16 Star Wars Wedding Cakes To Take You Out Of This World

Star Wars has been a beloved franchise for millions of people around the world for more than four decades, so it is no wonder that, so many want to celebrate their wedding day by embracing the world of Star Wars. 

Star Wars themed weddings are a popular choice, as are wedding cakes that match this theme.

16 Star Wars Wedding Cakes To Take You Out Of This World

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at sixteen wedding cakes that are sure to inspire you, should you want to plan a wedding around the galaxy far, far away!

Dark Side Cake

Starting off with a cake that is more akin to the Dark Side, this red and black wedding cake has an incredible design that references the evil Sith Lords from the Star Wars series.

The most notable element of the cake is the top tier, which features golden horns poking out alongside a red and black pattern to represent the infamous Sith Lord Darth Maul. 

The cake is finished off with some black crystals that are dotted around each layer, whilst the red pyramid on the top is the frightfully fearful finishing touch!

Millennium Falcon, Death Star And X-Wing Cake

This cake features three square tiers in the standard white that wedding cakes are usually known for. However, the design is certainly more out of this world than your run-of-the-mill wedding cake! 

This cake features small versions of the infamous planet destroying Death Star weapon from the first Star Wars movie, as well as a mini X-Wing and Millennium Falcon.

The inclusion of white stars finishes off the galactic vibe whilst maintaining the traditional white wedding color scheme. 

Three Tiered Star Wars Cake

This is a cake that is certainly only for true Star Wars fans! The three tiers of this cake depict infamous lightsaber battles from throughout the series, complete with action figures wielding tiny lightsabers. 

The attention to detail is the showstopper for this cake, with each location also being represented by the decorations on the base of each tier of the cake as well. 

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I Love You, I Know Cake

Star Wars fans are sure to know of the epic romance that unfolds between Princess Leia and Han Solo in the movies, as well as the iconic “I Know” response that Han has when Leia confesses her love to him.

This cake perfectly encapsulates this iconic moment, depicting it in text on the top tier of the cake. 

The bottom tier depicts some classic Star Wars imagery, such as the Death Star, TIE Fighters and X-Wings.

The cake is then finished off by an incredible topper in the shape of the symbol of the Resistance in the Star Wars universe.

May The Force Be With You Cake

A simple and small yet eye-catching wedding cake, the mixture of purple and blue colors with small white sparkles creates a cosmic effect that reflects the Star Wars world well. 

The cake is topped off with a “May the Force Be With You Always” topper that also has Han and Leia’s silhouetted forms. 

This cake is the perfect example of less being more, making for a muted yet beautiful Star Wars themed wedding cake. 

Han And Leia Cake

Sticking with the Star Wars love birds that are Han and Leia, this next cake is another small but beautifully executed wedding cake that features the two characters on the top. 

The cake is another simple design with a white color scheme, but the tiers of the cake itself have an intricate design which is incredibly impressive.

The adorable little Han and Leia figures that sit atop the cake are super cute but also well-made, with their iconic outfits and looks- including Leia’s space bun hairstyle and Han’s smugglers vest- being perfectly replicated. 

Mr. And Mrs. Star Wars Cake

This is another cake that goes to show that sometimes simplicity is key. This square cake has four tiers, all of which have small symbols on them, one of which is the Millennium Falcon and another being the Resistance logo. 

The cake is topped off with a Mr and Mrs topper, with the font being the same that is used for the Star Wars logo. Sweet, simple and to the point, this cake is a definite win for Star Wars fans. 

Droid Cake

Sticking with the smaller wedding cakes, this is another simple choice that only has one reference to Star Wars on it, though it is an adorable one at that!

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This small, white cake is decorated in berries and features a Star Wars themed topper. The topper is the only part of the cake that is Star Wars themed, but it has such a cute design that it just had to make this list!

The topper features two droids from the series: the infamous R2-D2 and BB-8, a droid who first appeared in the newer films. R2-D2 wears a fancy top hat, whilst BB-8 has a pretty bow and veil. 

The minimalist nature of this cake is sure to please those who want to inject a small part of Star Wars into their wedding. 

Black And White Star Wars Cake

Another cake that features Han and Leia as the centerpiece, this cake boasts an attention grabbing black and white color scheme with a small, decorative Death Star and Millennium Falcon embedded on the side. 

This is another cake that uses the “I Love You, I Know” motif, which is understandable as it is one of the stand-out quotes from Star Wars in general as well as being one that works particularly well for couples!

Death Star Cake

This multi tiered cake features some of that famous opening crawl written on it, along with a rather large Death Star acting as the middle tier of the cake.

It is finished off with some cute Star Wars action figures placed on top, the figures being Han and Leia and the droids C-3P0 and R2-D2. 

When you know you want a Star Wars cake, but you aren’t sure as to whether you lean more into the Dark Side or the Light, this idea would be the perfect choice for you!

Hoth And Space Cake

The snowy planet of Hoth is depicted in the bottom half of this cake, along with an AT-AT, much like the ones seen on Hoth in the second film.

The upper tiers of the cake then change to splashes of gold on black and blue colors to create a galactic effect, with a model of the Millennium Falcon sticking out of the side of the cake for a little bit of extra fun!

This is definitely a cake that has had a ton of hard work and effort put into it, and it certainly pays off. 

Half White And Half Black Cake

This striking half black and half white cake perfectly encapsulates the divide between the dark side and the light, which is one of the most prominent themes in the Star War universe. 

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The Death Star on the top is the perfect way to tie the Star Wars themes together in a more subtle manner. 

Darth Vader Cake

Subtlety is out the window with this Darth Vader wedding cake! The simple and small white cake features a design wherein the top layer of fondant icing is made to look like a pulled back curtain to reveal Darth Vader’s menacing mask. 

Another great example of a simple yet effective design for a wedding cake, this is a must-have for those on the side of the Empire!

Admiral Akbar Cake

Whilst the actual wedding cake here features a unique design- with the regular white cake made to look like it is splitting apart to reveal an almost chalkboard like image of a Star Wars space battle- it is the incredible Admiral Akbar cake that steals the show! 

R2-D2 Cake

This cake brings together Star Wars with steampunk and adds a dash of adorableness by topping it all off with a pair of R2-D2’s acting as the bride and groom on the top of the cake. 

This is a great example of bringing together two completely different themes and making them work perfectly. 

Giant Death Star Cake

Last, but certainly not least, this somewhat unconventional wedding cake is simply a giant Death Star. 

The newlyweds clearly knew what they wanted here, and the result is an astonishing replication of the planet destroying weapon. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have sixteen amazing Star Wars themed cakes.

No matter whether you want a simpler design or something more complex, you are sure to find something that will suit your Star Wars needs when it comes to the perfect wedding cake!

Jodie Messines