14 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

14 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved Disney stories of all time, and it’s not difficult to see why – Belle is able to look past the Beast’s looks and fall in love with him, breaking the curse with true love’s kiss. It’s a tale as old as time.

With such a romantic storyline, it’s not uncommon for couples to want a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.

Indeed, we have compiled a collection of Beauty and the Beast themed wedding articles, which you can check out for more inspirations:

Today we’re looking at 14 ideas that you can use to make your bouquets Beauty and the Beast themed.

A Classic Rose Bouquet

14 Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your Happily Ever After

If you love Beauty and the Beast, then you’ll know about the enchanted rose. This rose was kept in a glass holder and was set to bloom on the Beast’s 21st year.

He then had to learn to love a woman, and have her love him back, before the last petal fell.

If he managed to do that, then the spell would be broken and he would no longer look like the Beast.

The enchanted rose is a popular piece of Beauty and the Beast trivia, and it has since become the trademark for the film.

A classic bouquet of red roses would be perfect for a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.

Add Some More Colors

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

The colors for the Beauty and the Beast are red, for the rose, yellow, for Belle’s ball gown, and blue, for the Beast’s dinner jacket.

These three colors are heavily associated with the story and therefore are excellent for using in a themed bouquet.

Use large roses of these colors, tied up with gold ribbon, to complete your Beauty and the Beast bouquet.

Use Paper Flowers

There are amazingly talented artists that now offer to make bouquets out of paper, which leaves you with a more sustainable bouquet that you can keep forever.

For a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, ask one of these artists to make your bouquets from pages of the book!

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You can also commission the artist to make bouquets for all of your bridesmaids as well, and even boutonnieres for the groom and his friends.

Add The Characters In

Beauty and the Beast is composed of some of the most beloved characters in Disney films, such as Chip, Lumière, and Cogsworth.

Why not find some small figurines of your favorite characters and stick them into your bouquet between the flowers?

The characters will be with you on your special day, and it will make your bouquet look even better throughout the years.

Yellow Ribbons

As we all know, Belle’s ball gown was a specific yellow that is difficult to match perfectly to a flower. The dress was a washed out pale yellow, while most yellow flowers tend to be bright yellow.

If you want something truer to Belle’s signature dress, then we would opt for synthetic flowers made from yellow ribbons.

You can match ribbon much easier to the dress than you can flowers, making this the perfect alternative.

Secure the yellow ribbon within a bouquet of red and blue roses, with gold leaves coming out of it. You can also put some smaller flowers within it, like baby’s breath, to fill it out more.

Focus More On The Foliage

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

While we have been focusing on the flowers, Beauty and the Beast also focuses a lot on thorny foliage instead.

If you’re looking for something less floral, but still want a bouquet, why not have one single flower (perhaps a red rose) wrapped up in a bed of thorns?

This would perfectly encapsulate the entire story of Beauty and the Beast rather than just the happy ending of it all.

It would also be an eye catching bouquet, and certainly one that hasn’t been done much before! Also, it would keep much better than flowers in the long run.

Contrast Colors

The entire point of the Beauty and the Beast story is that Belle is the complete opposite of the Beast in terms of looks.

She is small, dainty, well-presented, and sings all around town without caring who sees her.

The Beast on the other hand is, well, the Beast. He keeps himself hidden away and is ashamed of his looks.

You could make the perfect bouquet out of this concept by choosing a light color to encapsulate Belle, such as a dainty pink, and a darker color for the Beast, like black.

Making a bouquet out of these two colors would create a great juxtaposition, just like Belle and the Beast.

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Bunny Tails And Pampas

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Dried flowers have become all the rage recently, with almost every single household including some form of pampas grass in it.

Who can blame them – it is perfectly fluffy and makes for a lovely bouquet.

The best thing about these flowers is that you can get them dyed into any color that you want.

For example, you could dye the larger pampas grass pale yellow, like Belle’s dress, and include royal blue and red bunny tails for smaller accent colors.

Add Some Music

Another thing that Belle loves, apart from books and reading, is music.

This is evident in the number of songs she sings while prancing through town, as well as the way she perfectly dances with the Beast to Tale As Old As Time at the end of the film.

Why not add some musical notes to your bouquet, or even make the flowers out of paper sheet music for your favorite song from the film?

You can even add a music box to the base of the flowers so that you can play the song whenever you want to remember your special day.

Assign A Flower To Each Character

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Use this as an excuse to sit down and enjoy the film again, and watch carefully as you assign a different flower to each character.

By the end of the film, you should have created a list of characters and the flower that best represents them in your eyes.

Now take this list of flowers and make a bouquet with them!

This is the perfect way to create a mismatched bouquet inspired by Beauty and the Beast, and you will be the only couple who know what the flowers mean. Doesn’t that make it even more special?

White And Gold Flowers

Let’s face it – most people’s favorite supporting characters from Beauty and the Beast are either Chip or Lumière.

These two characters are predominantly white and gold, so creating a bouquet of flowers with this color palette could be a lovely nod to your favorite characters.

Chip is mostly white with a gold rim, but he also has notes of pink and blue on him as well. You could also use these colors in your bouquet if you wanted something more colorful.

Similarly, Lumière is all gold for the candlestick and white for his candle. However, he also is lit most of the time, so add some yellow or gold accents into your bouquet too for a pop of color.

Use Some Custom Ribbon

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

You can pay to have your own images printed onto pieces of ribbon, so you can make some of your own unique Beauty and the Beast ribbon full of stills of your favorite parts of the movie.

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Alternatively, you could have your favorite quotes added to the ribbon instead. Tie this around your bouquet of flowers to give it a Beauty and the Beast feel.

Alternatively, you could make ribbon flowers and slot these into the bouquet. Plus, you’ll be able to keep the ribbon forever!

Don’t Forget About Gaston And Lefou!

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

While we might have talked about our favorite characters from the Beauty and the Beast film, we seem to have forgotten about the characters that everyone loves to hate – Gaston and Lefou!

If you’re someone who secretly loves these bad guys, then why not incorporate them into your bouquet?

The color palette for Gaston is red, orange, and brown. Similarly, the color pallet for Lefou is burgundy, brown, and pink.

While these might not seem like the perfect bouquet colors, you can get quite creative with them. These colors will look amazing as dried flowers such as pampas and bunny tails.

Love Is Love

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Speaking of Lefou, he was named the first ever gay character in a Disney movie following the live action remake, where Josh Gad played the lovable idiot.

This could be the perfect reason for you to make a bouquet out of rainbow-colored flowers and shout from the rooftops that love is love.


We hope that our article has given you some inspiration into how to create a Beauty and the Beast themed bouquet for your special day.

No matter what direction you decide to take with your bouquet, we hope that you live happily ever after – just like Belle and the Beast. Congratulations!

Lisa Plaitt