15 Magical Fairytale Wedding Cakes You’ll Love

Just like everything else on a wedding day, a wedding cake should look truly beautiful. After all, it will make it even more appealing if the cake both looks and tastes divine.

15 Magical Fairytale Wedding Cakes You'll Love

Most couples will want their wedding cake to match the theme of their wedding, which can be hard if you have chosen an obscure theme.

Thankfully, cake bakers are brilliant at decorating wedding cakes so that they match a theme, no matter how niche it is.

For example, if you have opted for a magical fairytale theme, there are tons of stunning wedding cakes for you to choose from.

Here are 15 cakes that perfectly fit the magical fairytale theme. You can easily use these cakes to inspire your own wedding cake.

Fairytale Castle Wedding Cake

Our first pick is an extraordinary cake that features the traditional fairytale phrase “and they lived happily ever after.”

This is a fabulous sentiment for a wedding, as everyone wishes that they could live happily ever after with their true love.

At the top of the cake resides a wonderful fairytale castle. Moreover, the cake is decorated with white roses and green leaves.

These leaves stand out from the rest of the cake, which is predominantly white with some silver accents.

Disney Fairytale Wedding Cake

Are you a lover of all things Disney? If so, this is the perfect wedding cake for you! It has a subtle Rapunzel theme without being overwhelmed.

The cake topper is of a couple who look like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled. The rest of the cake makes use of this fairytale theme, containing delightful flowers.

We really like the ombre color scheme of the cake, gradually changing from purple icing to white at the top. This purple is brilliantly contrasted by patches of bright yellow.

The Moon And Stars Wedding Cake

This truly magical cake features golden stars and a moon, making it look just like the night sky. The cake itself is colored a handsome shade of blue, speckled with white.

While this two-tiered cake may be more muted than other traditional wedding cakes, we love its simplicity.

The sky-like aesthetic is magnificently magical. To us, this is perfect if you want a subtle fairytale wedding cake.

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Magic Forest Wedding Cake

Flowers are commonly used as decorations for wedding cakes. However, this cake takes the aesthetic to the next level. It uses flowers to amazingly create the impression of a magical forest.

We adore how these flowers and vines have been artfully swirled around the cake.

This makes it look as though the plants have naturally grown around it.

Furthermore, the colors of the plants appear heavenly together, with shades of pale pink, green, yellow, and brown, which look quite striking against the white of the cake.

Fairytale Flower Wedding Cake

This gorgeous cake has a really unique cake. The tiers have been made with cubes, making them stand apart from the traditional circular wedding cakes that one normally sees.

In addition, the color palette is incredibly elegant, with muted pinks, lavenders, and pale blues. Yet, this cake has some patches of shimmering color, namely in the form of gorgeous gold.

These colors work magnificently together. Plus, we love the attention to detail that can be observed in the fantastic flowers.

Fairy Wedding Cake

Next, this cake is decorated with literal fairies. It has two fairies on top of the cake, creating a lovely and relaxing atmosphere.

The many tiers of the cake have been decorated to look like a magical forest, with greenery, flowers, and mushrooms included. This is perfect for a magical wedding.

Magic 7 Tier Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are known for their multiple tiers, but this cake takes that to another level. It has an impressive 7 tiers, meaning that there are tons of slices to go around.

The cake has been covered in flowers, resulting in a very graceful aesthetic. The rest of the cake is made to look like a fairytale tower, complete with grandiose architecture and statues.

The tower appears as though there are lights on, which is a charming aesthetic detail. Overall, if you desire a grand fairytale wedding cake, you should take inspiration from this one.

Fantasy Woodland Wedding Cake

This cake looks like it is made from wood! Thankfully, it is actually edible. Regardless, we are impressed by how realistic this cake is.

Another thing to love about this cake is the incredible gravity-defying birds. They look like they are really hovering around the cake.

The fake flowers are likewise astonishing, having been colored in soft blues and pinks. With this beautiful cake, there are just so many small features to look at.

Every time we look at it, we notice a different element to appreciate.

Dragon Wedding Cake

Dragons regularly feature in fairytales. If you adore dragons, you are bound to love this cake. It features an elaborate dragon that has been placed on the side of a more traditional wedding cake.

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The cake itself is fairly plain, mainly covered with white icing. However, there are some blue swirls that make it look as though the dragon is resting on some pillowy clouds.

The dragon is expertly detailed with ornate wings and tons of scales. This dragon has been colored white to match the wedding cake.

If you want to achieve a bolder aesthetic, feel free to use a more vibrant hue for the dragon.

Magical Winter Wedding Cake

Up next, this is the perfect cake for getting married in the winter. The cake perfectly matches pale blue and gold to create a rich and luxurious aesthetic.

The icing is blue with hints of gold. Meanwhile, it has been decorated with gold plants and flowers.

There are a few dots of dark blue among the plants, tying the two colors together gloriously.

If you get married in the winter, this cake will add a touch of magic and sophistication to the momentous day.

Cinderella Wedding Cake

The story of Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world. This wedding cake pays homage to this iconic fairytale.

It features Cinderella’s glass slippers at the top of the cake, which is a truly impressive feat. Aside from that, we also love the soft color scheme of the cake.

It is predominantly white, with a few elements of light blue to add a splash of color.

Moreover, it also features some silver details, such as the phrase “and they lived happily ever after.”

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Forest Wedding Cake

Are you looking for a big wedding cake? If so, this cake with 5 layers will be ideal.

This is what is known as a naked cake, meaning that you can see parts of the cake beneath the icing.

The cake is decorated to look like it is found in a forest, with gorgeous leaves, vines, and flowers included.

These plants have been thoughtfully placed throughout the cake, creating the impression that their inclusion was accidental.

We especially like the fact that the top of the cake is covered with bewitching flowers. They look as though they have been picked from a fantasy forest.

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Fairytale House Wedding Cake

Are you devoted to Disney? If yes, you will cherish this Disney-themed fairytale wedding cake. On top of an elaborately decorated cake is the Disney castle.

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This castle is predominantly white but has some beautiful rose gold details. Alongside this, the cake is ornamented with dazzling yellow flowers.

It also features some phenomenal patterns, particularly the gold beads. If you are looking to retire to a fairytale castle, then this magnificent magical cake will suit you flawlessly. 

Beauty And The Beast Wedding Cake

This cake is tailored to fans of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. The cake is gold, mirroring Belle’s dress.

Meanwhile, the top of the cake features a red rose encased in a glass jar, further representing the film.

The cake looks stunning and the glass jar highlights the impressive talent of the baker. It even features the words “a tale as old as time” from one of the movie’s most iconic songs.

Ultimately, if you are a beauty who has found their beast, we suggest using this cake as inspiration.

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Black Magic Roses Wedding Cake

Last but not least, this cake is a little different from more traditional wedding cakes. Instead of being covered with white icing, the cake is draped in black.

This creates a really stylish and distinctive aesthetic. The black cake is made even more glamorous by the inclusion of red roses, which stand out against the black background.

The tiers of the cake have been elaborately decorated with various patterns, adding to the luxurious vibe of the dessert.

If you want a magical cake and aren’t afraid to confront conventions, this is an outstanding option. 

Final Fairytale Thoughts

As demonstrated, there are loads of magical fairytale wedding cakes for your wedding day. These spell-binding cakes will add a touch of magic to your perfect day.

Lisa Plaitt