50 Gorgeous Pajamas Sets Your Bridal Party Will Love

50 Gorgeous Pajamas Sets Your Bridal Party Will Love

When planning your wedding there’s so much to think about and so many people to cater to. It can be a stressful time, but there is a group of people around you who are there to love and support you, your bridal party. 

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So as a thank-you we have found 50 gorgeous pajama sets your bridal party will love to receive as gifts. You can buy them for your bachelorette party or for the night before the big day. 

Either way they are a wonderful and lasting way for you to show your appreciation to everyone who will make your wedding day a truly unforgettable experience. 

Silk & Satin Pajamas

Nothing says elegance and luxury like silk and satin pajamas. Take a look at some of the gorgeous pajama sets you and your bridal party could be wearing as you prepare for your big day. 

Tyche Brides Silk Pajamas

For the ultimate touch of luxury this set of bridal silk pajamas will amaze you with how good it feels. With sleepwear this soft and luxurious you’ll never want to get out of bed. 

They hang beautifully too, so you can laze around but still feel elegant. Tyche pajamas are made from 100% pure mulberry silk. 

Bridesmaid Custom Floral Pajamas

Your bridal party is going to love these pretty bridesmaid floral pajamas. They are available in soft pink, white and soft blue, so you can either get everyone coordinated or mix and match. 

This short sleeve top and pants set are really soft and the premium luxe matt satin has just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable. 

Anabella Satin Shorts Pajamas

The Anabella satin shorts set has a beautiful floral pattern and is available in blush pink, mauve or dusty blue. There is contrast piping detail around the edges, hems and pockets.

The shorts are elasticated and the top is button fastened. You can also have these pajamas personalized with your bridal party’s initials. 

Bridal Party PJs

These pajamas are available in black, blush, burgundy, navy, rose and white. To make them extra special they can be personalized with a monogram or name on the front or back. 

Contrast piping detail around the edging and pockets as well as contrasting buttons give these PJs a touch of class. 

Feather Long Sleeve Pajamas

Cozy long sleeve pajamas with feather detailing on the cuffs are a gorgeous treat for your bridal party. These PJs are super cute and come in gorgeous colors such as champagne, sage, blush and dusty blue among others. 

These are handmade satin silk and available in a range of sizes. 

Bridesmaids Long Sleeve PJs

Handmade and customized pajamas for your bachelorette party or as gifts for your bridesmaids. These long sleeve PJs are really comfortable and can be ordered with matching slippers and sleep masks. 

All the products can be personalized with vinyl lettering. The material is satin and there is contrast piping around the edges. Available in nine colors. 

Satin Cami Bridal Pajamas 

These very pretty cami short pajamas are so cute. The shorts have ruffle edges for a feminine flair and the camisole tops have thin, adjustable straps. They come in a plain or floral design. 

You can choose from twelve different colors ranging from white to maple and evergreen, and they can be personalized. 

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Bridesmaid Pajama Gift Sets

As the perfect gift for your bridal party these sweet pajama sets are practical as well as pretty. They can be personalized with your bridesmaids name, wedding date and anything else you want in two distinct styles 

The shorts have an elasticated waistband and ruffled legs and the sets are available in nine colors. 

Shirt & Shorts Satin Pajamas

These PJs are available in both long and short sleeves, they even come with a cute flower girl pajama set. Choose from an incredible twenty one colors, so you can choose a different color for each of your bridesmaids. 

You can also add your own personalization to each set. The material is a soft satin. 

Bridal Silk Pajamas

To start your special day with a feeling of luxury this set of silk pajamas is perfect. They have long sleeves which feature deep cuffs matching those on the pants. There is contrast piping around the edges and on the pockets. 

Available in twenty five different colors this silk blend sleepwear is handmade with a perfect French seam. 

Cotton Pajamas

If you are celebrating your bachelorette party somewhere hot then cotton pajamas are going to be a must. Make a gift of these cool PJs to your bridal party. 

Tropical Bridal Party Pajamas

For a wedding on the beach or a bachelorette party on a tropical island these cotton pajamas will go down a treat. The fun palm leaf or floral pattern on the shorts is really pretty and the blush colored t-shirt top will suit all complexions. 

Grab a set for each of your bridesmaids as a thank-you gift. 

Bridal Cottonreal PJs

This pair of shadow stripe pajamas are made from 100% superfine cotton. This makes them cool and comfortable to wear. With a stylish revere collar the top has four buttons, a pocket and a black gingham trim. 

A stylish matching drawstring tie on the pants is additional to the elasticated waist. 

Bridesmaid Long Pants Pajamas

A pair of premium luxury cotton pajamas for each of your bridesmaids are a great gift. Especially when you can personalize them. 

The 100% cotton will keep everyone cool even on the hottest nights. A drawstring and elasticated waistband ensures a comfortable fit and the contrast piping on the edges make for a stylish finish. 

Organic Cotton Pajamas

These pajamas are so stylish that it’s almost a shame to wear them to bed. However, lounging around with your bridal party is the perfect setting for this fabulous sleepwear. 

The material is an organic cotton and linen blend, so it hangs beautifully and keeps you cool at the same time. Available in more than 30 colors. 

Printed Heart Bridesmaid Pajamas

A set of cotton pajamas with heart motifs and flower shaped buttons is a wonderful gift for everyone in your bridal party. Available in a range of different color combinations your bridesmaids will love them. 

With long sleeves and pants you’ll feel cozy but relaxed as you chill with your besties.

Luxury Cotton Bridal Party Pajamas

For a touch of luxury for your bridal party these 100% cotton pajamas are perfect. They have long sleeves and can be personalized on the front, back or on the cuff. 

With three different colors and a range of contrasting threads you can create a different set for each of your bridal party. 

Soft Jersey Cotton Bridesmaids PJs

These are a great fun set of pajamas for you and your bridesmaids. They are made with soft jersey cotton making them very comfortable. 

Featuring short sleeves and pants you will stay cool while having fun with your friends. These pajamas come in twelve different colors and can be personalized. 

Organic Cotton Long Sleeved Pajamas

Pajamas made from 100% shirt type cotton are really comfortable and perfect for your bachelorette party or night before your wedding. It is a breathable fabric so will keep you cool in the hottest climate. 

These PJs are designed for a relaxed fit, so you don’t feel constricted while you’re sleeping. 

Bridesmaids Cotton Pajama Shirts

A change from a pair of pajamas, these cotton shirts are comfortable to wear and great fun too. Get a set of blue stripe each for your bridesmaids and have the pure white one for you, as the bride. 

With personalized monograms on the pockets you can make a gift of these to all your bridal party. 

Hand Block Printed Bridesmaids Pajamas

These cotton pajamas are hand printed with a beautifully intricate pattern. It makes for a very pretty and feminine pair of PJs. 

As they are hand printed there are natural variations in each pair which means no two will ever be the same. These would make beautiful bridal pajamas or as a gift for your bridesmaids. 

Flannel Pajamas

You may have thought that flannel pajamas were for older people. But today flannel pajamas are one of the most popular for bridal parties as well as for Christmas. They are especially useful if you are having a winter wedding and bachelorette party. 

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Bridesmaid Flannel Sleep Shirts

Flannel sleep shirts for you and your bridesmaids are a fun alternative to pajamas. Choose from red, green, blue and white or have one color each to mix it up. 

They are comfortable but warm and can be monogrammed on the front pocket. Or you can have titles such as Mother of the Bride, or Maid of Honor. 

Plaid Flannel Pajamas

Long sleeved flannel pajamas make a fall or winter wedding that much more cozy. Wrapped in this pretty sleepwear you can relax with your friends swapping stories and drinking a glass of bubbly. 

There are a number of different designs, and you can have embroidered personalization for each of your bridal party. 

Bridal Party Flannel Sleep Shirts 

Oversized flannel sleep shirts are a cute way for your bridal party to kick back and relax before the big day. Available in twelve different patterns and colors everyone can have their own personalized sleepwear. 

A button up design and over the knee length makes them cozy, and the double brushed flannel will keep you warm on chilly nights. 

Monogrammed Flannel Pajamas

For a romantic winter wedding a pair of cozy flannel pajamas is just what you and your bridal party need. Available in four styles you can choose to have short sleeves, long sleeves, shorts or long pants. Or a mixture if you prefer. 

Monograms on the pockets, back or front makes personalized PJs a great gift for your bridesmaids. 

Thick Cotton Flannel PJs

These warm, thick flannel pajamas come in many colors and plaid designs. A soft long-lasting cotton is sure to keep you and your bridal party warm and comfortable. 

Choose from ten different colors and color combinations so each of your party can have their own unique style. These pajamas cannot be personalized. 

Bridal Party Monogrammed PJs

Not all flannel pajamas have to have long pants. These cute PJs have long sleeved pajama tops but with cute flannel shorts. 

Choose the style and then the color and pattern of your bridal party flannel pajamas. You can have them personalized with monograms or the titles of all your bridal party. 

Organic Cotton Flannel Pajamas

Who said all flannel pajamas had to be plaid? These very pretty pink flannel pajamas are made with organic cotton. 

The pajama shirt has a small collar, pocket and buttoned front. There is a pretty bow on the pocket which adds a lovely feminine touch. The pants have an elastic waistband for comfort. 

Bridesmaids Flannel Robes

When you want a beautiful white winter wedding you will need to prepare for a chilly special day. So when you are getting ready with your bridesmaids a warm flannel robe is ideal to keep everyone toasty. 

These make a great gift and memento of a very special day especially if you have them personalized. 

Purple Flannel Bridesmaids Shirts

These oversized flannel shirts are great for getting ready outfits and are a pretty purple color. They are 100% double brushed cotton flannel and will keep everyone comfortable and cozy. 

As a great gift for every member of your bridal party these shirts are perfect and can be treasured for years to come. 

Mr & Mrs Flannel Pants Outfits 

As a great wedding gift or anniversary present these flannel pants sleep outfits are perfect. The long pants are flannel and will keep you warm and comfortable while the t-shirts are printed with Mr and Mrs, so you know who is in charge! 

These flannel pants are unisex so choose the one that is closest to your size. 

Personalized Pajamas

For that extra personal touch choose some personalized pajamas for yourself and your bridal party. You can either monogram the pockets, personalize the back of the PJs with your bridesmaids names or their bridal party job. 

Silky Polyester Personalized Pajamas

These soft and silky PJs are a great gift for your bridal party or as part of your bridesmaid (see also: 11 Bridesmaid Gifts To Thank Your Bridal Party)proposal box. Choose from either long or short sleeves pajama sets and personalized them for your bridesmaids. 

Available in pretty pink and deep blue you can also choose the color of the text. 

Modal Jersey Cotton Pajamas

These wonderfully soft modal jersey pajamas are great as bridal party gifts for your bridesmaids. With short sleeves and shorts these are comfortable and will keep you cool. 

These PJs can be personalized on the front or back with initials or full names. Each pair comes in an organza bag ready to be gifted to your bridesmaids. 

Cami & Shorts Personalized PJs

Pretty cami tops and shorts which can be personalized with decorative text make a wonderful gift for your besties on your special day. With string straps and ruffled legs they are wonderfully feminine. 

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Available in nine colors including pink, champagne, red or yellow you can choose a different color for each bridesmaid. 

Personalized Bridesmaids Robes

For the perfect and lasting gift for your bridal party members choose these personalized robes for getting ready or for your bachelorette party. 

Available in a myriad of colors with pretty lace cuffs and hems your bridesmaids will love them. You can even order sizes for your flower girls. A lovely gift. 

Satin Short Pajamas

Luxurious satin short pajamas with contrast piping and buttons can be personalized with a monogram or full name. Alternatively you can add each bridal party member’s role to this pretty sleepwear on the pocket or the shorts. 

Choose from thirteen pretty colors and get a different shade for each bridesmaid. 

Cotton Long Sleeved Personalized PJs

These stylish pajamas are 100% cotton with long pants and sleeves. They can be personalized on or above the pocket, on the back or on the cuff 

A nice touch is to have the bridesmaids name on the back or pocket and your wedding date on the cuff. It makes a great keepsake for your bridal party. 

Monogrammed Bridesmaids Boxers

For something a little different order some monogrammed boxer shorts as sleepwear for your bridal party. 

These pretty shorts have a ruffled hem and satin ribbon bow. Made from 100% cotton seersucker they have a feminine fit and are available in a multitude of colors. 

Personalized Bridal Set

A pretty, white bridal pajama set with shorts and short sleeved top both of which can be personalized. 

Made with polyester and spandex they have contrast piping around the edges and contrast buttons. Simple elegance for the morning of your wedding for you to relax before the hectic day begins. 

T-Shirt & Shorts Bride Lounge Set

With a personalized t-shirt or shorts you can have a comfy lounge set to help you relax before or after the big day. 

These also make great gifts for your bridesmaids. The date of your wedding can be printed on the shorts and the name or roles of different bridal party members can be put on the t-shirts. 

Bridesmaid Long PJs 

These stylish pajamas with long sleeves and pants will keep you and your bridal crew warm and comfortable. They have contrast piping and matching buttons and can be personalized on the pocket in any of ten different font styles. 

Choose from a range of fifteen pretty colors. 

Bridal Pajama Accessories

As well as gorgeous pajamas for your bridal party there are plenty of accessories that you can buy as thank you gifts. 

Sleep Masks

A perfect partner to personalized pajamas is a monogrammed sleep mask. 


Matching slippers are a great idea to go with those cozy pajamas. 


When you and your crew are just getting up or when you are getting ready a robe is a great practical gift. 


Keep those toes toasty when you are hanging out with your bridal party with personalized socks.


To keep all your bridesmaids essentials in one place give them the gift of a keepsake bag. 

Gift Sets

Gift sets are a wonderful way to show your appreciation for all the hard work your bridal crew do for you. 

Cosmetic Kits

A handy touch up cosmetic kit for each of your bridesmaids. 


For cool evenings hanging out with your bridal party a pashmina will keep them cozy and warm. 

Mini Jewelry Box

Help your bridesmaids keep all their jewelry in a safe place on your wedding day with a personalized mini jewelry box. 


Personalized tumblers for that all important celebration drink are a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids. 

Final Thoughts

We hope we have given you some inspiration for pajamas and accessories that your bridal party will love. 

Lisa Plaitt