Lord of the Rings Wedding

15 Lord Of The Rings Wedding Ideas For Every Middle-Earther

Millions of people love the Lord of the Rings films. These epic movies have inspired everything from games to clothing, so it is not surprising that wedding themes have been caught up in this appreciation. 

We have 15 Lord of the Rings wedding ideas for every middle earther who is planning a wedding. Whether it’s invitations, rings, cakes, wedding dresses or speeches we have found a Lord of the Rings inspiration for you. 


What better way to introduce your guests to the theme of your wedding than through a Lord of the Rings invitation. We have found three of the best ways for you to bring your nearest and dearest together on your special day through these beautiful invitations. 

Elvish Lord Of The Rings Invitation

These intricately crafted invitations are laser cut to produce a design that the elves themselves would envy. Each invitation is individually cut and there is an equally beautiful matching RSVP card to send a reply. 

The invitations are cut on a 5 inch by 7 inch card and the envelopes are 5 ¼ inch by 7 ¼ inch. You can choose from a range of elegant colors including forest green, gold and deep blue.

Before deciding on a design you can choose a sample and proof your invitation up to 5 times before ordering.  

One Ring Invitation

The One Ring invitation features a printed, parchment-like background with a faded map of Middle Earth. The top of the invitation has the One Ring including the Elvish inscription on either side and the translation in English underneath. 

You can choose a 5 inch by 7 inch or 4 inch by 9 inch design and there is a matching RSVP card. If you want to just invite guests to the reception rather than the ceremony there is a separate invitation for this purpose.

The entire invitation can be customized to order. 

Lord Of The Rings Wedding Invitation

For those who love the style of the Lord of the Rings without going geek overboard, these invitations are truly beautiful. This bespoke design will not be something you will see everywhere and so is perfect for making your special day unique and unforgettable. 

The colors for the invitations are drawn from the bride’s bouquet or natural woodland colors. Elvish inspired type can be used for a favorite quote from the films to include on the invitation.

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Ideal also for those who are having a rustic or woodland location wedding. 


Now that your invitations have been sent out by giant eagles (or post if you prefer) it’s time to look at the precious, the ring! Take a look at our stunning Lord of the Rings wedding ring ideas for inspiration. 

Elvish Wedding Bands

If you are going to go full Lord of the Rings with your wedding then there is only one place you can go for your wedding band. Straight to the forger of the One Ring!

No, not Sauron, Jens Hansen, the New Zealand jeweler who made the movie ring for Peter Jackson’s trilogy. 

They have four pages of replicas of this iconic ring. Choose between red, yellow and white gold in a range of sizes, with or without gemstones. 

For this once in a lifetime occasion choose the One and only wedding ring. 

Lord Of The Rings Wedding Rings

Olivia Ewing jewelry is inspired by the natural world and by the fantasy of Lord of the Rings in these beautiful wedding bands and engagement rings. 

For the groom, find Celebrimbor’s ring made by Elves and given to Isildur as a wedding gift promising to pass it on to his son. Or for Boromir fans, a ring that represents his courage and strength, defending Frodo from marauding orcs. 

There are many beautiful engagement rings inspired by Lord of the Rings if you are just setting out on your adventure. 

Custom Elvish Rings

Exquisitely crafted as only the Elvish can, these beautiful wedding rings are unique and individualized. Pick a style and have it inscribed inside or out with a personal inscription or movie quote. 

Matching wedding ring sets are made from strong titanium and available in different finishes. Choose from rose gold, silver, platinum or black as the rings can be anodized into a myriad of colors which will never fade.

These are highly customizable wedding rings, so you can have the most unique Lord of the Rings wedding ring imaginable. 

Wedding Dress

Honesty, who doesn’t want to look like Arwen or Galadriel on their wedding day? And with these gorgeous gowns you will feel just as beautiful. 

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Elven Wedding Dress

You will look stunning in this beautiful handmade wedding gown that is inspired by Celtic fairy tales and medieval styling. This is such a wonderfully feminine dress that you will feel just like an Elven princess. 

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The dress is made from satin and chiffon, so it fits beautifully and has an ethereal flowing feel that is reminiscent of Rivendell. Detailed beading on the front adds to its elegance and style. 

Simply send your measurements that are carefully explained, and you will receive your handmade wedding dress in a matter of weeks. 

Handmade Fantasy Wedding Dress

Individually made by hand these beautiful fantasy wedding gowns are truly inspired. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is incredible.

Each wedding dress is unique with hand stitched beading and embellishments. 

The simple but stunning designs make for an elegant look where the beauty of the bride is not overshadowed by the dress but enhanced by it.

Each gown is made to flatter and accentuate the feminine form. 

Wearing one of these dresses on your wedding day will not make you feel like a princess but like an Elven queen. 

Galadriel’s Dress

If you want to go the full costume route for your wedding day then this is the perfect dress. Inspired by Galadriel’s gowns it is a long, stretchy velvet dress with chiffon sleeves and so will move beautifully with you.

The silver trim and beading add to the elegance and sophistication. 

There is a contrasting green belt that goes with the dress and is designed to match with the groom’s green tunic. The perfect combination on your special day. 

If you love the style but would prefer a different color the makers are happy to oblige if possible. 


No Lord of the Rings inspired wedding would be complete without a cake to keep the hobbits in your entourage happy. 

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Lord Of The Rings Book Stack Cake

Where it all began, the books by JRR Tolkien form the structure of this impressive wedding cake. Beginning with the Hobbit which saw Bilbo first find the One Ring and moving through the Lord of the Rings and Frodo’s quest to destroy it in Mount Doom, 

This is an inspiring idea for a wedding cake and will take pride of place at your reception. 

Minas Tirith Wedding Cake

An incredible representation of Minas Tirith, this cake even features the white tree and the site of Denethor’s fate. We love the intricate detail and the little figures as wedding cake toppers are adorable. 

This is a wonderful cake for a Lord of the Rings couple. 

Arwen & Aragorn Wedding Cake

What a fantastic wedding cake! So beautiful, colorful and crammed with Lord of the Rings details. From Arwen’s words to Aragorn on the base to the replica Evenstar hanging in the middle, it’s just perfect. 

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An amazing centerpiece for your wedding reception. 


With almost eleven and a half hours of movie to choose from, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a gold mine of quotes and jokes for your wedding speeches

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“May you each be a light for one another when all other lights go out.”

— The Two Towers

“I am glad you are here with me.”

— The Return of the King

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”

— The Fellowship of the Ring

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

— The Fellowship of the Ring

“He’s an excellent fellow and would jump down a dragon’s throat to save you, if he did not trip over his own feet.”

— The Fellowship of the Ring

“And he took her in his arms and kissed her under the sunlit sky, and he cared not that they stood high upon the walls in the sight of many.” 

— The Return of the King

Final Thoughts

The Lord of the Rings is a work of literature genius and the movies are towering epics that will long be remembered. 

But perhaps the most lasting and important memories you will have of these stories are the part they played in your wedding day. 

We hope you have been inspired by our Lord of the Rings ideas for your wedding day and that you are both ready for your next adventure. 

Jodie Messines