10 Beautiful Meadow Wedding Ideas

10 Beautiful Meadow Wedding Ideas

Meadows are very romantic settings where couples can enjoy each other without being disturbed by their friends and family.

They also offer privacy from the outside world.

These venues are perfect for outdoor weddings because they allow guests to mingle freely.

A meadow wedding is a great way to celebrate your love story.

The beauty of these venues is that they provide plenty of space for dancing and mingling while offering a secluded setting for intimate moments.

Candid Meadow Photographs

There is something magical about a wide open space of a farm, and how the sun shines down on the flower patches.

There are always a bunch of blooms just waiting to be photographed in any meadow, so why not make use of this and use the environment for your wedding photographs?

The location of a meadow is perfect for capturing some natural images of the happy couple.

The grassy fields in meadows are dotted with colorful wildflowers, making for a gorgeous backdrop.

Guests can wander around the area freely, and there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the scenery.

Pretty Lights To Match The Meadow

We’ve got just the thing for those couples looking to add some sparkle to their outdoor ceremony.

Stringing bistro lights around the perimeter of your event space creates an elegant ambiance that adds a magical touch to your rustic affair.

A rustic outdoor ceremony calls for a natural setting.

For those looking for something a little different, consider hanging strings of bistro lighting around your site.

They’re easy to set up and use and are perfect for creating a magical atmosphere.

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Use Your Environment As Decoration

Forest trees are beautiful in their natural state, but you can always add some flair to your wedding ceremony space.

At the same time, there’s something about clusters of ferns and flowers that makes everything look even prettier.

You can create a gorgeous backdrop from the surrounding trees and meadow around you, you just need a bit of creative thinking!

Starry Night Themes

The stars are out tonight! We love a good night sky, and it seems like everyone else does too.

So why not celebrate with a beautiful star coaster set? They’re the perfect way to add some sparkle to your table setting.

Each coaster can feature a different constellation patterned after those seen in the night sky.

And while you’re enjoying your meal, guests can keep their favorite piece handy.

After the festivities end, they can use it as a coaster for drinks or snacks.

A unique favor that doubles as wedding decor? It’s basically a win-win.

Magic Wishing Cards

If you’re planning on getting married next summer, it might be time to start thinking about your wedding favors.

You’ll want something fun and unique that guests will remember long after the reception ends.

This DIY wedding favor idea is perfect for couples looking for a creative way to incorporate their love story into their big day.

These magical wish cards are filled with seeds you can plant together to grow beautiful flowers and plants once the wedding festivities end.

Each pack includes 12 plantables that you can write on, making it easy to personalize each card.

While it’s a small wedding idea, it’s one that is likely to be a memorable one for the future ahead!

Rustic Style Tableware

Wedding season is upon us, and we’re loving all things rustic. A rustic drinkware set can include cups, each adorned with a different design.

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Each cup could then be fitted with a lid and straw, making it perfect for serving cocktails at parties or picnics.

The best part is that you can make this idea yourself and customize it to be as meadow-themed as you’d like!

And the whole idea is very natural, and any meadow wedding wouldn’t be complete without it.

  1. Use wood glue to adhere three pieces of scrapbook paper together. Cut out a rectangle shape, approximately 5 inches x 7 inches.
  2. Place the cutout piece over a bowl filled with water. Let dry overnight.
  3. Paint the edges of the paper with acrylic paint. Allow drying completely.
  4. Glue the painted edge to a bottle cap. Repeat steps 2–3 for each cup.
  5. Fill with your favorite beverage.
  6. Hang up the cups and enjoy the party!

Wooden Chairs

Wooden pews are beautiful, and they make great seating options for weddings and ceremonies.

But you don’t just want one type of chair—you want several different types of chairs.

For example, there are lots of different styles of folding chairs out there.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you might choose something simple like a solid wood folding chair or a modern metal folding chair.

Or maybe you’d prefer something more ornate, like a vintage iron folding chair or a traditional wicker folding chair.

There’s no wrong choice here. Just pick whatever looks best for your wedding or ceremony. You’ll find plenty of ideas online, too.

Lining The Aisle

A wedding is one of the most important events in someone’s life, and you want everything about it to reflect your style and personality.

A rustic woodland venue features a beautiful wooded area, surrounded by towering trees, making a gorgeous backdrop and aisle for your big day.

For your reception, you could prepare a stunning floral display featuring lush greenery, blooming plants, and even an elegant tree branch archway.

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With the help of our talented florists, you’ll be able to customize your bouquets to match your theme perfectly.

Homemade Bar From Logs

Logs can be the most natural material to create your bar from!

And you can build a bar that doubles as a place to enjoy drinks while your guest’s meals are being prepared!

Seating Chart With Foliage

A foliage seating chart display looks like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

Crafted out of wire, the piece floats above the forest floor, blending seamlessly into the greenery.

With a swag of blush rose and eucalyptus blooms, the floral design ties in with the flower sprays scattered about the area.

Final Thoughts

You have so many options when planning your wedding.

It may seem overwhelming initially, but once you start brainstorming, you’ll see how much fun this process is.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, check out these 10 beautiful meadow wedding ideas!

Lisa Plaitt