Hilarious Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love To Play

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love To Play

Are you looking for some fun games to play at your next bridal shower? If so, then look no further. These hilarious wedding games will get everyone laughing and having a great time.

Brides tend to spend a lot of time preparing for their big day. They want to look beautiful and feel confident.

Hilarious Bridal Shower Games Your Guests Will Love To Play

That means they’ll likely put in hours of research into finding the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.

And since they’re spending so much time thinking about their outfits, they might want to take a break from the stress by playing a game or two.

Whether you’re throwing a bridal shower for a friend or relative who’s recently gotten engaged, these wedding games are sure to bring out the funny side of any situation.

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, these games are guaranteed to entertain everyone.

In this article, we have listed 23 humorous games for you and your peers to play at your next bridal shower.

So, grab your guests’ attention with these unique wedding games that will make them laugh!

1. Two Truths And A Lie

This game is a classic that most people have played at some point in their lives.

Everyone knows how it works: each person tells three ‘facts’ about themselves. The catch? Only two of these ‘facts’ are the truth, and the other is a lie.

It is up to the party guests to decide amongst themselves which facts are true and which ones are lies. The winner is whoever has the most correct answers.

You could either split the players into teams, or everybody can play for themselves. Make sure everyone has a notepad to write down their answers, so there’s no cheating!

The best versions of this game are when the players choose obscure ‘facts’ about themselves, making it harder for the others to guess.

2. Find The Guest

Next up, we have an icebreaker that’ll get everybody talking!

The rules are simple: every person at the bridal shower receives a sheet filled with a list of characteristics, all connected to a guest in that room.

There should be a list of traits for each guest there. Everyone will then need to go around the room, asking questions, to work out who matches each section.

For example, there may be 3 traits for each person, including:

  • This person has been married for over 20 years.
  • This person is a natural blonde.
  • This person once lived in Spain.

The guests will then need to quiz each person in the room, using their detective skills to work out who matches which facts.

3. Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Providing everyone at the bridal shower has a cell phone with them, this will be a fun game to get everybody competing to win.

Basically, the game master will have a sheet of paper with a list of scenarios of the bride on it. The guests will need to find a photograph on their phone of the bride taking part in that activity.

For example:

  • Find a photograph of the bride on a beach.

The guests could go straight to the bride’s Facebook page to find a photograph of her on the beach, but some guests may already have a photo saved on their phone that they had taken.

The person who finds the photograph the fastest is the winner!

4. Would She Rather…?

This game is pretty straightforward, and everyone can get involved!

In summary, the guests will be given two choices, and will have to decide which one the bride would choose.

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For example:

  • Chinese food OR Indian food?

The guest with the most correct guesses will be the winner.

The bride can either confirm her answers beforehand, writing them down, or she can wait until everyone else has decided their answers before confirming at the end.

5. He Said, She Said

For this game, you will need to ask the future bride and groom a list of questions beforehand.

Ask the couple to respond to each statement on the card before the bridal shower. Ask them separately for the best results: this way, they won’t be able to influence each other’s responses! The questions should be about the couple.

For example:

  • Who is most likely to cry watching a sad movie?
  • Who is more likely to go longer without showering?
  • Who always says ‘sorry’ first?

At the bridal shower, read out the questions and ask the guests who they think matches each statement (or what they think the bride and groom would have chosen). 

6. How Well Do You Know The Bride?

This is a great way to not only test who knows the bride the best, but to make sure that the bride is blushing.

Gather a list of obscure questions about the bride: the less obvious the answers are, the better! Pick out some questions that will embarrass the bride, or make her laugh. 

The guest who has the most correct answers will be the winner.

Depending on who will be attending the bridal shower – e.g., parents, grandparents – you may want to think about how personal you can make the questions.

For example:

  • How old was the bride when she had her first kiss? — Acceptable!
  • How old was the bride when she lost her virginity? — Maybe not acceptable…

7. Cocktail Making

Bridal showers are a time to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with a load of delicious cocktails?

Organize the venue to have a bar filled with bottles of alcohol, and ask each guest to design their own cocktail.

You could make this a competition, and have the bride test each cocktail to judge which one tastes the nicest, and looks the nicest.

Or, you could have a cocktail making masterclass! Book a professional bartender to come in and teach everybody to make classic cocktails, such as Cosmos, Tequila Sunrises, and Blue Lagoons. 

8. Wedded Wisdom

Wedded Wisdom

Bridal showers often have guests of all ages, from little sisters to grandparents. While not everyone at the shower will be married, we’re willing to bet that a great number of the guests will have gotten married at some point.

Ask all the married guests to write down one piece of advice that the bride should follow for a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

Then, get the bride to read each of the pieces of advice out loud. For added fun, you could keep these notes anonymous, and ask the bride to guess who wrote which one.

9. How Old Were They?

Who doesn’t love looking at baby photos?! This is a super cute way of celebrating the soon-to-be married couple, looking back at old memories.

Print off old photographs of the bride and the groom, and place them around the room. On a blank piece of paper, get each of the guests to guess how old the bride and groom were in each photograph. 

The funnier the photos, the better! 

10. Bride Pong

Everybody has heard of Beer Pong, but at the bridal shower, switch it up a little: use prosecco or champagne glasses, and play a game of Bride Pong!

Warning: make sure you use plastic glasses! Otherwise, you will need to clean up a lot of shattered glass.

Group the guests into two teams. Organize the glasses on both sides of the table, and get the guests to try to throw a ping pong ball into a glass. If they do it, the opposite team has to drink the whole glass!

Or, stack plastic champagne glasses on top of each other, and challenge players to see who can knock down their stack of cups first by bouncing ping pong balls across the room.

11. Where Were We?

If the bride and groom have travelled around the world, whether together or separately, this may be a fun game to get everybody guessing.

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Print out photographs of the bride and the groom in different countries, and set them around the room or pin them on a corkboard. Give each guest a blank piece of paper, and ask them to guess where they were in each photograph.

Each guest gets one point for guessing the country, but they get an extra point if they can name the city or town. 

12. Mr. And Mrs.

This game will require you asking the groom these questions beforehand. Gather all his answers, and have them ready for the bridal shower. The bride is not allowed to know the answers!

Place a seat at the front of the room for the bride to sit on, center stage. Then, one by one, read out the questions.

The aim of the game is to see if the bride will give the exact same answers that the groom gave, just like in the TV game show, Mr. and Mrs. 

Examples for questions include:

  • Who is the groom’s celebrity crush?
  • What is the groom’s favorite body part on the bride?
  • What three words would the groom use to describe the bride?

13. Put A Ring On It

Before the bridal shower, come up with a list of banned words – words that the guests are not allowed to say. These could be wedding themed, such as ‘bride’, ‘veil’, or ‘ring’, to make the game harder. 

At the shower, give each guest a small bag and a plastic ring.

Throughout the party, if a guest hears another person use a banned word at any given time, they can steal that person’s ring and place it in their own bag.

At the end of the wedding shower, the guest who has collected the most rings is the winner!

14. Guess The Date

This is another fun game to see who really knows the bride.

Make a list of important events in the bride’s life before the bridal shower, such as her birthday, first date with the groom, and so on. Establish the precise dates of these events from the bride.

At the party, read these events out to the guests, and ask everyone to write down the date that these events took place.

The guest with the closest guess wins the point, and the guest who gets the most correct – or close – answers wins the game!

15. Taste The Cake

This is a game that everyone will love. Although not everyone is chosen as the winner, everyone gets to eat cake!

Set out bite-size cake pieces or small cupcakes on a table; each cake will be different in flavor.

Each participant should be blindfolded, and a host should lead them down the table to write down their flavor guesses.

Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins the game!

16. Favorite Memories

Favorite Memories

For those who love bringing up sentimental memories, this is the game for you.

Have everyone write out one of their favorite memories with the bride before the bridal shower. Place all the memories in a basket, and then, get the bride read them aloud during the shower.

She will then get to guess which guest wrote which memory.

This is a lovely way to reminisce good times, and can be a good time to bring up funny memories that the bride may have forgotten.

17. Family Feud (Wedding Edition)

At the bridal shower, there will be a mixture of the bride’s family and friends, and the groom’s family and friends. Why not take this opportunity to create a game of Family Feud?

Split the bride’s side and the groom’s side up, and ask them to nominate five members to play the game.

Then, with two tables set up each side, get both sides to move to their tables. They will be given a bell to ring as the ‘buzzer’, and then, play a game of Family Feud!

The designated quiz master should choose wedding themed questions. For example:

Which color would you be surprised to see a bride wearing on her wedding day?

  • 5 points: Black
  • 4 points: Red
  • 3 points: Green
  • 2 points: Orange
  • 1 point: Blue

18. Pictionary (Wedding Edition)

Pictionary is a fun game that’ll get everybody up and involved!

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Arrange the guests into two-person teams, and begin a raucous game of Pictionary.

For those who can’t recall the rules, each team writes down words on slips of paper, and the other team must draw whatever the word is and try to guess it from their teammates.

Of course, all the words in this edition must be related to weddings!

19. Spa Activities

If you’re tired of the usual wedding shower activities, try this one-of-a-kind bridal shower activity!

Everybody loves a spa day, right? Well, you can either book the bridal shower at a spa, or you can have a pamper day at home.

This could include everything from a massage, manicure, facials, or an all at-home spa day.

20. Guess The Disney Love Song

Whether you are a Disney fan or not, this game will be fun for everybody to get involved with.

Before the bridal shower, pick out a handful of Disney love songs. Pick out a couple of easy, obvious ones, but also some trickier ones that the guests may have to think long and hard about.

You’ll need to set a timer for 3-5 minutes to allow for the songs to finish playing. Select around 10 to 15 tracks, playing short snippets for a total of 3-5 minutes of playtime.

The guests will need to quickly identify, and write down which Disney movie the song is from, and for extra points, name the couple from the movie.

For example:

  • Song: Kiss The Girl
  • Movie: The Little Mermaid
  • Couple: Ariel and Prince Eric

21. Charades (Weddings Edition)

Next up, we have another classic game to get everybody up and moving.

Write down the names of wedding movies on some small cards, and divide the party into two teams.

The players will need to act out titles to their own team members, who must guess the answer in three minutes or less (set a timer to make it a fair game). 

We recommend filling up on some champagne and cocktails before playing, for the ultimate effect…

22. Wedding Traditions: Where Did They Come From?

Have you ever thought about where some wedding traditions come from? Well, that’s the whole point of this game!

Before the bridal shower, do some research into certain wedding traditions, and take note of where these traditions originated, and why.

At the start of the game, players are given a blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil. Read out the wedding traditions, and ask the guests to guess where, and why, these came to exist.

This is a particularly fun game to play, and an interesting one.

For example:

  • Why are brides told to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue?

23. Pin The Veil

Last, but certainly not least, we have a classic game adapted especially for a bridal shower.

Play the wedding version of “pin the tail on the donkey” for the most enjoyment. All you’ll need is some fabric, a bride’s photo, and something to attach the “veils” on with (we recommend Velcro).

Then, let the guests pin the bride’s veil on!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope these games will inspire you to plan some hilarious bridal shower games for your guests.

They’ll love playing these games because they’re silly, fun, and unpredictable. So, go ahead and plan some wedding shower games, and watch as everyone laughs at your brilliant ideas!

Good luck.

Lisa Plaitt