16 Star Wars Wedding Rings Ideas You'll Love

16 Star Wars Wedding Rings Ideas You’ll Love

It is no surprise that Star Wars is a popular wedding theme, seeing as the franchise has been going strong for decades and has amassed a legion of dedicated fans all around the world.

16 Star Wars Wedding Rings Ideas You'll Love

There are tons of different ways that you can incorporate the Star Wars theme into a wedding, but if you are considering a somewhat more permanent way to show off your dedication to both your partner and the world of Star Wars, then a Star Wars-inspired wedding ring could be exactly what you are looking for. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at sixteen different ideas for Star Wars-themed wedding rings! Let’s get started. 

Resistance Wedding Ring

This ring is the perfect choice for something subtle that still manages to display your Star Wars interests.

The simple, silver wedding band features a small but well-detailed engraving of the rebel alliance Resistance logo. The ring is finished off with a blue gemstone to give the piece a bit of color. 

The simplicity of this ring doesn’t take away from its stylish nature, as it is easily able to display the wearer’s love of the Star Wars franchise to those who know the symbol, whilst still being a sophisticated wedding ring. 

Empire Wedding Ring

More of a fan of the Dark Side? This ring could be exactly what you are looking for!

It has the exact same design as the aforementioned Resistance-themed wedding ring, but instead of the rebel logo, it features the logo of the big bad of the Star Wars franchise: the Empire. 

Along with this different logo, the ring also features a red gemstone instead of a blue one. The band of the ring itself remains the same, with the same subtle silver design. 

Jedi Order And Resistance Couples Wedding Rings

For a pair of couple rings that are another subtle choice when it comes to Star Wars-inspired rings, this set is a perfect choice.

You’ll have to decide between you who is the Sith and who is the Jedi in your relationship, though, as one ring has the Empire symbol whilst the other has the Jedi Order symbol! 

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The Empire ring is a bit smaller with a distinctive shape, whilst the Jedi Order ring has a more standard shape and subtle design. 

Resistance Engagement Ring

For a beautiful engagement ring with a subtle yet undeniable Star Wars design, this could be exactly what you’re looking for!

The sleek and elegant nature of this ring is undeniable, with a silver band that is decorated with a gorgeous gemstone on the top.

The Star Wars element of the ring comes from the small, Resistance logo that is found on the side. A blue gemstone makes the logo more prominent and injects some color into the design. 

Millennium Falcon And TIE Fighter Ring

Another simple yet stunning choice of a Star Wars-inspired ring, this choice features an artistic and minimalistic design on the top of the band.

A small, Millennium Falcon can be seen being chased by three TIE fighters, with a single black line coming from all four spaceships to suggest the movement of the chase. 

The band of the ring itself is a simple, silver band, making the black designs of the ships stand out even more so. 

Hoth Battle-Inspired Ring

This ring has a similar design to the previous one, featuring some simple and minimalist black designs printed onto the topside of the ring.

This time, the designs depict the battle on the ice planet of Hoth, seen at the beginning of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Again, this is a great example of a minimalist idea done perfectly to make for a subtle and sophisticated ring design.

Much like the previously mentioned similar ring, this design is printed onto a simple silver band to further emphasize the designs printed on the top.

R2-D2 Rings

These two simple yet stylish rings feature a design that is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite droid, R2-D2.

The silver rings have blue accents and patterns on the exterior that resemble those on the droid himself. 

R2-D2 Themed Couples Rings

Though this might be another pair of rings that resemble R2-D2, they are very different in style in comparison to the ones we just talked about. 

These rings have more of a sci-fi look to them, with a thinner band that has a different style from your standard wedding ring.

If you and your partner want something a little more unique and are both big R2-D2 fans, these could be the rings for you!

R2-D2 And C-3P0 Rings

If you are a fan of both R2-D2 and C-3P0- the other infamous droid from the franchise- then perhaps this pair of rings would suit you and your partner better. 

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One ring resembles R2-D2- with a silver band, blue accents, and detailing that resembles his robotic casing- whilst the other resembles C-3P0, with his golden casing and details that resemble his exterior. 

Death Star Ring

Let’s go back to the Dark Side now with this sleek and sophisticated Death Star ring! This ring has a slim band with an elegant and intricately detailed pattern.

It is topped off by a small, well-detailed mini Death Star that sits in the groove at the very top of the ring.  

You would be forgiven for thinking that a wedding ring with the Death Star on it would be an over-the-top, novelty item.

However, this is not the case with this ring in the slightest, which has a delicate and elegant nature.

Lightsaber Rings

You can’t discuss Star Wars without bringing up the infamous lightsabers!

These rings subtly and stylishly integrate the lightsabers into their design, making for a perfect pair of rings for couples that are fans of the series. 

The rings have detailed, tiny lightsabers etched onto the outside of the rings, with small colored gems replicating the beams of colored lights that the lightsabers are known for. 

Darth Vader-Themed Ring

For something a little darker, this ring has a Dark Side aesthetic that is inspired by the look of Darth Vader, with plenty of black and some red gems embedded onto the front. 

The ring also has a look that is reminiscent of the Empire’s droids, acting as a contrast to the R2-D2 rings that we looked at earlier. 

Mandalorian Ring

For something a little different, this ring- based on the helmets that the Mandalorians from the Star Wars universe wear- could be what you’re looking for. 

Minimalist yet still recognizable to Star Wars fans, this ring offers something unique for your wedding. 

Boba Fett Ring

In the same vein as the Mandalorian ring- but with colors that are more specific to the character of Boba Fett- this is a great choice for those who are big fans of Boba Fett and who want a simple Star Wars-inspired design for their ring.

X-Wing Wedding Ring

One of the most interesting designs of the rings on this list, this ring is designed to look like one of the well-known X-Wing ships from the series that are piloted by the rebel alliance. 

This ring utilizes a crisscross design and features various gemstones of different shapes and sizes, all of which add up to create a tiny X-Wing that sits on your finger!

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This is another unique choice that isn’t particularly subtle, but is sure to be popular with Star Wars fans, particularly those who are big fans of the X-Wings.

I Love You, I Know Couples Wedding Rings

Is it even a Star Wars-themed wedding if you don’t mention the “I Love You, I Know” moment somewhere?

The now infamous exchange between Princess Leia and Hans Solo often makes an appearance in some way in Star Wars-themed weddings, but you can now have the phrase inscribed into your wedding rings!

One ring has“ I Love You” emblazoned on the top, whilst the other has “I Know”. Both rings have a sturdy, silver band as well as the Resistance logo printed on the inside of each ring. 

Just try not to argue too much over who gets to wear which ring!

Final Thoughts

There you have sixteen different ideas for Star Wars-inspired wedding rings! From the subtle to the extravagant, the simple to the complex, there is something for all kinds of Star Wars fans here. 

Even more casual fans are sure to consider getting a Star Wars wedding ring for their big day thanks to the wide variety of rings that are out there, with characters, iconic moments, and even weapons from the series all being encapsulated in ring form. 

No matter whether you are the biggest Star Wars fan this side of the galaxy, a newcomer to the series, or simply a fan who dips in and out, there are plenty of opinions available when it comes to a Star Wars-inspired wedding ring.

Jodie Messines