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16 Cinderella Wedding Ring Ideas Everyone Will Love

Wearing a ring on your wedding finger is a symbol of your devotion to your husband. But, for the tiny percentage of brides who want something a little more unique, consider a Cinderella wedding ring.

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment and, with its various shapes and stones, the wedding ring can also be the perfect accessory. You can even go a step further and create a unique wedding ring by making it more you! 

1. Enchanted Ring

This particular ring is just to die for. The intricate styling of the ring is so beautiful and in sterling silver with an oval shaped blue CZ. If you’re a fan of anything princesses, this could be the perfect option for your wedding ring. 

Your ring is meant to be special to you, and this type of ring will definitely match a princess themed wedding and it will also make you feel really special. 

2. Cinderella Ring Set

Made from silver and fashioned in an antique style, this Cinderella ring set is perfect for anybody looking for a piece of jewelry befitting their fairytale dream.

This ring is also customizable, and you have the option of white topaz, white sapphire, cubic zirconia, or moissanite. 

Whichever stone you prefer, it is custom carved to fit perfectly inside the band. And, as this set comes with two beautifully detailed rings, it’s perfect for a bride and groom looking to get matching wedding bands.  

3. Cinderella Rose Gold

If you are a lover of rose gold, this could be the perfect princess ring for you. The 18K rose gold band accented with a light blue CZ stone which is smaller and more delicate on your finger. 

This is the type of ring for someone who prefers something a little more low-key and not in your face but is still following that Cinderella theme. 

4. Cinderella White Diamond

There is definitely a lot more going on in this ring for someone who likes something a bit more jazzy. It has round white diamond center stone 0.50ct, with accents of round blue sapphire 0.36ctw and round white diamond 0.34ctw.

This is an incredible engagement ring that will really sparkle in front of people’s eyes and make them look twice. 

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5. Vintage Cinderella

This is definitely a great option for anyone that just wants something a little bit unique and different. A lot of people want the shiny new rings, but the vintage rings offer something really authentic. 

These rings are hand casted and are solid gold, so you don’t have to worry about the material. 

A detailed filigree setting securely holds a 5mm clear stone of your choice: White Topaz, White Sapphire, Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. Being able to choose your own color just adds that special touch. 

6. Fine Jewelry

This is a ring that has a lot of detail and a lot going on. The specific Metal Purity is 925 and the  style of the ring is Solitaire with Accents Center Stone.

The shape of the ring is round with all of the detail right in the center. 

This is all Disney and inspired by the Cinderella tale which you can notice because it is fit for a princess. 

7. Topaz Diamond

Topaz and diamond are two of the most popular gemstones. Both are wonderful and unusual in their own ways.

Topaz is a beautiful vibrant blue. It is a unique stone that is not cut as a standard diamond and will make your ring really stand out. 

It is in the shape of a flower which makes it all that much more beautiful and can be easily bought online with an extremely affordable price. 

8. Octagonal 

Blue topaz and diamond rings are an engagement ring staple. Get the best blue topaz and diamond rings for your special someone.

All round ring featuring a stunning blue octagonal topaz and a lovely diamond bezel. 

The patterns surrounding the stone are also very enchanting and makes the style all that more special for whoever is wearing it.

This is one of the larger disney rings which is definitely going to be more noticeable. 

9. Antique Style 

Garnet bridal ring set is an idea for an engagement ring and is available only in the market. It is high in demand and you can buy it at the best price.

A detailed filigree setting securely holds a 5mm Genuine Mozambique Garnet for that beautiful finish.

This is something a little bit different but it signifies love and something special which is what Cinderella was all about. 

10. Rose Ring 

Rose Cinderella Ring is a captivating and luxury ring. This ring will make you look much more beautiful and elegant.

The ring is a perfect idea for an engagement ring. It is one that is on the larger side and really makes an impact. 

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With the intricate flower art holding the rose gem, it is the perfect balance of color. The rose stone with the rose gold outline is the perfect combination.

Make your ring a true Cinderella story with a Rose Cinderella ring.

11. Gothic Cinderella 

A Gothic Bridal Set and a Cinderella Bridal Ring make a beautiful and unique addition to any bridal style. Gothic bridal set, the Cinderella Bridal Ring, black and white which is very different to the other options but almost makes a huge impact. 

The black stone is perfect for someone who doesn’t like the lighter colors with the added flowers. 

12. Flower Crown 

You will notice that most of the Cinderella rings will include flowers somewhere but this one has a flower as the centerpiece. This is a simple style which displays 32 round brilliant cut diamonds in sterling silver.

This really gives the bride a chance to express her inner princess and wear the ring like she is one. If you feel as though you have a fairytale love story, this could be the perfect ring for you to express that! 

13. Cinderella Band Ring 

If you’re not the type of person who loves all of the glitz and the glam even for the smaller details of your wedding, this could be a great idea.

 A band ring is more like a wedding ring because it doesn’t have any extra features of large gems. It is very simplistic with smaller features around the band.

This is set with a round white diamond 0.15ctw and crafted in rhodium over 14k white gold.

14. Carriage ring 

This ring really brings a sense of Cinderella into your wedding and on your finger because the carriage is such a sentimental part of the story. It is beautifully designed, not too much on the eye but you know exactly what it is! 

This carriage ring is crafted in rhodium over 10k white gold and is set with a round white diamond accent in the center of the carriage.

15. Emerald 

Emerald has always been a very enchanting color and this with the fact that it has a vintage style combined really well.

It looks very vintage in the way it has been styled with the simple touches and also surrounded by intricate vining filig.

If you love something a bit less shiny and a bit more old fashioned and vintage, this could be perfect. It is very dainty but it definitely speaks for itself. 

16. Victorian Blue 

This isnt always used for wedding and engagement rings, but it is definitely a great idea for one.

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Everything about this crafted piece is stunning, from the cut of the stone, to the shape of the vintage band included. 

It has everything in one ring, the delicacy but also something that is very eye-catching but isn’t too heavy on the hand.

Many people also love to buy these as promise rings because they are a message of love for the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, when looking for a wedding/engagement ring that is connected to Cinderella and fairy tales, here are some of the best options for you.

They range through different princesses but mainly the cinderella style which is one of the most popular.

Disney rings have become far more popular for people to have as their wedding rings because of what they signify and the messages they give. 

The vintage rings are also very popular because they are rustic and have a lot of character surrounding them which is perfect for some.

You need to be choosing the right one for your partner and what they would love and what represents them as a person.

It can be a difficult job because there are hundreds of options to choose from, but hopefully this list has given you some inspiration to go out and find the right one. 

Frequently Asked Question

Average Cost Of Engagement Rings? 

Most people in the US have started to use the 3 months salary amount for how much they spend on engagement rings.

Many people spend up to $6000, but that does not always mean you have to. There are many lovely rings which are far cheaper. 

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