style which makes them even better. 

We love these wedding sandals because they can easily be put aside for when you need them on your wedding day. These sandals are great, so you should definitely consider them.

13. Ivory Lace Wedding Sandals

If you look at wedding sandals on the internet, you will come across lots of “sandals” designed for beach weddings, simply because there is no sole to the shoe.

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If you want to achieve this lace look, while also having a full shoe, these are the sandals that you should check out!

It is worth noting that with these shoes, you are choosing style over comfort, but on your wedding day, this is a common choice that is made. If you want stylish lace sandals for your special day, then you will love these sandals!

14. Beach Wedding Sandals

Just like a couple of the wedding sandals that we have looked at in this guide, these beach wedding sandals are clearly designed for a beach wedding. These shoes are barely there, and give the illusion that 2 pieces of lace are holding your shoes to your feet.

They are slide-on sandals, and on first impressions they probably aren’t what you would imagine for your wedding day. However, if you are looking to achieve the calm and peaceful vibe of a beach wedding, these shoes are perfect. 

15. Lace Detail Wedding Sandals

Finally, let’s wrap this up with these lace detail wedding sandals. If you liked the lace organza heeled wedding sandals that we looked at earlier, you’ll love these sandals too. 

Essentially, these lace detail wedding sandals are a flat version of the heeled organza sandals that we showed you earlier.

So, they could be the perfect option if you would prefer not to wear heels, or if you want a flat alternative to wear later on in the evening of your wedding day. Either way, these shoes are great! 


There are lots of beautiful Wedding sandals for you to choose from. In this guide, we’ve taken a look at 15 of the best wedding sandals for your special day. 

Thanks for reading!

Jodie Messines