10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cakes For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cakes For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

Beauty And The Beast just might be one of Disney’s most beautiful fairy tales. So, there’s no wonder you want to have a wedding cake inspired by it! 

Luckily, if you’re a fan of the movie, then there are plenty of wedding cakes to choose from.

10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cakes For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams
Photo credits: Grace Tari, Dawnie’s Cakes

In this article, you will find cakes highly on theme depicting different characters, song titles, bright pops of color, and more!

And, if you are less of a fan, or are a more minimalist type of person, then not to worry! There are plenty of cakes here that will suit your tastes, too. 

In this article, we will show you ten different Beauty And The Beast wedding cakes, to help you find the one of your dreams!

So, if this is of interest to you, read on for more! 

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10 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cakes For The Disney Wedding Of Your Dreams

Here are our top picks of Beauty And The Beast-themed wedding cakes. 

Silhouette Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake 

First on our list is this gorgeous 2-tiered wedding cake! This cake is covered in white frosting, but you can use buttercream or anything you and your spouse like best! 

The best thing about this cake is that it is simple. So, if you like things minimalist then you’re in luck, this cake comes complete as it is!

However, if you like to add some decoration or color to your cake, then we have good news!

This cake is so simple it can act as a good foundation to add whatever you like – whether that is simple black and gold flowers, or in-your-face bright and bold edible confetti! 

Additionally, this cake is perfectly in line with the Beauty And The Beast theme! Take note of the silhouette-like cake topper.

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It depicts Belle and the Beast dancing on top of a “Mr & Mrs” test. Of course, you should find a cake topper that suits you and your spouse, but we think this is a good place to start!

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Three-Levels Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake 

Next, we have three different wedding cakes in one! Check out this elegant three-level Beauty And The Beast wedding cake.

The top cake features Cogsworth and Lumière, the middle cake features Mrs. Potts and Chip, and the lowest cake features Belle and Prince Adam (the Beast) in their wedding attire. 

This cake is a white/cream color and features beautiful gold trimmings and gold detailing.

It is the perfect blend of charming and elegant, and if your wedding color scheme has gold, we could not think of anything better! 

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Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake Toppers 

If you’re a bit of a last-minute person who already has a wedding cake that is not Beauty And The Beast-themed, then not to worry!

If you are having doubts about your wedding cake and want something more on-theme with your favorite Disney movie, then you don’t need to call your cake maker in a panic. 

These cake toppers can provide a good solution! Simply choose your favorite and place it delicately on top of your wedding cake.

That way, you have made it work with your last-minute theme without any hassle or fuss!

There are many different cake toppers to choose from, some with Belle and the Beast standing separately, and some with these iconic characters standing together in various poses.

Click your favorite one and buy it today! 

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Belle’s Dress Wedding Cake 

We won’t lie…Belle’s princess-transformation dress is one of our favorites of all time! Not many come close to this iconic yellow stunner!

So, if you agree, then why not make it the whole design of your wedding cake? See this two-tiered wedding cake as an example.

Both are the same yellow as Belle’s dress, while the bottom tier is larger than the top to replicate the shape of the dress.

Then, as decoration, the bottom tier is covered in stunning yellow roses while the top tier has wonderful gold detailing. 

To complete the cake, several red roses have been made from frosting and decorated the bottom and top of the cake.

The color complements the cake beautifully, making this cake definitely worthy of your wedding. 

The Rose-Themed Wedding Cake 

One of the most important symbols of Beauty And The Beast is the rose Belle finds while exploring the Beast’s castle.

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In this movie, the rose symbolizes love and as it wilts, it highlights the Beast’s dying hope of finding true love and breaking the curse. 

So, why not have a wedding cake dedicated to the rose in full bloom, a symbol of the full, true love that you share with your spouse.

Take this wedding cake as an example. This is a whopping four-tiered wedding cake that features the rose encased in glass at the top. 

It also features gold-glitter detailing trickling from the top to the bottom of the cake.

Additionally, the blue trimmings add a pop of color and depth to the cake, while the image and text depicting important aspects of the movie are every Disney fan’s dream. 

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Be Our Guest Wedding Cake 

If you’re a Disney superfan and want a wedding cake that’s a little more out there, then we cannot recommend a cake like this enough!

This cake is bright and bold, and everything you could want out of a Beauty And The Beast wedding cake!

It features books at the bottom, a reminder of the time when Belle and the Beast first started connecting, as well as several iconic characters, Belle’s vibrant yellow dress, and decorated with small rose detailing.

Guests will instantly recognize this movie from your cake, and we guarantee it’ll be the star of many Instagram pictures!

So, if you and your spouse-to-be are the biggest Beauty And The Beast fans, then we recommend finding a cake as bold and as in-your-face as this one! 

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Belle Of The Ball Wedding Cake 

Belle is the first Disney princess that shows glimpses of modern-day feminism. She’s independent, thinks for herself, and wants to make a life for herself on her own terms.

And, she showed fans everywhere that you can do it all without having to sacrifice true love. For those reasons, she truly is a princess to honor on your wedding day. 

And, what better way to do it than with this gorgeous Beauty And The Beast wedding cake.

It features Belle’s tiara on the top layer (but of course, you could opt to have two of them!) as well as a framed picture of Belle in the middle.

There are further gold details as well as other characters detailing the rest of the wedding cake

Check out the link above for more. 

Tale As Old As Time Wedding Cake 

Neither one prepared…except when it comes to their wedding cake! Check out this gorgeous three-tier Beauty And The Beast wedding cake!

It features a simple layered-white frosting with small rose details. As a cherry on top, it has a beautiful, delicate gold wedding cake topper depicting Belle and the Beast. 

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Not only that, but the cake features two small white scrolls with gold writing. Take inspiration from this Disney cake and feature similar details on your own cake, that say whatever you want!

How about the best lines from Beauty And The Beast songs? Or, a message for your spouse, and from your spouse to you?

Whatever you choose, we’re sure that this wedding cake will be one you and your guests remember! 

The Stained Glass Fairytale Wedding Cake

The beginning of the Beauty And The Beast movie depicts the story of how the Beast got cursed, and it chooses to tell this story through stained glass.

So, why not tell the start of your own tale together with your very own stained glass wedding cake. 

This is a two-tier cake that depicts Belle and Prince Adam on the bottom, and the iconic rose on the top.

This wedding cake is a myriad of colors that is sure to be a jaw-dropper. It truly is beautifully designed, which is why it has made this list. 

Find your own just like it and live your very own stained glass fairytale! 

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Happily Ever After Wedding Cake 

This Beauty And The Beast wedding cake is perfect for a small or intimate wedding.

It is only one tier and is covered in white frosting with a beautiful depiction of Belle and the Beast at the front, and everyone’s favorite rose on the top. 

Sometimes, less is more, and this cake can give you everything you want while being small and simple. Perfection! 

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Final Thoughts 

There are many Beauty And The Beast wedding cakes from this list to feel inspired by, and we hope we helped you find the wedding cake of your dreams!

Lisa Plaitt