Summer Wedding Colors

19 Vibrant Summer Wedding Color Combos to Brighten Up Your Special Day

Summer weddings are fun and exciting, and the warm weather brings out the sunnier side of everyone, especially those who love bright colors.

This means that colorful dresses and accessories are always in style – and we have a few color ideas for you to consider when choosing your summer wedding attire.

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Sunflower Yellow

When it comes to a summer wedding, what could be more cheerful than a vibrant, stunning, sunflower yellow?

Yellow is one of the most popular colors for weddings, and it’s easy to see why: It’s sunny, happy, and vibrant – perfect for bringing your big day to life, and celebrating the warmth and magic of this time of year.

Decorate your venue with gorgeous yellow flowers – sunflowers are a great choice for a truly summery vibe – and add touches of yellow with floral table decorations.

This can also be a stunning color for bridesmaids’ dresses – why not try a variety of shades of yellow to create a gorgeous visual aesthetic?

You can also add a touch of sparkle to the overall look by adding some gold accents to your dress or shoes – this allows you to remain within the yellow theme, while still adding a touch of glitz and glamor.

Yellow can also be used as a neutral, so if you want to go all-out with your color scheme, this is an excellent choice, as it can form the base for a wide range of colors and tones.

Other shades of yellow to consider include:

  • Goldenrod
  • Lemon
  • Canary
  • Mustard

Vibrant Orange

Orange is another great option for a summer wedding; it is bright, bold, and cheerful, and offers a perfect reflection of the beautiful summer sun.

In addition, orange is both bright and bold – perfect if you are a fan of strong colors – and you can choose from many different tones, from bright, pumpkin shades to a more muted, pastel version.

Shades of bright orange are particularly great if you are opting for a beach or tropical style wedding, and will make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into paradise – especially when combined with strong teals and magentas.

This is a great way to bring a tropical vibe to your wedding day, even if you are getting hitched at home.

To make the most of orange, try adding it to your wedding dress or accessories – a bold sash or a pair of statement earrings can make all the difference.

You can also use it in your decor and table settings, with bright orange centerpieces, candles, and floral arrangements making an eye-catching display.

Shades of orange to try may include:

  • Coral
  • Peach
  • Tangerine
  • Terracotta

Aqua Blue

Aqua blue is a stunning choice for a summer wedding, with its beautiful and cooling hue. This color will create a relaxed atmosphere, and it pairs extremely well with other colors like white, yellow, and green.

Aqua blue can also be used as an accent color to add some depth to your color palette, and is perfect as a backdrop, or to add details to the wedding party; consider teal buttonholes or turquoise corsages for a pop of color that fits that summer vibe.

Other shades of aqua blue to consider include:

  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Mint green
  • Sky blue

Cherry Red

Red is a classic choice for a summer wedding, and it’s no wonder why; this is a color that is energetic, lively, and full of life. It’s a great way to bring attention to yourself and your groom, and it makes your guests smile.

You can use red in many ways, such as using it as a main accent color, or even as a secondary color. For example, you might pair red with white for a romantic look, or you could add a splash of red to your bridesmaids’ dresses.

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Some great shades of red to try include:

  • Scarlet
  • Crimson
  • Cherry
  • Burgundy
  • Ruby

Magenta Pink

Pink is a gorgeous, feminine color, and it’s often associated with romance, making it perfect for your wedding day.

You’ll find that pink is a good choice for a bride who wants to emphasize her femininity, and this has the added bonus of being a great color for summer; it is light, bright, and cheerful, and it looks beautiful against the sunshine.

If you’re thinking about having a destination wedding, pink is a great choice because it goes with almost every kind of scenery, and is guaranteed to add a touch of romance and beauty to your special day.

Some shades of pink to consider combining with this include:

  • Fuchsia
  • Cerise
  • Blush
  • Magenta
  • Raspberry

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is another classic color that can lend a touch of elegance to your wedding. There are a wide range of shades and tones to choose from, and this means that blue can work in just about any setting.

Consider a bright, vibrant blue to match the summer sky or a soft, gentle blue to highlight the natural beauty of your location.

The subtlety of blue shades means that this can be incorporated into your color scheme in a number of ways.

You could use it as an accent color, adding pops to ties, jewelry, or corsages, or you could use it to create a more muted, classic look that forms the basis of your color scheme.

Some great shades of blue to add to the combination include:

  • Sky blue
  • Baby blue
  • Royal blue
  • Navy blue

Emerald Green

Green is a wonderful choice for a summer wedding because there are so many options available – and a deep emerald green allows you to encapsulate that feeling of nature and wonder, while still achieving a classy and sophisticated look.

Green can be used in several ways, from creating the main color scheme to adding delicate details. For example, you could use it for your bridesmaid dresses, or as an accent shade on ties and table decorations.

Some other shades of green to try might include:

  • Olive green
  • Sage green
  • Forest green
  • Hunter green

Pale Peach

For a gentle, pastel take on a summer color scheme, peach is a perfect option. This is a calm, delicate shade that pairs perfectly with other lighter hues, making it a great choice for a summer wedding, and which offers a classic, feminine vibe.

To make the most of peach, take care to choose the right shade; a pale peach is ideal for a summer wedding, as it helps to create an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty, and looks amazing when added to bouquets, or used for dresses and outfits.

Other shades of peach you might want to consider include:

  • Coral
  • Apricot
  • Salmon pink

Light Lavender

Lavender is another great choice for a summer wedding, bringing freshness and beauty to your special day. Lavender can be used in a number of ways; from bouquets to dresses, its versatile hue will complement any theme or color scheme.

Make the most of the shade by adding sprigs of lavender all around the venue; not only will these smell heavenly, but they’ll also look stunning against the summer sunshine.

Bring out the beauty of your lavender with shades such as:

  • Lilac
  • Light Purple
  • Mauve
  • Amethyst

Neutral Gray

Grey is a great neutral shade that can be used in many different ways; from dresses to table settings, this hue will offer a timeless, sophisticated look. Gray pairs well with almost any other color and can be used to create a subtle yet stylish effect.

Opt for a soft shade of gray, such as dove gray or light charcoal, and combine it with other colors to create a stylishly classic look, and combine this with gauzy fabrics and silks to create an ethereal, fairytale vibe to your entire wedding.

Other shades of gray you could try include:

  • Silver
  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Graphite Gray
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White and cream are classic choices for weddings, and opting for a champagne tone allows you to enjoy a touch of luxury in the smaller details, while still maintaining a “wedding” vibe.

Champagne is a wonderful shade for adding subtle touches of opulence to your wedding. Incorporating this tone into your color scheme will give your day an air of sophistication and luxury.

From the bridesmaid dresses to the table settings, champagne can be used to add a touch of elegance and works beautifully when combined with a host of other colors.

 It also works perfectly for a summer wedding thanks to its light and airy feel and will add a touch of class to proceedings.

Other shades of champagne to consider include:

  • Ivory
  • Mushroom/Taupe
  • Cream
  • Beige

Bright Orange + Aqua Blue

This combination is an excellent choice if you want to create a fun, upbeat atmosphere for your wedding.

The bright orange accents will give a cheerful, sunny vibe, while the cool blue tones balance this out, and the overall combination reflects the bright summer sky and the vibrant sun.

Why not opt for orange bridesmaids’ dresses combined with blue details on the groomsmen’s suits, or use stunning blue chair covers with bright orange ribbon for a pop of color?

Make the most of vibrant turquoise and burnt orange to really capture that beachy mood.

Buttercup Yellow, Bright Orange + Hot Pink

For a combination bursting with energy, why not opt for sunshine yellow, bright orange, and hot pink?

Yellow and orange both have their place as warm, happy colors that make people smile – especially in the summer months – and pink is a classic, feminine hue that exudes happiness and joy, and adds a soft touch to your wedding.

This combination creates a really joyful vibe, and it’s ideal for a summer wedding.

You can use oranges, yellows, and pinks together, or mix them up by choosing one shade of each.

For example, you could have a pale yellow dress with a light pink sash or a bolder yellow dress with a softer pink trim.

Cranberry Red +  Burnt Orange

The red and orange combo looks amazing when used together. Red is a strong, powerful color that stands out against all the other colors, and orange is a brilliant complement to this.

A red-orange theme is very popular right now, and it’s easy enough to incorporate this into your wedding, whether you go for a traditional or modern style.

Make the most of sunny oranges and rich reds to capture the warmth and heat of this season.

Try this combo on the groom’s suit for a unique twist on traditional outfits – go bold with a red suit and orange tie, or you can go for something a little different like a black suit with a red pocket square, and add orange details to the buttonhole or bridesmaids gowns for contrast.

This blend is ideal for bringing the hues of summer right into the heart of your wedding, and it’ll get everyone in that summery mood.

Magenta Pink + Deep Purple

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, elegant vibe, then purple and pink is the way to go. These two shades work beautifully together, and they’re both beautiful, feminine colors that bring out the femininity in any bride.

They’re also complementary colors, so they won’t clash too much, and they look gorgeous together

Use purple flowers for the centerpieces, and try adding a splash of pink to the tablecloths or napkins, or even the cake stand.

You can also choose to keep things simple with just a few touches of pink, such as a soft pink bow on the bouquet or a rose pink flower crown for the bride, or embrace the dramatic with hot pink hues.

Summer weddings will benefit from a range of shades of pink and purple – don’t be afraid to go bold!

Sea Blue, Mint Green + White

The old adage may say that blue and green must never be seen, but this is an outdated opinion that could see you miss out on a stunning summer color scheme.

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Blue and green are perfect partners, and they’re both calming and relaxing, making them great for creating a laid-back, relaxed environment at your wedding, while white offers the perfect companion for a fresh, summery look.

These shades are also perfect for nature fans, and allow you to create a natural feel without going overboard.

For a summer wedding, opt for bright emeralds, sky blues, and grass greens, which will give your venue a fresh, clean feel. Try using these colors for the floral arrangements, decor, and even the food!

Sunshine Yellow + Bold Black

Black and white have become increasingly popular choices for a wedding, but if you want to take it to the next level, why not use a yellow in place of the white for a bold, summer look?

The combination of yellow and black is a striking one, and it works well because it’s unexpected. It’s a bold, eye-catching color scheme that will certainly catch attention, and it’s guaranteed to make your guests smile.

Use bright butter yellows and rich golds for the main body of your decoration, and then add touches of black for the centerpieces and details – think about the chairs and tables, and how you can incorporate some black into the design.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, consider using sand tones to fit in with your surroundings, and make the most of the vibrant shades of gold.

Mustard Yellow + Blush Pink

For two contrasting colors that work perfectly together, look no further than mustard yellow and blush pink.

These colors are both strong and powerful, yet they still manage to remain subtle and romantic – the perfect combination for your wedding day.

When combined into decorations, outfits, and accents, they will create a beautiful atmosphere that’s both casual and chic, and they’re perfect for couples looking for something a bit different.

For your decorations, try using muted shades of mustard yellow with light pastel pinks – think along the lines of muted daffodils, light peaches, and soft roses.

These colors will allow you to make a real statement without being too in-your-face.

Lemon Yellow + Coral

For a bright, vibrant color scheme that will add an extra touch of summer sunshine to your wedding, look no further than lemon yellow and coral.

These two colors are perfect for creating a cheerful atmosphere, and they look stunning together. Whether you use them as accents or as the main body of your decorations, they will instantly bring life to any venue.

These pretty pastels can be used to create a soft and romantic atmosphere – use lemon yellow candles on coral stands, or create stunning garlands and bouquets of these beautiful colors.

For a more dramatic look, opt for brighter shades of these colors – think lemon sherbet yellows and vivid corals – and combine these with more pastel tones for a breathtaking riot of color.

Final Thoughts

A summer wedding is a perfect time to make the most of bold, bright colors, and take the chance to really embrace a wide range of options on the color spectrum.

Whether you choose a traditional white dress, a vibrant red number, or a fun floral print, a summer wedding can be just what you’ve been dreaming of!

Jodie Messines