15 Lord Of The Rings Wedding Cakes For Every Middle-Earther

15 Lord Of The Rings Wedding Cakes For Every Middle-Earther

Lord of the Rings is a franchise that millions of people around the world have a strong love and affection for, and it is easy to see why. 

This popularity has led to many weddings having a Lord of the Rings theme, or simply including elements that relate to the franchise. 

One particular element of a wedding that always tends to inspire creativity is the wedding cake, and the same can be said for those opting for a Lord of the Rings-themed wedding. 

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at fifteen different Lord of the Rings Wedding Cakes that are sure to be a stand-out part of any fantasy wedding! Let’s get started. 

1. Arwen And Aragorn Leaf Cake

Arwen and Aragon are the star-crossed lovers of The Lord of The Rings series, so it is no surprise that there are various wedding cakes that have been designed that are centered around the two characters.

This particular cake features a topper of Arwen and Aragorn figures that are standing atop a tiered white cake decorated with green leaves and white branches. 

The leaves of the cake do an excellent job of representing the nature-based aesthetic that the elves of The Lord of The Rings have, including Arwen herself. 

A simple yet striking choice, this cake is a must for fans of the love story between these two Lord of the Rings characters. 

2. Arwen And Aragorn Grandiose Cake

The next cake also features Arwen and Aragorn, though the design of the cake is far more grandiose and well-suited for those wanting a cake that doubles as an epic feast for the eyes as well as the stomach!

Another tiered option, this cake features an image of Arwen and Aragorn at the top rather than featuring them as figures. 

The tiers themselves are also pretty epic in design, with the overflowing nature themes present from the swirling green vines to the log stump base. 

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The cake is finished off with a romantic quote from Aragorn to Arwen on the bottom, which is a lovely final touch. 

3. Middle Earth Cake

The next cake features a few different Lord of the Rings elements, such as the infamous Hobbit Holes on the top where hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins dwell. 

As well as this, the cake also has a tier that is covered in Elvish writing, which author J.R.R Tolkien created especially for his Lord of the Rings book series. 

4. Grand Minas Tirith Wedding Cake

One particularly noteworthy landmark in The Lord of The Rings is Minas Tirith, which is the Tower of Guard in Gondor. It acts as the seal of power as well as the capital of the Kingdom of Gondor, so it is no surprise that it is a rather imposing structure that is recreated beautifully in the films. 

Minas Tirith has now been recreated impressively in a cake! This epic, structured cake is completely white, which makes it look more like a traditional wedding cake than some of the others on this list. 

The attention to detail to bring this recreation of Minas Tirith to life is astounding, so it might be difficult to actually want to cut into it and consume it!

5. Eowyn And Faramir Cake

In another romance from the series, Eowyn and Faramir have a relationship that was born from heartbreak, with some fans believing them to have a better relationship than Aragon and Arwen. 

The darkness of the cake makes it a little different from your standard wedding cake, but it is certain to be an attention-grabbing and delicious one.

If you prefer these two as a couple, then this cake is likely to be more up your street. 

6. Fellowship Cake

This is another choice of cake that has multiple tiers, each of which has its own designs such as the map of Middle Earth, a silhouette of the Fellowship, and text that says “Always”, referring to the tender moment between hobbit besties Sam and Frodo. 

7. One Ring Wedding Cake

If you are looking for a cake that manages to bring about the look of Middle Earth whilst still maintaining the staples of a traditional wedding cake, this next choice is definitely for you. 

This white-tiered cake features some intricate patterns on the tiers, as well as a beautiful white ring on the top. It isn’t just any ring, though, it is the One Ring!

8. Smaug Dragon Wedding Cake

Want something truly spectacular for your wedding cake? Then this Smaug the Dragon wedding cake could be exactly what you are looking for. 

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With five tiers, this cake features the fiery, gold hoarding dragon Smaug from Lord of the Rings, which is hand sculpted from modeling chocolate. 

Smaug also has delicious, edible cake lace wings, though it might be hard to find someone who is willing to eat him!

9. Smaug And Middle Earth Map Cake

The Smaug on this cake is a little more cute than menacing as in the previous cake, and he is red rather than white. He also sits upon tiers of cake with the Middle Earth map emblazoned on them. 

The base tier of the cake is a little different from the rest, resembling a castle top so that it looks like Smaug is perching atop of it. 

If dragons are your thing, these Smaug cakes are a great choice to bring some fantasy, Lord of the Rings themed fun to your wedding. 

10. Lord Of The Rings Book Cake

This next cake is an homage to the books themselves, being replicas of the four main books in the series, but in cake form!

Though this is a rather unconventional choice for a wedding cake, it is definitely one for those who are lovers of the series or those who just adore books in general thanks to the incredible design. 

11. Elvish Love Poem Cake

Another cake that features Elvish, this particular choice has an Elvish love poem written in icing on the three tiers of the cake. 

The tiers themselves have three colors: white, bronze, and silver. This combination of colors makes for a sophisticated and elegant look that is perfect for a wedding. 

12. Elvish Wedding Cake

This is another choice of wedding cake that features Elvish written across three tiers, though all the tiers of this particular cake are white. The text itself is emblazoned in gold, and a gold band decorates the bottom of each tier. 

The addition of green, fondant leaves emphasizes the Elvish design of the cake, whilst maintaining a simple yet sophisticated look. 

13. Legolas Themed Wedding Cake

For fans of Legolas- the Elvish archer from the Lord of the Rings series-, this next cake is sure to be right up your street. 

The cake has a top tier dedicated solely to Legolas’s look, with arrows sticking out from the top and fondant straps wrapped around a forest green top tier.

There is then a dark brown belt like tier and a final tier that has the map of Middle Earth on it. A quiver of arrows sits on the base, as does a cute little fondant ring. 

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This might have been a cake for a birthday, but it would definitely be suitable for Legolas fans for a wedding. 

14. Book And Hobbit Hole Cake

This is another cake that features an amazing and intricately designed hobbit hole, including a mossy top, a stone path, and a rounded door as well as rounded windows. 

A leather-bound version of The Lord of The Rings sits on top of the hobbit house, making for a beautiful and creative design. 

If you want something Lord of the Rings themed for your wedding that is gorgeous without being extravagant, consider this cake. 

15. Tower Of Sauron Cake

Looking for something a little bit darker for your wedding cake? Then this Tower of Sauron cake has got to be at the top of your list. 

This black tower cake features the iconic Eye of Sauron on the top, whilst Frodo and Gollum lurk at the base. 

Black isn’t exactly a traditional color when it comes to a wedding cake, but who cares about traditions when you have a wedding cake that is this cool!

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen different Lord of the Rings wedding cake ideas that are sure to grab some attention at your wedding!

No matter how dedicated you are to your Lord of the Rings theme- whether it is just a small part of your wedding or a major aspect of it-, hopefully we have included enough variety for you so that you can choose the perfect cake design to suit your personal tastes!

Jodie Messines